Ann Luther, faithful supporter of the Ronald McDonald House in Columbia, MO, will once again be loading her car for another delivery of needed supplies.  Collection will take place this summer with a delivery made this fall.

Items that can be collected well ahead of time include personal care items (deodorant, sanitary pads, toothbrushes, travel sized toothpaste, travel sized shampoo and conditioner, instant hand sanitizer, baby wipes and diapers), office supplies (Forever postage stamps, file folders, 9×12 white envelopes, 8 ½ x 11 white copy paper, HP ink cartridge 61 (color and black), Post-It Notes, pens, dry erase markers), cleaning products (high-efficiency liquid laundry detergent, disinfectant wipes, air freshener, dryer sheets, toilet bowl brushes and cleaner, glass cleaner, sponges, stain remover), and household items (Ziploc bags, trash bags, disposable coffee cups with lids, Tupperware, aluminum foil and saran wrap, paper plates and bowls (no Styrofoam please), plastic silverware, kitchen dish towels, standing/oscillating fans, umbrellas, hair dryers).

Additionally, items for guest families that are recommended include: gas cards, grocery, Target, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Home Depot gift cards, gift cards for local restaurants, DVDs (child and family appropriate), family appropriate games include PlayStation, Wii and Xbox.

Ann continues to generously leave her garage door open for donations to be dropped off there.  She keeps a box labeled Ronald McDonald Drop-Off.  Her address is 362 S. Main St., Memphis or she can be contacted by phone at 660-465-2260.

Ann hopes to have a car-load of supplies for her return trip to Columbia in September and any and all support is greatly appreciated!  For more information about the Ronald McDonald House in Columbia and the services they provide, visit their website at