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For over eighteen years Gary Miller served as the Senior Pastor of the Pump Springs Baptist Church in Harrogate Tennessee. In 2003 Gary began pursuing his desire to write a newspaper column to hunters and fishermen that would lead them to contemplate their relationship with their Creator. What started out as a weekly article led to what is now a syndicated article found in magazines, journals, and newspapers in 18 states across the nation.

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His Path

I’ve noticed lately how the lake levels are at peak summer height. For dock operators and recreational lake lovers, this makes for a great summer; for fisherman not so much. It’s far easier to catch fish when there are fewer places to look for them. During the end of summer and into the fall, the […]

Help and Hope

For years I have plodded up to the barn to hunt deer. It is my favorite place to take a youth or someone new. It has also produced a good harvest for me as well. There are so many stories; I will never remember them all. The one that comes to mind now is the […]

Summer School

When I was young our summer break from school was three months. It wasn’t until September that we returned. Today, there is serious discussion about going all year long. I say those who are discussing that need to get a life. They seem to have forgotten that all learning doesn’t take place in a classroom. […]


It’s been several years since I was too busy to hunt. I can remember one year when I was opening a business, that deer season had to be skipped. I never remember missing much of a turkey season until this last year. During the last three weeks of the year, I hunted one time. I […]

In the Valley

Turkey hunting, where I live, is not for the faint of heart. Even though there are some easy places, much of the hunting I do is in the mountains. Our mountains are not like the Rockies but they are also not like the Deep South. The highest peak is about three thousand feet. Needless to […]

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