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On a Human Scale

Howdy y’all. Ben here, with an account of this week’s happenings at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Northeast Missouri. It’s hot here; the sort of heat that boils the motivation out of my blood. Somehow, the air is extremely humid, but the soil is dry to the point of forming fissures. At this point, if you’ve been […]

Embracing Change

Some folks embrace change, some avoid it at all costs. I’m somewhere in the middle. Liz here, with the latest from last week at Dancing Rabbit. I’m fully in the flow this spring and summer cooking for the visitor sessions, two so far, and cooking breakfast for workshops at the Mercantile, six so far this […]

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

As the title of this particular Dancing Rabbit update might suggest, I sometimes struggle  with falling behind the curve of work and expectations. This has been such a week (month?) and consequently I’m finding I need to let go of some of the smaller things and reset my target threshold for what is good enough […]

Redefining ‘Fun ‘ and ‘Work’

At Dancing Rabbit, there are always approximately 114 things that I could be doing at any moment during the day. Should I go to the group meditation in the Casa or should I take advantage of the cool morning to plant the tomato starts? Should I go hang out at the Mercantile and talk about […]

Chores and Chiggers: A Dancing Rabbit Update

Hot darn y’all. It’s me, Ben. I am not an astronomer, nor an astrologer, but I do in fact live in the dirt, like 80 percent of the world does, and I do declare that writing this inspirational tome, under a newish moon, in late May, in northeast Missouri, of temperate North America, is something […]

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