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Alive In the Land of Wonder

“Beauty. Mystery. Wonder. They all three go together. The primary human response to an encounter with overwhelming beauty is wonder. Wonder is the transcendent sensation we experience when we find ourselves in the presence of an awe-inspiring sunset, an artistic masterpiece, or a newborn baby. Wonder is the uniquely human reaction to the sublime. Cows […]

Running On Empty

Usually it is perceived as negative when it is said that one is running on empty. The idea is that one has been depleted of strength or possibly of value. Yet, God reverses such thinking and we would do well to absorb it into our life approach. Philippians 2 speaks strongly of Jesus “emptying” himself. […]

Heaven’s Silence

At first glance, the idea of Heaven’s Silence could lead one to believe that this is a subject about “not speaking up” when such should have happened…. would have been expected.  Yet, the theme is the opposite; that of the necessary silence that was doing the grandest work for humanity. When Jesus lay in the […]

Living The Lie Of Comparison

An inner war takes place within each of us.  For some it is occasional.  Yet for others, it’s a nearly a daily grind.  Whether educated or un, employer or ee, or even a Demo-publican, one thing tends to rule every heart… living by comparison. I’m a champion knower of this curse.  Others… somebody somewhere…are always […]

The Way to Be Encouraged

Every person is like you are. Believe it. Each has highs contested by multiple lows. There is not an exception. You, therefore, need (and deserve) encouragement. The challenge is in the “how”. Speak up. Talk about the good stuff going on. Use your voice via words; spoken or written. Such an approach infuses life into […]

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