This morning I am enjoying writing this on my deck early in the morning, a gentle breeze blowing, the smell of coffee at my side, Purple Martins greeting me, and hummingbirds keeping me company. My morning started early today, as I woke around five to the Robins early morning song, and my wren on the front porch singing his heart out for a mate. How neat is that?

It is actually cool enough for a jacket. I enjoy this peace and quiet early of a morning. An occasional train talks to me in the distance, a sound which I have grown to love over the years. A little closer to heaven and God it seems.

The Cabin Robin now has four babes to feed and tend to. I checked on them yesterday and they are growing so fast. I did some mowing and weed eating down at the cabins and checked on them while I was there. She was hovering close by.

I also checked on my bluebird houses that I reported last week, having eggs in two.  The wrens and the Raccoons took care of them sometime between me checking on the house.  How sad. It happens frequently here. I had greased the poles so I am sure the coons went away a little greasy. It was smeared everywhere. Scoundrels – and that’s putting it nicely. I do have a bluebird nesting in a couple of others and have high hopes of them moving to another house, too.

I have wren houses on the trail, but they still like the bluebird boxes. Here in the yard, I have a wren house in the front porch, and two in the back. I also have a bluebird box in the back.    The House Wren will make use of nearly any nest box of any size that it can find.  They fill all the other nest boxes in the vicinity with false nests that it never uses to confuse predators. Smart little guys, but so aggravating on the trails. I love them on the front porch but not on the trails.

The sparrows have tried to keep the trail occupied. I managed to remove two or three sparrow nests from bluebird boxes as well.  They are called house sparrows, but somehow they find their way to the trails as well.

Yesterday, Thursday, I had an early morning migraine, which hampered my day just a bit.  I do feel fine the rest of the day, but the next day I usually feel very fatigued and slow.

Duane and I are taking off today to watch another kind of bird, his favorite the Redbirds in St. Louis.  Always a good time.  Until next time, good birdwatching.