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Why We Never Give Up 

The sturdiness of a believer is not to be gauged by whether we attend a church. Authentic strength is found in whether our lives are marked by a determined endurance; a power-wash love for all people around us. I speak not of an “overmydeadbody” bullishness, either. Rather, the question revolves around the strategy of Jesus in […]

…. and Then There’s That Element Called Death 

Why do we live upon this earth with habitual pretentiousness that we will never die; that we are each the exception to this most dominant rule?  Yes, we know it’s coming; but it’s always out there sort of in a delay mode so to speak. This is unfortunate. I don’t mean it’s unfortunate that we […]

Positioned For Success 

As long as we esteem ourselves above others, we will fail to accomplish that which God has in mind.  It is when we humble ourselves that He has our permission to take us where He wills and do with us as He has always planned. Positioned for success is never to be found at the […]

Would God Make a Difference? 

Why is it that day after day so many carry heavy burdens which weight the heart.  And, it isn’t necessarily the same people every day.  We all seem to take our turns.  Those at the highest public perspective walk the same earth as those at the lower end of the spectrum. When I was in […]

Don’t Be a Gnat Strainer 

I’m a recovering GnatStrainer.  You know what that is, right?  That’s a person who makes mountains out of molehills.  GnatStrainers exaggerate the silly while, simultaneously, ignoring the significant.  People like me get worked up over trivial; but the central issues that really matter seem to go unnoticed. Don’t be this. GnatStraining requires combinational fret and […]

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