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Ten days from now you can be putting out your hummingbird feeders, expecting to see a few stragglers and then a herd of those little beauties.  If you have a hummingbird friendly yard, you will most likely have nesting too. I so enjoy watching the little cuties, on the front porch, back deck, and patio. […]


Wind, rain, wind, rain!  I am writing this the day after we had such a rainy, windy Wednesday, April 5.  It was a day I chose not to go outside. Finally some sunshine and blue sky. My little American Gold Finches were so cold and wet… and they are starting to get their beautiful color […]

Barometric Pressure

Spring is here, and along with it comes variations in the barometric pressure.  I know that many people have issues with the pressure changes. The weather actually affects our feathered friends behavior also. I am a firm believer that pressure under 30 causes people to feel pressure in their sinuses, have various kinds of headaches […]


So much to do, so little time. It feels as though spring and summer are upon us. With stores’ greenhouse buildings popping up all over and mulch appearing in the parking lots, it makes you feel that garden planting and flower planting are upon us. At Red Hatters today, we heard Cardinals singing when we […]


I know most of you who read this column enjoy birding.  It is becoming more and more popular. There are 1.7 million wildlife watchers in Missouri alone. Now this does not necessarily mean they are watching birds, but I bet a good many of them are. There are trails and hiking trails all over the […]

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