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ExerShopping: Working Out the Body while Building the Economy 

ExerShopping is a combinationalistic workout that’s just too fun, too easy, and all-the-while eliminates the dreads of getting started on any given day. ExerShopping is the new trend to put enthusiastic pep in your step. Here’s how it works. First of all, this workout can be done in any store or may also be acclimated […]

Two Opposing, Yet Simultaneous, Realms Of Reality

You do know that we experience two worlds in any given moment.  Right?  One walks by faith.  Or, one walks by sight.  Yet, quite oddly, both realms exist for immediate experience based upon one’s chosen perspective. Faith is the call of God.  Faith has taken a pretty significant hit in the Christian realm because we […]

A Little Bit Lost; A Little Bit Saved

Christianity has developed a thinking that is crucially wrong as well as subtly deadening to the heart.  It seems that we may have taken the extremes of life and neutered them to be somewhat momentary samples rather than living experiences.  This constant struggle of believing that we are only a little bit saved is a […]

Living In Calculation 

o think it possible that we live from an inner compelling calculation?  The kind where we can’t dare give God room to surprise, honor, or endorse our wild ideas because reason and stability tossed wild out the window many insecure moons ago?  I don’t just think so, I know so for myself. Kingdom traits like […]

We Must Not Let Religion Get In The Way Of Christ-ianity 

The four gospels are consistent with repetitive pattern; religion and Jesus do not mix. This. Is. Their. Message. Of. Which. We. Are. Still. Learning. The church, which is to be the body of Christ on earth today, has a fierce ongoing battle which must be faced.  Yet, basic indifference has transpired.  The light has gone out […]

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