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Mayday at Sandhill

Life on the hill is good: planting in the garden is progressing well. It has been warm enough for us to jump into the pond – however brief! The water still feels cold to me. We certainly enjoyed the rains last week – it really perked up the grass, wildflowers, garden & field crops. Our […]

Sandhill News

by Stan The weather continues to be a favorite topic – especially this year (or do we say that every year?). For some of us, hockey is a favorite winter activity. This year we played hockey during the first half of December – until the 5” snowfall; ever since then, our main ice has been […]

Is spring here yet?

Is spring here yet? We are so ready for it to be. Our fruit trees have been ready to bloom for a week now, although with freezing temperatures, I’m glad they are holding off. The exception: our apricot trees already flowered – the blooms don’t look so good now. Other signs of spring: we have […]

Sorghum Harvest

At this time of year, a lot of our activities revolve around harvesting and processing sorghum and food from the garden. We have a lot of visitors that come to help with the sorghum harvest- so scheduling, hosting, and integrating them into our scene is also important. Sorghum harvest: we plan/hope to be  done on […]

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