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New Folks and Movie Stars

This week held many highlights, for me anyway, so it was hard to decide what to leave out! Even the weather was exciting, with a cold snap, a few gloomy dark days, other days of unseasonable warmth and bright sun, not to mention some intense storms and a tornado watch (no actual tornado, thank goodness). […]

The Approach of Fall

Sara and I went out for a lovely walk on the land this morning, with early autumn growing all around us. We have not yet seen any frost, putting this year on the late end of typical (third in a row, by my reckoning). The odd sprig of New England aster or goldenrod and a […]

Building the Dream

“We’re building Dancing Rabbit because we love the Earth, and to help all people recognize it’s worth… and you know that this is true, we couldn’t do it without you!” For 20 years we have been in construction of cob dwellings and alternative culture, and this weekend we are celebrating all that hard work with […]

Full Circle Memories

This fall I’m experiencing some pleasant full-circle memories that I’d like to share with you. Liz here, one of the newer residents of Dancing Rabbit. You see, this time last year I was a student of the nine-day Permaculture Design Course that has taken place at Dancing Rabbit the last several falls. I had a […]

Moments of Beauty

Since I’ve moved here to Dancing Rabbit, I have definitely had more time to stop and smell the roses. Except, since we don’t really grow roses around here, the smells that I have enjoyed here are more of the woodsmoke, prairie grass, sawdust, manure-pile-for-my-garden variety. I think one of the fears people often have about […]

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