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A Life Full of Joy, Hope, and Duty: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Greetings! I don’t know about y’all out there but for me this week was full! Tereza here, with news of duties, food changes, theater, sky-watching, and birthdays, as well as the usual connection, laughter, and warm season busy-ness. My first (of two) civic duties this week was voting in the state primaries on Tuesday. It’s always fun […]

Ultimate Summertime

Summertime, and the livin’ is … hmm, not usually easy, only sometimes hard, but definitely full. Surprising, too, despite the ongoing droughty weather, the recent cool spell and nip of rain were enough to trigger the first, real flush of shiitakes on my mushroom logs this year, though I had to water them for a […]

Staying Present and Looking Forward: A Dancing Rabbit Update

This week, I’ve been enjoying the moment but also looking forward to things coming–some exciting and some less so. Benji here, struggling to stay present while also planning, excitedly or worriedly, about things coming up for me and our little village. Another group of participants arrived this week for the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage Visitor Program. […]

Collaboration Is the Key

This week brought the sweet relief of cooler temperatures and less humidity, although still not enough rain to keep my cucumbers happy without supplemental watering. In truth, I don’t really mind watering the garden, as it gives me some precious moments to contemplate the progress of the plants and to think about where and how […]

Facing Life Head-On

Graham and I have tried to implement as many permaculture concepts in Cob’s vegetable garden this year as time has allowed. One concept that really caught my fancy was to plant perennial flowers and certain veggies in amongst the veggie beds to attract pollinator insects (e.g., cosmos, nasturtiums, zinnias, daisies, borage, and dandelions) and to […]

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