It sounds like a joke. The unimprisoned also being imprisoned, that is. But, I wonder if we know differently.  I think that over-all (no, all) walk dark halls of fear and intimidation while soaking up the sun.

Fear intimidates as well as restricts. Even the best of the best (best in community’s perception) walk with an invisible cane of blatant insecurity.

When Jesus imparts words of setting the captive free…believe it…for yourself. Strangely, when we don’t believe it, we become self-centeredly ultra-controlling. We need to maneuver others to fit into our unadmitted lack of confidence.

Yet, Jesus does set us free. Faith in him does more than cause us to pay attention to church. It opens our eyes to a brand new world… right where we already live.

Because of His Spirit in us, we are not the only thing converted. So is the entire world in which we walk as it is filled with new; new meaning, new opportunity, new perspective.

Don’t live another day imprisoned. Try to awaken to the dynamics of God…and the new life of you.

Both. Are. Very. Real.