On March 7, 2018, the Azen Jolly Timers met for their February meeting at the Methodist Church in Memphis, MO. The meeting was called to order by Baileigh Phillips. Pledges were lead by Kwayde Hamilton and Lilly Frederick. Roll call was answered with “My favorite Easter Candy”.

There were 45 members, 1 leader, and 28 others present for the meeting. The secretary’s report was read by Karli Hamilton. The treasurer’s report was read by Bryn Aylward. Project reports were given by: Kristal Phillips (Shooting Sports)-Members in Shooting Sports must attend Safety Day on April 21st at the Catholic Church. Lunch will be provided. Kristy Eggleston (Dogs)-Meetings will start Monday at 6:30 in the Elementary Gym. Members will need to bring their dogs. Patricia Miller (Sewing)-Meetings will be April 4, 11, 18, & 21 in the High School (Jenna Ketchum classroom) from 3:30-5pm. A council meeting report was given by Shelby Troutman.

Old Business:

Fundraiser-The Baked Potato Bar at the hospital was a great success. Thank you to everyone who helped with that and donated to our club. Achievement Day Representatives were Tia and Karli Hamilton. Royalty committee Representatives will be Tia and Kwayde Hamilton. Council Representatives from our club will be Leslie Troutman, Bryn Aylward, Baileigh Phillips, and Brenna Phillips.

Service Project-March 16 &17. We will volunteer to work the Memphis Movie Theater. Any member interested in volunteering contact Leslie or Lisa. Members will be needed to help clean up after the movie. The movie that is scheduled to play that weekend is “Black Panther”. If you have not volunteered for a service project, maybe this would be one that you might like.

New Business:

It is cookie dough selling time! If you are interested in purchasing cookie dough, please contact any member of Azen Jolly Timers. Cookie dough sales are going on from now until April 1st. Each box of pre-sliced cookie dough is $17.00.

An additional fundraiser that we will be doing is running the Booster Concession stand at a baseball game on April 26th. More details will be discussed at a later meeting.

Service Project-Our club will be volunteering to help with The Walking Trail Easter Egg Hunt. Members will help with food service as well along with dressing up as bunnies. This will be the Saturday of Easter weekend. Please volunteer if you have not signed up for a service project yet.

Christy Aylward will have shirt designs and details at the next meeting. Thank you, Christy for doing this for our club.

Some important dates that members need to be aware of:

SMQA Training is Wednesday March 14th at the SC Hospital-Conference Room at 7pm. Sheep and Swine weigh in is April 8th from 2-3pm at the fair grounds. Goat weigh in is May 6th from 2-3pm at the fair grounds.

Poultry Workshop is March 24th at 11:30 at Jackson Auction House. There is a $5.00 charge for this event and bring your chickens. RSVP by 3/19 to 465-7255 or 216-3750.

Rabbit Workshop is March 17th from 9:30-3pm at the VO Ag Building. RSVP by 3/12 to 465-7255 or 341-4961. If you are needing/wanting your rabbits tattooed, he will do them for $1.00 each that day.

Demonstrations were given by: Zada Ketchum-How to Make a Potholder, Brooklyn Fuller-How to Make Painted Jars, and Lilly Frederick-How to Make Slime.

April Demonstrations will be provided by: Kylie Small, Jacob Stott, Katie Miller, and Kendal Anderson. April refreshments will be provided by: Miller and Probst Families.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday April 3, 2018 at 7:00pm at the Methodist Church in Memphis. Note the date and time change!

Lilly Frederick made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Cora Ketchum seconded it. The club enjoyed snacks provided by the Gordy and Frederick families while playing a game that Recreation Leader, Kendal Anderson, provided. There was no song provided this meeting.

Clover Kids met after the regular meeting. They made a Shamrock Wreath for their March Project.

Subitted by: Kwayde Hamilton, AJT Reporter