Spring is here and summer is just around the corner.  It is the season to clean-up, de-weed, mow, plant, and in general, just make things look nice again.  Bethel Cemetery, located in the northern portion of Scotland County, just off highway BB, after several years of neglect, recently received a complete manicure. Scotland County resident, Elaine Smith, has been actively involved in organizing the clean-up.  She explained that maintenance of the cemetery has been made possible by a generous donation.

After a visit to the cemetery, and seeing how overgrown it had become with weeds and grass, Elaine knew something had to be done.  It was so bad some of the stones could not be seen.  There was even a rock that had been moved there a few years ago by David Wiggins that Elaine thought might have been stolen. She even contacted the county sheriff to report the lost rock. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case; once some of the weeds were cleared, the rock was found sitting at the entrance to the cemetery where it had been placed.

After locating the rock, Elaine asked Ronnie Tinkle to put something on it to signify that this was the Bethel Cemetery.  Ronnie had a metal piece made with the name Bethel and attached it to the rock, giving the cemetery a proper source of identification.

Elaine then contacted Jeff Smith to see if he would be willing to mow and clean the cemetery. She said, “Jeff did a wonderful job clearing the cemetery which had become very overgrown with grass and weeds.”  Elaine, who has family buried here, said, “One of the last things my dad asked of me before he died, was that I take care of this cemetery…he would be so happy to see it now!”

If you happen to be enjoying a drive around the county and find yourself up north; take highway BB East about a mile…maybe two, until you come to a small road sign on the right that says Bethel Cemetery.  This is a dirt road that goes back about ½ mile and ends at the cemetery which sets quietly on the left.