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Discouragement is the Launching Pad to Wonder!!! 

Everywhere we turn we are faced with discouragement, resentment, and sometimes even depression.  If not within ourselves, we see it to be true of our friends, colleagues, and relatives.  Being “blue” is epidemic in nature.  No one escapes the steady encounter of this Meany.  No.  One. I speak with a bit of authority for I […]

Enamorization With God? 

Sunday came!  It’s here folks!  No, I’m not kidding!  Sunday is here! It’s a strange admission, but my initiation into the church culture didn’t seem to take when it came to my being in awe of God.  I wasn’t.  I’m not saying that I wasn’t taught it.  But, I soon became devoted to getting church […]

Rebel With a Cause… Would Be… You 

Conform.  Conform is an inner bark which howls that we retreat from bravery; from exceptionalism.  It is demanding and bossy.  Conform intends to lead us by the nose to be sure that we don’t stand out as different from mediocre and neutral.  Thus we will find, within its protection, safety and acceptance without necessary development […]

God Gets the Picture of Us 

God fascinates me.  He is in all places, knows all things, and has a grasp of pure reality.  This is baffling; truly too good of news to be true.  It is the Gospel. In His unfathomable awareness of the real us, He bends over backwards to convey the real Him.  His wish is that we […]

Giving Glory to God

When I became serious about my faith walk there was a word that kept occurring in the Scriptures; glory.  So?  So?, I thought?  Glory is glory.  That’s sorta like saying nice is nice or something to that affect, it seemed.  Glory, to me, was a Bible term that did nothing, went nowhere, and seemed rather […]

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