The People’s Choice award winner for the August 26, 2017 Scotland County Antique Fair Car Show was the 1969 Ford Torino GT entered by Sam Caselman.

Perfect weather conditions allowed for a fabulous turnout to the Scotland County Antique Fair Car Show. The 127 registered vehicles plus the others put in by the coordinators made for a spectacular attendance. While attending the car show, the attendees are enticed by the numerous venders on the courthouse lawn. The local sponsors benefit also from the influx of attendees with their vehicles. Anyone interested in helping sponsor, or willing to volunteer their time and effort, please catch Jerry or Janice Grosenkemper. They have worked  hard to keep this one of the best car shows in the tri-state area.

Winners are as follows;

1900-1939 cars; 2nd place, Rick Gooden, 1931 Chevy Sport Coupe; 1st place, Stephen Dennis, 1927 Ford Coupe

1940-1959 cars; 3rd place, Judy & Ed Richards, 1959 Chevy Biscayne; 2nd place, Ron Atkinson, 1956 Ford Victoria; 1st place, Gary Harris, 1955 Chevy BelAir Convertible

1960-1969 cars; 3rd place, Bob and Cheryl Jones, 1965 Plymouth Satellite; 2nd place, Duane and Sandy Arnold, 1968 Pontiac Firebird, convertible; 1st place, Sam Caselman, 1969 Ford Torino GT

1970-1979 cars; 3rd place, Chris Kempke, 1979 Fiat Spyder; 2nd, place, Bob Anderson, 1973 Ford Grand Torino Sport; 1st place, John Westbrook, 1978 Pontiac Trans Am

1980-1995 cars; 3rd place, John Beckert, 1991 Accura NSX; 2nd place, Rod Pickens, 1986 Pontieac Grand Prix Aero Coupe; 1st place, Lonnie Byrn, 1981 Lincoln Mark VI

1996 and newer cars; 3rd place, Dan Proctor, 2005 Dodge Viper; 2nd place, Matt Head (in memory of Ron Head) 2009 Dodge Challenger; 1st place, Terry & Nancy Wood, 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8

All Thunderbirds: 3rd place, Dan Duryee, 1959 Thunderbird; 2nd place, Debbie Applegate, 1957 Thunderbird; 1st place, Francis Frazier, 1956 Thunderbird

Corvettes 1973 & older, 1st place, Travis Bissell, 1959 Corvette;

Corvettes 1974 & newer; 3rd place, Logan Trueblood, 2005 Corvette; 2nd place, Don & Nancy Price, 1997 Corvette; 1st place, Bill Hennke, 2007 Corvette

Chevelles; 3rd place, Roger & Crystal Riebel, 1971 Chevelle; 2nd place, Brent Bourgeois, 1972 Chevelle; 1st place, Mike Casey, 1970 Chevelle

Camaros; 3rd place, Mike & Beth Johnson,1969 Camaro; 2nd place, Kent Calvert, 1967 Camaro; 1st place, Larry & Sharon Spaur, 1968 Camaro

Mustangs 1973 & older; 3rd place, Dennis & Pamela Carbocci, 1969 Mustang; 2nd place, Kim Krogmeier, 1966 Mustang; 1st place, Kelly Conway, 1969 Mustang

Mustangs 1974 & newer; 3rd place, James McCann, 2013 Shelby GT 500; 2nd, place, Donnie Martin, 2009 Mustang Rousch 427R; 1st place, Lathan Sayre, 2014 Mustang GT

Original Factory Muscle thru 1972; 3rd place, Barbara Saffell, 1970 Ford Torino Cobra; 2nd place, John & Kris Shaffer, 1970 Ford Torino Cobra; 1st place, Richard & Diane Vermazen, 1961 Corvette

Rods to 1949; 3rd place, Jerry Krogmeier, 1936 Plymouth Coupe; 2nd place, Chuck Reedy, 1941 Plymouth 2dr coupe; 1st place, David & Nancy Bishop, 1935 Plymouth Sedan

Street Machines 1950 & newer; 3rd place, Bryan Finch, 1971 Chevy Monte Carlo; 2nd place, Gene Valentine, 1956 Chevy 210 Del Ray; 1st place, Dan Mahurin, 1969 Chevy Nova Super Sport

Trucks 1939 & older; 2nd place, Joan Kruse, 1931 Ford Pickup; 1st place, Robert & Ella Owings, 1939 Ford Pickup

Trucks 1940-1972; 3rd place, Chuck Reedy, 1941 Plymouth Pickup; 2nd place, Paul Shultz, 1966 Chevrolet Pickup; 1st place, Phil & Tammy Prater, 1940 Chevrolet Pickup

Trucks 1973 & newer; 3rd place, Norm Goucher, 2005 Dodge Rumblebee; 2nd place, Dan Peterson, 1990 Chevrolet Sport; 1st place, Larry Speaks, 1995 Ford F150

Rat Rods; 3rd place; Mike & Beth Johnson, 1951 Chevy; 2nd place; Brian Kaylor, 1941 Chevy Truck; 1st place; Daniel Robbins, 1931 International Truck

Mini Trucks; 2nd place, Ed & Judy Richards, 1987 Chevy El Camino; 1st place, Randy Rockhold, 1966 Chevy El Camino

Harley Davidson motorcycles; 3rd place, Dean & Pat Knisley, 2017 Ultra Limited; 2nd place, John Ingles, 1999 Softail; 1st place, Marty Shepard, 2007 Super Glide

all other motorcycles; 3rd place; Rob Monroe, 2000 American Iron Horse Stalker SS; 2nd place; Garth LLoyd, 1998 Honda Valkyrie; 1st place; Marty Shepard, 1974 Honda XL100

all 4-wheel drives; 2nd place; Hailey & Piper Moffett, 1995 Jeep Wrangler; 1st place; Keith Archer, 1975 Jeep CJ5

Mayor’s Choice; Daniel Robbins, 1931 International Truck

People’s Choice; Sam Caselman, 1969 Ford Torino GT

submitted by Janice Grosenkemper