The American Red Cross held their summer community blood drive on August 1st at the First Baptist Church in Memphis. There were eighty-eight people from our community who came out to donate and from these potential donors eighty-one units were collected during the drive.

We look forward to having our high-school students add to this number as they participate once again in blood drives during the school year.

There was one first-time donor, Nelvin Hoover. We fell short of making a complete record of all those who earned their respective gallon pins. We apologize for this; however, from our list we’d like to recognize the following donors for reaching their respective donation goals. One-gallon pins were awarded to Stephen Herr; a four-gallon pin was awarded to Mike Campbell; Jeanette Fogle earned her eight-gallon pin and David Ahland was awarded a 13-gallon pin, which is equivalent to 104 units of blood. This exceeds the goal of our blood drive, which was set at 100 units. One persistent and committed person can really make a difference. Congratulations to our first-time donor and to all those who reached their respective donation goals.

Special thanks are in order to The First Baptist Church of Memphis for providing homemade cookies, to The Exchange Bank of Memphis for providing sandwiches, and to J’s Food for providing orange juice to all donors. Also, a very special thanks to all our local volunteers who serve to make this event possible and provide comfort and support to both the Red Cross workers and all who give. God Bless!