My desire is to stop a robbery. I’m posting a warning sign that says, “DON’T GIVE UP”.

Haven’t you figured it out by now? Everything we approach, touch, or try, has inbuilt contamination factors. From birth, to education, to employment, to marriage, to socializing, and into retirement, every individual is harassed by the whisper to call it quits.

Stress is a trick to give up on others and even ourselves. It’s emphasis pulls our brain-power over to the doldrums of which we abide by being attentive. No one is exempt from this invisible and undetected virus.

But in the center–within the very center–of these distractions is the existing beauty of you just waiting to be birthed. This isn’t just for an elite few; but rather, is for the entire spectrum of peoplehood.

This week I’m a bit challenged by loss of hearing in one ear. I mean I’m not hearing anything from that side of my head. It’s both discouraging and disturbing. The doctor is working with me. So here I am with a distraction that won’t let up.

And yet…and yet, I’ve taken a random scan of my inventory. I’ve discovered that I have two eyes that focus, two arms that reach with two elbows that bend and two hands that flex and eight fingers and two thumbs that grasp… or wave!

Oh… and did I mention that I have two legs that walk, two knees that bend… well you get the idea. I could go on about the heart that beats and the tongue that swallows and lips that express, and the… more… and the more.

While I really hope my hearing is restored, it does me good to be glad that such is my problem. Others among us with losses wish that a hearing issue was all there is on their plate. And, I think they are correct.

So possibly you might be blessed to take inventory to see just how drastic your burdens are. Granted, some are just too heavy for the heart. We join in sympathy.

Others, though, might be self-imposed poutilisms which could be abandoned by stepping over the threshold and into the next room of gratitude and renewed joy.

Stop the robbery! Don’t give up!