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Hummingbirds Arriving

I have been enjoying this weather. I never thought I would say that we need a shower but honestly my garden is dry and hard.  I have so many things I want to do outside.  The hummingbirds are keeping me busy filling the feeders. I have two wrens here at the house and Bluebirds in […]


I have several people ask about Cowbirds. I personally call them home wreckers.  They are an unlikely looking villain with a brown head.  The female is more gray.  The Cowbird is a vagabond that once followed bison and cattle through the plains, but as forest barriers fell to the settler’s ax, they extended their ranges.  […]

It’s for the Birds

As I am writing this, I remember my Mom telling the story of the day that my brother Keith was born in a small house in Antioch, Missouri. She said, of course the doctor had to come to the house for the delivery.   It was Dr. Grace Gray of Kahoka. In 1938, things were certainly […]

Hummers are Arriving

This past week I have had many visitors to my front porch and yard.  Of course, we all are excited about spotting that first hummingbird.  I had my first one last week, April 30. I put up my feeder a little early. It was cold several days last week, and I only spotted one on […]

Baltimore Orioles

I have been writing this article for 17 years now.  It seems over time, I become repetitious I’m sure. If everyone ‘s memory is like mine, you won’t know what I wrote last year at the time. One of the many colorful birds I like to watch is the Baltimore Orioles. There are two different […]

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