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God’s Holy Spirit? Right On!

Dear Editor, Quote one among us; “This will be our final letter to the editor concerning The Truths of God. We were led to read Genesis in the King James Version of His Holy Bible. It has been pure joy to us, sharing our education from HIS very own Holy Spirit.” Another, quote;  “We at home do believe […]

When Two or More

Dear Editor, One among us again stated that we were falling behind in fulfilling the final request made by our dear Saviour.  Quote The Coin Lady; “We really are of the opinion at our house, that serving and taking Communion are so holy and precious, and actually fulfilling to our well being, it IS even […]

Kids and Grandpa

Dear Editor, Kids to Grandpa again, quote; “Grandpa, we already know that we are a studied mass of atoms but what has that to do with God?” Gramp, quote; “Well kid, to us OLD TIMERS, it finally tells us that we had better tread softly on the subject of atoms until most everyone understands, the […]


Dear Editor, Quoting the grandson to Grandpa; “Grandpa, my friend at school laughs at me when I talk about God and His Holy Spirit in me. I told him. if he would go to Sunday School be would already know that, but he says his Dad says it is all hogwash and it is everybody […]

Remember the Sabbath. Keep it Holy!

Dear Editor, One among us, quote; “The Fourth Commandment. One of the grandkids asked about it and then this is what he surmised after reading Chapter 20 of the Book of Exodus in our King James version of God’s Holy Bible, quote the grandson; “If God planned a special hour for the day after His […]

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