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For over eighteen years Gary Miller served as the Senior Pastor of the Pump Springs Baptist Church in Harrogate Tennessee. In 2003 Gary began pursuing his desire to write a newspaper column to hunters and fishermen that would lead them to contemplate their relationship with their Creator. What started out as a weekly article led to what is now a syndicated article found in magazines, journals, and newspapers in 18 states across the nation.

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Backup Plans

In my area, June has been a very pleasant month for outdoor activities. There have been many days where the mornings have had a nip to them and where the midday seemed almost deplete of any humidity. These will soon be overcome by the sweltering days of August. But until then I will savor each […]


Perhaps the greatest reason for most of our failures is simple neglect. In the outdoor world it may be that we neglected to check to see if our scope was accurate before we went on our hunt. Or it may be if we had not neglected to retie our spinner bait, that bass would not […]

Inclusive Language

One of the things I think about when I write is the diversity of people who read my article. I know there are both women and men. I also know some hunt and fish while some only do one or the other. I also realize that some may hunt only deer while others hunt other […]

Follow the Signs

Whether you are on the water or in the woods, if fish or game is involved, so is scouting. Just because your boat is in the water, doesn’t mean all you have to do is drop a line in order to catch fish. The same goes for the woods. It doesn’t matter what game you […]


It won’t be too long until farmers will begin cutting hay. On a normal year, most fields will be cut twice. The amount of rainfall, however, always determines whether there is a lack or an abundance. The first cutting is usually in late May or June. This gives the grass another opportunity to produce before […]

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