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Leaders Are To Spend Disruption

The average person can fair well during smooth waters. Not only may they be looking good at their assignment, but these are usually content. This, however, isn’t necessarily a mark of leadership. It’s more like being normalistic in nature. Leaders are effective in their roles due to a significant trait. These men and women seize […]

Watch Your Language

Curbing our tongues is a command often used when someone is using words which are harsh…including cursing. Such caution is warranted that we be careful as to what expressions we choose when found to be in quite stressful situations. Yet, there’s more to it. God is consistent in His call to us that we watch […]

How to Forgive Others

Animosity can be a creeping villain within our hearts. We simply must curb its progress. I lived too many of my years feeling superior to others. I was wrong. The Apostle Paul shut me down and opened me up…all in one breath. He insisted that he was the chiefest of sinners. This personal awareness for […]

Why Church Is Exciting

Truthfully, I never saw it coming. I’ve been to church since a little kid. Parts I liked. Parts I didn’t. The Kool-Aid and cookies were my big draw! The rest was simply a matter of putting in my time. It’s the latter that I find sensed by so many… in church. And, I’m not critical […]

Enthrallment Is All It’s Promised To Be

I encourage you to awaken to the wonder all about you (just in case you’ve been tugged by distraction). It’s so easy to lose track of successes for you are surely pelted by difficulty and distress. No one is exempt. While we do not pretend that our walk has no problems, we can factually and […]

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