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I’m proud of many things God has provided me over the years; family, friends, direction, meaning. One of His greatest gifts to me is my hometown up in Northeast Missouri… Memphis. Some of the finest live in or near this quaint little town on a hill. Casual and humble, its populace lives at a pace […]

If the Cross Was Fake News

If there was no cross with Jesus crucified upon it, then the rules of the hope game would be changed. Instead of being brim full of positive attitude, we would be pessimistic at will.  Rather than seeing the grand in people, we would offer selective criticism; blind to our friends’ faults while hacked at those […]

Salvation Doesn’t Ignore Our Sin

The sheer glory of God is often distorted by man’s obsession to get himself straightened out.  This ploy is the grand scream of unbelievers toward the church.  Plus, it is the strong call of the legalistic do-gooder who never sees his/her own disastrous flaws.  God is the true glory; our behavior (as hard as one […]


The world of God is beyond strange.  It is always on the grow.  How ironic that the biggest battle over new concepts comes from congregational settings.   Church after church, member after member…all battle an endless and fatiguing war of the new.  Some make the adjustment quickly while others become devoted to ending any such drive.  […]

Keep the Pushback Going 

Faith is a major entity of the human course.  Temptation to move along by our own wisdom or our insecurities is strong; very, very strong.  Faith sees where eyes can’t.  Faith takes us where hesitation won’t.  To walk by faith is to possess an inner determination which defies all odds, all uncertainties, and all opponents. […]

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