If is a little word in our talk but carries many consequences. If I want to get my food shelf prepared I must get to the market. The weather forecast is for a rainstorm overnight. I need to avoid the mud.

If I expect to get mail at the box I need to answer the letters I have received. I need to pay my bills on time if I want constant utility service.

If I want a fun week during the summer I have to plan now. How about you? Are you really happy and content living moment by moment?

Or maybe we have another person to plan with. Father’s Day is near. I have no father or husband, but my grandchildren have fathers. If we expect to enjoy the young ones we can continue our care for their fathers.

Heaven can be part of the family plan if we follow Jesus’ loving directions. We do have to plan a pleasant future if we will read and obey His word. See you there?