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Ya Know Why We Should Like Every Day?

Don’t you get it? Faith in God isn’t about religious stuff. It’s about authentic living; I mean real living! We each have our specifics as to why we should like every day. I’ll give you one of mine just in case it would give you a boost. I like today because I like new. I […]


Admittedly, I’ve written about this topic before. Yet, living as a part of a magnificent church flock, I continue to find some of the intricacies to sheep eyesight to be most fascinating. The reason sheep need a shepherd is that their eyesight is a problem. Due to the eye formation from early lambhood, they are […]

Constructechians or Destructarians?

People!  Urggh!  They can be impossible at times. Oh!  Wait a minute!  I am a people! And so are you! It’s fair to note where improvement needs to be made among our brood. It’s when we remain self aware of our own lack that we are able to be constructechians rather than destructarians. We each […]

Use The Brains God’s Given You

Oh, how we’ve heard that phrase. Especially slow ones as myself. Yet the statement, possibly without its often inclusive harshness of tone, has application in places which we would/could find beneficial. With that in mind, I wonder about a similar comment. What if we were to use the grace God’s given us? I mean, what […]

Let’s Build A Bigger Crowd For God

I love this about faith. It has its own unique energy unmatched by any other element. It cooperates with dreamers, initiates possibilities, and aggravates rule-riders. Faith is the fear killer. We want it. We need it. But the fear killer persistently steps in with seemingly more reasonable (and always deadening) suggestions. Faith doesn’t first have […]

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