Dear Editor,

We just feel that something should be addressed and this is our opinion on the matter. We were not directly involved in putting together the after prom party, but we did donate our time and money to help out. We do not want to discredit those who helped plan, and put in all the hard work to make it happen. But as a parent and step-parent we just felt that something should be said about the way the kids were turned away from the party.

Sometimes as adults we get so caught up in the rules that we forget our purpose. The whole point of the after prom party is to keep our kids safe, not to turn them away just because they did not sign up to attend. As a junior parent I never received any notification of my children needing to sign up. The sign up sheet was not made highly visible and if their friends had not told them about it they would have been in the same situation as other children.

There were multiple children who were not allowed to enter the after prom party and went out and did God knows what. The whole idea behind the after prom party is to make sure that our children are not on the streets following the prom.  We have had other concerned parents call and wonder why this happened.

We can only hope that this letter will open the eyes to the future class parents and that no child is turned away from the festivities due to rules that the children were unaware of. If there are things that parents and students need to be aware of there are many outlets that could have been used. School Reach is always available as well as the paper and radio stations and we won’t even mention how quickly word travels on the social networks.

Once again the after prom party was a good party and we do not want to discredit the hard work by all of the junior parents, but let’s never forget about ALL of the kids in the future. After all the party is supposed to be FOR the kids.


Jason Emel and Robyn Carter