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Rain Please

This weather! Need I say more? It seems like I always have something to say about the weather or how fast time goes. It was not too long ago, on April 1, that we experienced a cold, snowy Easter. Then April was an unusually cold month. I now am thinking that we need a wet […]

Bird Songs

This morning I am enjoying writing this on my deck early in the morning, a gentle breeze blowing, the smell of coffee at my side, Purple Martins greeting me, and hummingbirds keeping me company. My morning started early today, as I woke around five to the Robins early morning song, and my wren on the […]


These past few days I have had several people mention the Rose Breasted Grosbeak. I have not had any at the house, but do have several on the trails.  They are beautiful. The male is very colorful, black head, white and red breast, and black and white wings.  Of course, the same as with many […]

House Sparrows

I have had several reports of Hummingbirds. I have not had any yet. I put two feeders out on my front porch, and within two days, the House Sparrows had managed to suck all the nectar out of the feeders. Needless to say, I am not happy about House Sparrows.  They also love grape jelly […]

Staying Cool

I guess this week I am not going to mention that we had two days in the high 70’s, and enjoyed those two days.  Once again, we had a Sunday with some sort of precipitation.  This time, it was mostly the nasty white stuff with no sticking.  I think there is something else on the […]

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