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It Was Like God Gave Me a Front Row Seat

I saw something amazing early this morning. Seated at my McDonalds, well one of my McDonalds, I was in just the right bench at just the right time to see a remarkable moment. I looked out the window across the parking lot near a dumpster. A homeless lady was putting on her shoes and headed […]

You Aren’t The Only One Who Is Afraid

At first, I didn’t know that every person fights an identical demon; fear. To me the world was divided into the haves and the have nots. You were either one or the other. And, neither could help it…so I assumed. You were either gifted with confidence or you were not. Case. Closed. But I learned […]

Christianity In Conflict

Tension reigns throughout the hallways of Church. It is more subtle, I believe, than stark. Yet, the strain should be addressed in hopes of the call of God gaining fruitful momentum within society at large. The conflict? I see churches doing what we can to sell ourselves in ways that would draw community. Who doesn’t […]

Try Not to be Afraid of Other People

I know this topic may sound elemental… because it is. There is a matter embedded within all of us that requires focus; deliberate exercisilational concentration. Everyone deals with some significant stress of being afraid of other people. There are not exceptions. I was this person. Fear increased because I devoted my mental energy to calculating […]

God… The Experiencer

Tough, even treacherous, stuff happens. Yet, God assures us that we need not waste our time being discouraged. Really? Really? With all you face in disappointment and hardship? Does God even have a clue? Yes. He. Does. He experienced us via the Jesus Project. The Jesus assignment was to find out what it’s like being […]

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