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For over eighteen years Gary Miller served as the Senior Pastor of the Pump Springs Baptist Church in Harrogate Tennessee. In 2003 Gary began pursuing his desire to write a newspaper column to hunters and fishermen that would lead them to contemplate their relationship with their Creator. What started out as a weekly article led to what is now a syndicated article found in magazines, journals, and newspapers in 18 states across the nation.

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Temperature of Temperament

The fishermen around here are coming out of their hibernation. The walleye and crappie will soon ring the dinner bell and the bass will be getting more active as well. The stories will soon be plentiful. I hope the filets will as well. Even though there are many different stimuli that cause a fish to […]

Increased Effort

I spent my last few days hunting deer in Missouri. The temperatures were the most extreme I have ever encountered. My last morning hunting, the thermometer read -7 and the wind chill made it -23. Needless to say, I was not in a tree but in the warm confines of a ground blind. The coldest […]

Greatest Days

My friend Dave just killed a buck in Ohio. This time however, instead of waiting on the big one, he arrowed one that had a lot to be desired. It was an older buck with one antler that had been broken off and the other one that looked as if each point had been worn […]


For the past several years words have been tools of mine. I have tried to somewhat successfully arrange them in a way in order to explain or describe ideas and events. I have even learned new words in order to extend my ability to effectively illuminate my subject. And thankfully, while I never consider myself […]

Timing is Everything 

Timing is everything. Have you ever just felt like you were out of sync with what was going on in the woods or on the water? Sometimes it seems that on the days you can go fishing, the weather is terrible or the fish are uncooperative. And on the days you can’t go or just […]

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