The annual Winn Reunion was held August 26, 2018 in the big shelter house at the Downing Appreciation Days Park.  A good sized group attended and enjoyed a delicious carry-in lunch.  Wayne Win asked the blessing.

Those attending were Eugene and Lila Spray; Jessica Spray, Delsen and Tessa Holt; Rex, Beverly, and Lynnedie Winn; Kaylan (Winn) Tayler, and Kensie; Druzella Winn; Shawn Burgess, Jessica and two sons; Keith, Nessa, Marissa, Malerie, and Malayna Smith; Wayne Winn; Robert and Brenda Smith; Marjorie McFarland; Harold and Pat Winn; Pete and Nancy Spray and mother-in-law; Adam and Amanda Toparga Smit; Theresa Maxey; Danny and Tisha Smith; Payton Murphy; Judy Kleine; Josh and Lisa Burgess and Jaryt; Barbara Moore; Robert Gallagher; and Lena Gallager.

The Winn Reunion is held the fourth Sunday in August.  Hope to see you all back next year… and maybe more?

Submitted by Lena Gallagher