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I know most of you who read this column enjoy birding.  It is becoming more and more popular. There are 1.7 million wildlife watchers in Missouri alone. Now this does not necessarily mean they are watching birds, but I bet a good many of them are. There are trails and hiking trails all over the […]


Many thoughts come to mind as I sit here looking at outside plants sprouting, turning green, budding out, and more. What a February.  I have been on a time out from bird watching and column writing. Texas and basketball are two things I have been busy with. Since my return, I have continued to feed […]


Hello February. Last week I wrote about shrubs and trees to plant for nesting.  You may also want to think about plants for nesting materials. Ornamental and bunching grasses provide the most important raw materials for nest building.  Small birds weave thin, flexible grass stalks into the outer shell, including blue fescue, and thrift grass.  […]

Dreary January

Dreary January weather. Hardly any sun all week. Have you started thinking about trees and shrubs that are bird friendly? Many species are attracted to thick, thorny shrubs for concealing nests; song sparrows, field sparrows, indigo bunting, red-winged blackbird, mourning dove. The above all like thick shrubs and small deciduous trees. Smaller trees will attract […]

House Sparrows

As I have said in other articles, I have an abundance of House Sparrows. They are one of our most common birds. They spend more time at my feeder right now than any other bird. I have several bushes and small trees near the house and they tend to congregate in these bushes.  I have […]

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