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The Value Of Being Tested

One of the utmost stresses ever to hit our doorstep is that moment where we are being tested. Too, it’s likely one of the most valuable and productive moments of our day. So, do what you can to not dismiss raw conflict and abrasive contradiction. Rather, grow from them. Have we become a people who […]


If ever there is the duplicative track to be found in us which corresponds to the surprise and world-changing walk of Jesus, it is mercy. Mercy places each of us into “truth focus”. Sure, we have a hankering to keep score of those who-know-better sinners among us. It’s usually always a “they” notation. The score? […]

Awaken to Wonder!

My desire is to stop a robbery. I’m posting a warning sign that says, “DON’T GIVE UP”. Haven’t you figured it out by now? Everything we approach, touch, or try, has inbuilt contamination factors. From birth, to education, to employment, to marriage, to socializing, and into retirement, every individual is harassed by the whisper to […]

Christianity in Conflict

Tension reigns throughout the hallways of Church. It is more subtle, I believe, than stark. Yet, the strain should be addressed in hopes of the call of God gaining fruitful momentum within society at large. The conflict? I see churches doing what we can to sell ourselves in ways that would draw community. Who doesn’t […]

Walking By Faith

Faith is the world-changer intended for you, for me… for we. Anytime some form of the word “believe” is used, it is always from the base that some element is not existing at the moment; yet can become.  Super-Natural! Faith seems to have lost its thrust as we toss it about nonchalantly as a spiritual […]

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