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Why Sheep Need a Shepherd

Admittedly, I’ve written about this topic before. Yet, living as a part of a magnificent church flock, I continue to find some of the intricacies to sheep eyesight to be most fascinating. The reason sheep need a shepherd is that their eyesight is a problem. Due to the eye formation from early lambhood, they are […]

My Morning’s Beginning

I’m hesitant to write about this. My intent is to both encourage and awaken. Yet, my complete inadequacy is likely to steal my own thunder. If this account would serve to cheer you forward, mission accomplished. All I can do is try. I went to one of my three McDonalds a bit ago for coffee. […]

How Can Encouragement Have so Much Discouragement in it?

I’m sympathetic to you. Yes, you; the one who is doing your best to make strides of progress only to get shot down by various surprises that you just didn’t see coming your way. There is a way to make life pop. Too, there is a way to cause it to wilt. I know both […]

Are the Free Also Imprisoned?

It sounds like a joke. The unimprisoned also being imprisoned, that is. But, I wonder if we know differently.  I think that over-all (no, all) walk dark halls of fear and intimidation while soaking up the sun. Fear intimidates as well as restricts. Even the best of the best (best in community’s perception) walk with […]

Learn Through Fascination

Everywhere we turn we can find opportunities to learn of God from God with God. He isn’t vague. His invisibility shows up visually in and throughout His creation. We, being humans, are persistently challenged to take note of Him… even where we would least expect His presence. Such was a big challenge to the disciples […]

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