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God is Not Our Waiter

Might we have things a bit backwards at times?  Do we practice prayer sporadically and, when we do, it’s the process of us sitting at the table (or pew) and placing our orders?  “God, we’d like two days unscrambled so that by 8:00 p.m. we could note that they were over easy.  Too, would you keep […]

Be a Builder, Not a Barker 

Shall we take this tiny portion of a time-slot in which we live and be builders of community and people?  Or, shall we spend our slim amount of days on earth barking in disapproval of the passers-by?  It is a choice, you know.  Much of the negative speaking is merely done so unconsciously that one […]

What Will Turn America Back to God… Seriously? 

America’s spiritual fiber is suffering.  It isn’t a matter of the pro or con of church attendance.  Neither is it due to a lack of Bible promoters and quoters.  No, our struggle for relief in this smothering religiosity of ours is that we have failed to find the Truth. Now… before the religious want to […]

Don’t Live As If You Have Already Died! 

If you feel buried in worry and confusion, let’s consider a great alternative. Every stress has relief hidden within its own very core. We can shrivel due to being bummed or we can advance by learning from our pressures. I am inspired by Friedman’s take regarding the call to envision constantly advancing terrain. “New maps […]

Living The Lie Of Comparison 

An inner war takes place within each of us.  For some it is occasional.  Yet for others, it’s a nearly a daily grind.  Whether educated or un, employer or ee, or even a Demo-publican, one thing tends to rule every heart… living by comparison. I’m a champion knower of this curse.  Others… somebody somewhere… are […]

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