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Good morning, birders. June, right. How can the summer be moving along so swiftly? Time marches on. I had one sad note to report that my bluebird nest that was scheduled to hatch in a few days, has been compromised.  Sad for me. I could see egg all over the nest box. I thought I […]


This time of year, I am lucky so far to have my windows open, and able to hear all the sounds of summer.  Robins, Bluebirds, Wrens, and an occasional Bob White.  We have two or three coveys on the trails, and they are so enjoyable to watch.  They frequent our front yard, and talk and […]


I am sure by now, you are noticing several hummingbirds at your feeders.  This evening, for instance, it was cool and rainy, and they need more energy, so my feeders were all full.  They were buzzing all over my front porch. Hummingbird feeders can add a lot of enjoyment to your porch, deck or patio.  […]


How has your week been so far? The last week of school for 2016-17. Hard to believe that this year is already over. Lots of graduations and parties to attend. This past week has been a busy one here on the trails – mowing, planting, checking the bird houses, doing garden work and some landscaping. […]

Hummingbirds Finally

May I say finally. I think the cold weather was keeping them in the southern part of state.  Now, I am excited to say, I have lots of hummingbirds. Got all my feeders filled yesterday. Five so far. I have been enjoying them this weekend. That sound reminds me of beautiful summer evenings watching those […]

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