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This week I had the opportunity to pick up a couple of historical items from a friend in Kahoka.  She wanted to transfer them to the Downing House from the Clark County Museum.  I have enjoyed the history of the Scotland County schools, and a Granger yearbook. I am also interested in the history of […]


Thoughts this week are of our different pets we have had through years. This particular memory is cat memories.  Many years ago as a child, we always had kitties – not indoor cats, but cats. In later years, my Mom had two or three cats inside for the most part and loved those cats. I […]

Happy March

Happy March!  I hope all of you birders have been having a great winter. I have been off for a bit, traveling to the south tip of Texas for a little warmer weather.  It is great there, just not many interesting birds to watch.  Mostly pesky grackles. I did have a little chipmunk to entertain […]

Fresh Air

It is nice this week to be able to go out and get a breath of fresh air.  As I write this today, the temperature is 50 degrees and the wind is calm.  Perfect to get outside. The birds have made their way to the thicket and the feeder is quiet this morning.  I imagine […]


Let me say cold!!!!!  That it has truly been.  January 10 was a beautiful warm day.  I was able to get out and get some fresh air. We were able to get the Christmas decorations down, and I cleaned up the front porch of some of the sunflower hulls.  I certainly was glad to get […]

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