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Don’t Be a Gnat Strainer 

I’m a recovering GnatStrainer.  You know what that is, right?  That’s a person who makes mountains out of molehills.  GnatStrainers exaggerate the silly while, simultaneously, ignoring the significant.  People like me get worked up over trivial; but the central issues that really matter seem to go unnoticed. Don’t be this. GnatStraining requires combinational fret and […]

A-N-O-T-B: The Secret to a Disappointless Day! 

Don’t buy into the tradition of moodiness.  That stuff will suck one under in a blink; in a heartbeat.  No, what we do is acknowledge the value of our profound existence moment by moment. I once lived a yo-yo life.  Up one day (maybe two) and then down the next (and maybe the next).  I […]

May We Get Back To Jesus 

Churchers’ usual comments are often that we need to get back to the Bible.  That’s partially true.  It would be the Bible that holds the genuine article about Jesus the Lamb.  God gave us the Word to learn of the Who that He gave us.  The problem, that we obviously experience, is that within the […]

Excuse Me… But Is That A Gas Chamber Around Your Neck? 

Can you imagine a necklace with a form of a gold gas chamber dangling?  How about a gold hangman’s noose lapel pin?  Or… how about a gold cross? You know… jewelry? These questions are intended to draw into perspective the loss we have suffered as the perspective of the Cross has shifted dramatically from a […]

The Need for Both Positive and Negative Input 

Life is abundant if we will allow all of its unfolding circumstances and events to affect our walk.  A key word is “all”.  The tendency (or preference) clearly leans toward only the positive. We tend to shun the negative as an interfering element that has no place in our day. But something significant happens when abiding […]

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