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Migraine Weather

The weather this morning is cold and dreary.  It’s sounds as if we might be in for some winter mix weather again this April.  Mother Nature is fooling with us once again.  Wet weather is predicted for the next three months.  I am still feeding all the birds sunflower seeds. I had several happy visitors […]

Purple Martins

I am really looking forward to the return of the Purple Martins. They are working their way north right now.  As many of you have heard, you can expect them around Good Friday which is really a myth, but somewhere in that time frame will catch them.  Scouts arrive well before any permanent dweller.  Different […]

Ides of March

The ides of March are upon us. The winds continue to blow. I think most everyone is anxious for the March winds and a few sunny days to firm up the country roads. If we could only recover all the rock from the grader ditches and magically blade those roads even when they are super […]


Weather is the topic of conversation that we hear so much about. Here in Texas, the weather has been on a tail spin all month. It has been really cold, some days hot and humid, others rainy, and some windy. Mother Nature is having emotional problems this year. So much change and variables.  I’m sure […]

Wren Houses

I’m sure with the ice that has been keeping those kiddies home and some home from work is getting old.  I know the kids went back to school on February 13th at least in some places.  I can remember going to school on Saturdays one winter after a huge ice storm that left trees heavily […]

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