A local program helping in the fight against addiction will be bringing in some reinforcements. The Reckless Saints of Nowhere will be at the Lighthouse of Faith Church in Memphis on Wednesday, May 8th at 6:30 p.m.

The national group will be guests of the Guiding Light R & R program, which has been meeting weekly at Lighthouse of Faith since January.

“We just want to help our small community with the major addiction problems that it has,” said organizer Sarah Parker. “Everyone is welcome to attend meetings.”

She noted that all participants maintain anonymity and that the group sessions are open to family members and loved ones who have questions or need support in dealing with the addiction issues plaguing their relationships.

 “Usually I pick a subject for the group to consider and we have open group discussions.,” said Parker. “I also offer personal time if anyone needs or wants individual counseling.”

The Reckless Saints of Nowhere (RSON) will be at the May 8th meeting to offer additional insight into the fight against addiction.

Jordan Parker founded the group in 2015 along with his wife Vanessa. The Boatman, OK native battled addiction for more than 15 years before finally exiting a long-term treatment facility to find his community entrenched in the same battle he had just fought against opioid addiction.

“So I started giving my phone number to anyone who was suffering,” said Jordan. “A simple gesture. If you or someone you know is lost in addiction, call me. Any time. Day or night. I will do anything I can to help. It blew up. Soon I had so many people wanting me to help them get clean that it didn’t take long to notice the problem – resources. If the addict wished to get help for their addiction, they had to pay outrageous entry fees to be accepted into rehabilitation and treatment programs that didn’t work.”

That was when RSON was founded. Jordan and Vanessa compiled data on the best treatment options and began building relationships with successful programs while also working to secure financial resources to help fund rehabilitation.

“Reckless went all in,” said Jordan. “We paid the first entry fees out of our pocket, and we drove wherever needed, often times across state lines, to pick up an addict and transport them to treatment. When we couldn’t afford the entry fees anymore, we worked out payment plans with Treatment Programs. My wife and I would pay $100-200 a week, and the program would admit the addict immediately. But Reckless only consisted of the two of us back then (newlyweds that both worked 50 hours a week jobs), so our funds quickly ran out. That’s when my mom and dad saw what Reckless was doing and wanted to help. With their donations, we were able to help even more people find recovery. We were passionate and a little crazy but it was working. People were getting help and families had hope again. We helped almost a hundred addicts get into treatment in our first two years.”

Eventually RSON established not-for-profit status and began an apparel line, with all proceeds used for rehabilitation work. Those revenues along with additional donations have helped the group grow.

“Our sole mission here at Reckless is to ensure that no addict who wants help for their addiction is ever turned away merely because they can’t pay for treatment,” said Jordan. “All of you that have purchased one of our shirts have aided tremendously in the effort to save lives. We have come a long way, but our work is not done. We are still in the middle of an epidemic.”

For more information on the Guiding Light R & R program contact Sarah Parker at 660.341.6611 or Pastor Curtis Ebeling at 660.216.4040.