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School Bells

I’m sitting here writing this article on my back deck, and enjoying the sounds of Goldfinches eating some of my dried flowers in my butterfly garden, and feeling the coolness of this crisp morning.  School bells are ringing throughout the area, with kiddos taking last minute trips with their parents, shopping trips for school supplies, […]

The Heat is On

The heat is on, as the song says. Hoping that we can get a break from this by next week. The week of July 17 has been extremely warm, and cautions going outdoors in the heat of the day.  The day I am writing this the high is to be 95.   The hummingbirds were […]

Dry July

As I have said these past few months, where does time go?  July 17th already.  It has been a dry July too.  We could use a rain. In April and May, when I think all those annuals are beautiful and would look great in the yard, I seem to forget about July and August being […]

Losing baby birds

I sincerely hope all of my readers enjoyed a safe and happy 4th of July. Independence Day!!! How we love our freedom and the day to celebrate it.  We were able to go camping and watch the Catfish Place fireworks.  Needless to say it was very warm and humid. The barometric pressure was even hovering […]


I have noticed questions about where the Goldfinches are now.  They are the most common birds at the feeder, thanks to its wide range and ability to adapt.  Sunflower and Niger seed are the mainstays of a goldfinches menu at the feeder, but they also enjoy other small seeds, such as millet. Weed seeds are […]

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