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The Return of Spring… and Things

Yes, indeedy, spring is here, a time of growth, rebirth, and lots of activity. Recently returned from a month in Texas with Nathan visiting family and friends, I made my first batch of asparagus and shiitake mushrooms last week, sauteed up with plenty of Ironweed garlic, and that right there was the taste of spring […]

Season of Flowers

Hello all, and happy flowering season to you! Ted here to bring you the news from Dancing Rabbit. Everything seems to be in bloom this week, all-in on spring’s arrival. Green is the new gray/brown, and our honey bees are often a good clue for me, as I roam about our gardens and orchards and […]

Moving at the Speed of Life

Saturday’s Metropolitan Opera broadcast was a performance of Richard Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde. You know, the one with the famous wedding march that virtually all brides use to make their grand entrance. While listening I was observing the frantic activity of at least 14 different species of insects visiting my blossoming plum tree. Cob here, […]

This Week’s Reasons Why

Every once in a while, I wonder why we decided to move our little family halfway across the country—why we decided to leave behind our house, extended family, jobs, schools, and a giant patch of black raspberries in our back yard. Christina, here, writing about this week’s reasons why. My week started off with a […]

Muck and Marshmallows

Howdy y’all. Ben here, finally upland of the soggy pig waller I’ve been slogging about in for the last week. One week and about a dozen neighbors, plus some sheet metal and some marshmallows, is all it took for me to get our sow loaded onto the trailer, but as the old joke goes, “What’s […]

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