A beautiful day brought out more than 100 entries to the 2016 Scotland County Antique Fair Car Show in downtown Memphis. Many spectators as well as participants enjoyed the games also while viewing the 104 vintage vehicles on display for guests at the weekend festival on the city square.

Winners were as follows:

All makes and models 1900-1939 cars –  3rd place; John Johnson, 1930 Ford “A” Coupe, 2nd place; John Johnson, 1936 Chevrolet Master Coupe, and 1st place; H. Wayne Nelson, 1939 Mercury 2 door.

All makes and models 1940-1959 cars – 3rd place; Chuck Reedy, 1941 Plymouth Sedan, 2nd place; Ron Terrell, 1956 Ford Fairlane Victory, 1st place; Gary Harris, 1955 Chevrolet BelAir convertible.

All makes and models 1960-1969 cars – 3rd place; Chris and Delma Smith, 1962 Chevy Impala; 2nd place; Lonnie Byrn, 1964 Ford Galaxie XL 500; 1st place, Danny Mahurin, 1969 Chevy Nova SS.

All makes and models 1970-1979 cars – 3rd place; Robert & Ella Owings, 1978 Ford Granada, 2nd place; Mike Smith, 1970 Cadillac DeVille, 1st place; Brett Hoskinson, 1970 Monte Carlo.

All makes and models 1980-1995 cars – 3rd place; Bob Clarkson, 1988 Cadillac Allante, 2nd place; Eric Johnson, 1984 Oldsmobile “98”, 1st place; Rod Pickens, 1987 Monte Carlo SS Aero Coupe.

All makes and models 1996 & newer cars – 3rd place; John & Connie Kethe, 2010 Dodge Challenger RT Classic; 2nd place; Rick & Ann Green, 2010 Dodge Challenger RT, 1st place; Terry & Nancy Wood, 2013 Dodge Challenger SRTS.

All Thunderbirds; 3rd place – Lisa & Edward Norman, 1966 T-Bird, 2nd place; Debbie Applegate, 1957 T-Bird, 1st place; Francis Frazier, 1956 T-Bird.

All Corvettes 1973 & older — Boyd Bissell (in memory of Travis Bissell), 1959 Corvette, 2nd place; Bobbie Hartsock, 1966 Corvette, 1st place; Dick Vermazen, 1961 Corvette.

All Corvettes 1974 & newer – 3rd place; Marlyn Copeland, 1990 Corvette, 2nd place; Sherrie & John Hayes, 1975 Stingray, 1st place; Don & Nancy Price, 1997 Corvette.

All Chevelles – 3rd place; Steve Casey, 1972 Chevelle, 2nd place; Carl & Nancy Kapfer, 1967 Chevelle, 1st place; Mike Casey, 1970 Chevelle.

All Camaros – 3rd place; Mitch Mahurin, 2011 Camaro, 2nd place; Mike & Beth Johnson, 1969 Camaro, 1st. place; Kent Calvert, 1967 Camaro.

All Mustangs 1973 & older – 2nd place; Lucas Remley, 1968 Mustang, 1st place; Joe & Kelly Conway, 1969 Mustang.

All Mustangs 1974 & newer – Rod Smith, 2006 Mustang, 2nd place; Jamey Blake, 2006 Mustang GT, 1st place; Lathan Sayre, 2014 Mustang GT.

Original Factory Muscle thru 1972 – 3rd place; Ron Adkinson, 1967 Olds 4-4-2, 2nd place; Bill & Donna Pemberton, 1972 Oldsmobile Hurst, 1st place; Bob & Sue Gantz, 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner.

Rods to 1949 – 2nd place; Richard Clark, 1940 Chevrolet Deluxe, 1st place; Chuck Reedy, 1941 Plymouth 2 dr. Coupe.

Street Machines 1950 & Newer – 3rd place; Tommy Terrill, 1966 Plymouth Barracuda, 2nd place; Paul Tyrrel, 1967 Nova SS, 1st place; Kenny Ball, 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air.

Trucks 1939 & older – 2nd place; John & Shirley Hidy, 1923 Ford “T”, 1st place; Robert & Ella Owings, 1939 Ford pickup.

Trucks 1940-1972 – 3rd place; Roger Robinson, 1964 Chevy C-10, 2nd place; Chuck Reedy, 1941 Plymouth Pickup, 1st place; Paul Shultz, 1966 Chevy C-10.

Trucks 1973 & newer – 3rd place; Dan & Joyce Peterson, 1990 Chevy Sport, 2nd place; Larry & Connie Speaks, 1995 Ford F-150, 1st place; John Bender, 1993 Chevy truck.

Rat Rods – 3rd place; Jeff Noe, 1941 Chevy truck, 2nd place; Jeremy Ford, 1989 Mercury Colony Park, 1st place; Daniel Robbins, 1931 International truck.

Mini Trucks – 3rd place; Richie Arnold, 1991 Chevy S-10, 2nd place; Keith Archer, 1975 Jeep CJ5, 1st place; Ed & Judy Richards, 1987 Chevy El Camino.

Motorcycles, all Harley Davidson – 3rd place; Richard McCoy, 2003 Heritage Softail Springer, 2nd place; Dean Knisley, 2014 Triglide, 1st place; John Ingles, 1999 Springer.

Motorcycles, all others; 3rd place – Garth Lloyd, 1998 Honda Valkyre, 2nd place; Pat Knisley, 2005 Thoroughbred Stallion, 1st place – Doug McCannon, 2005 Big Dog Pitbull.

Mayor’s Choice – 1972 Oldsmobile Hurst owned by Bill & Donna Pemberton.

People’s Choice – 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air owned by Kenny Ball.

Farthest Away Award – Bill & Donna Pemberton.

“We the committee would like to thank all who attended and those that helped in any way,” said chairman Jerry Grosenkemper.