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Ever Found Yourself Looking For You? 

“I can’t seem to find who I am; what I’m to be about.”  “I don’t seem to be able to discover the real me.”  “It seems like such a struggle as I want to make a difference; but I don’t seem to know who I am, what I’m to be about, nor where I am […]

If You Have Changed, Why Would You Believe Others Haven’t? 

The voice of God via His Word is repetitive with a call to start life over, to be a new person, to arise with a renewed dimension of power and hope and love. If there’s a consistent fact about the God dynamic, it is that His people often make adjustments toward the improvement side. Hopefully, […]

What To Do About Those Who Sin Against You 

There are no exceptions.  Every person has a host of others who sin against them.  It’s rugged.  It’s painful.  It’s daily. And, what is one to do about this?  What are we to do about them?  God is not vague in this matter.  How we choose to deal with them sets the parameters for how […]

Might We Need To Change Our Inner Password?

I don’t know how to say what I’m about to say–what I want to say–to you at this very moment.  Believe me.  My (com)passion is charged and ready to express in deep meaning the value that I see in you and how much I believe that each is basically unaware of your own profound depth […]

Do You Have Your Own Daily Bog?

I ask, do you have your own daily bog?  At first glance, some might have thought that I meant to say blog; not bog. But… not the case. My question is whether you have those matters which bog you down day after day?  You know, those words, or deeds, or actions that knock the wind […]

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