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Lonely Hummingbird

One little lonely hummingbird this week.  I felt so sorry for him, flying slow and looking for a blossom of anything. I immediately put one feeder back out. Have any of you began feeding anything as of now. I am still holding out for riddance of sparrows.  I am managing quite well with the owls […]

Pesky Varmints

A few tips to keep the deer and other varmints away from your feeders.  I was surprised to read that moistened dry dog food in a flat serving tray will entice blackbirds, crows, jays, starlings, and other pesky feeder birds away from the feeder friends.  Possums and raccoons also love the food, and will keep […]

House Sparrow

This past week at the bird bath, the most of my visitors is the House Sparrow.  They are easily detected from each other by their face and chin. Of course the male is very dark on the face and obviously has a little more aggressiveness. The female is very bland in color, kind of a […]

Miss Ella

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for some fall weather. As October approaches, I am looking forward to cooler days and the possibility of some rain.  I know that the farmers are starting to get their crops out, but I feel we sure need a rain – dusty, dusty. The birds are […]

Miss Ella

Hello I hope your day is going well, and you are still enjoying a few birds, especially the hummingbirds. They are getting fewer here, but I still have several each day at the feeders. It will be lonely without their little squeaks at the feeders and the flitter of their little wings. More on the […]

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