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Happy Spring!

The cat lockdown began this week, initiating four months (through mid-July) of our annual attempt to shelter ground-nesting birds in the village area from the depredations of our vicious feline friends in the most sensitive period of raising their young. Ted here—a little weary from multiple nighttime wake-ups by my cat Gromit to let him […]

The Work of Life, with Laughter and Tears

After weeks of record-breaking warmth and associated wild weather, the return to more seasonal temperatures has been a relief. While the maples have all bloomed, and the maple sugar season was over before it really started, the colder days have slowed the budding of the fruit trees. Hopefully the delay will hold them long enough […]

Sometimes the Grass Really is Greener

I love the month of March. Every year, as winter cold dissolves into spring, I find myself amazed at the sheer heartiness and determination it must take for plants and animals to survive a climate that turns against them for months on end. I’m reminded of the creativity and strength of will our ancestors must […]

Drums, Voices, and Circles

I’m sure that lots happened this last week here at Dancing Rabbit, but all I can think about is singing. Christina here, bringing news of drums, voices, and circles. Before I moved to Dancing Rabbit, singing was barely a part of my life. Sure, I sang to the kids to get them to sleep at […]

Never mind the Groundhog

Howdy y’all. Ben here at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, where I’m currently doing my best to stay ahead of the changes in the weather. Folks who’ve read this column for years certainly know by now that we Rabbits, like most rural folk, have a preoccupation with the weather. After all, it dictates a lot of our […]

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