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Nothing Can Be Perfect

On Wednesday, exhausted from an eight-hour drive, my mom (Ange), little sister (Karina) and I arrived home after spending three weeks in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where my grandparents live and where I was born and raised up until last year. When we arrived, our home was warm and toasty thanks to Aurelia (one of […]

Two Arrows

Winter is in full force right now in the Midwest. Liz here, with the latest from Dancing Rabbit. Friends back in California are surely thinking I’m a fool for moving here and Rabbits who have lived at DR for a while are surely thinking I have yet to see the worst of the winter weather. […]

Combining Thanks and Giving: A Dancing Rabbit Update

I sit here bundled against the cold with two dogs at my feet, listening to my toddler laugh as he plays in the bathroom sink. Yes, he has figured out how to move the dog food bin to the counter and climb on it to give himself access to the wettest and “funnest” game ever. […]

Slow and Busy

Since spring, I have looked forward to wintertime, when I hoped to have hours every day to lounge around reading books, knitting, and chatting by the fire. Well, we have had a fire going most days at our house and I have read some great books recently, but I still haven’t learned to knit. And […]

Putting Down Roots

Across my neighbor’s yard, there is a tree that seems to be watching me. It is so still, so solid, and always growing. Its trunk and branches may be still, but beneath the soil, its roots reach out to exchange nutrients with the soil. The concept of roots could be applied in an interesting way […]

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