Faculty, friends and family joined together on May 8th in the Scotland County R-I High School gym to honor and recognized academic achievements of SCR-I students in the 2017-18 school year.

Faculty sponsors Jenna Ward and Terri Slaughter recognized the members of the SCR-I Student Council: President – Stephen Terrill; Sr. Reps- Ashleigh Creek, Cheyenne Frederick; Vice Pres. – Adam Slayton; Jr. Rep.- Mason Kliethermes; Secretary – Slade McAfee; Soph. Rep.- Avery Shultz; Treasurer – Connor Harrison; Fresh Reps. – Bobbi Darcy and Brooke Smith; and members Kyle Aldridge, Jacob Kapfer, Gabby Zahn, Ethan Durflinger, and Andrew Ebeling.

The Business department awards were presented by Mrs. Jenna Ward.

Business Completer Award went to Zack Tinkle, Patrick Durham, Ty Mohr, Alyssa Clair and Ashleigh Creek.  FBLA Award winners were Madie Bondurant, Julie Long, Andrew Ebeling and Reilly Shoemaker.

Mrs. Jenna Ketchum presented FACS Completers awards to Breauna Altobelli, Kyle Aldridge, and Kendra Middleton.

In the Foreign Language Department, Andrew Ebeling received the top honor.

Ms. Terri Slaughter presented the Biology & Physical Science award to Morgan Blessing. Mason Kliethermes, Patrick Shannan, Slade McAfee, and Katelyn Talbert were honored in Zoology/Botony while the Anatomy & Physiology awards went to Megan Holt, Kaitlynn McMinn, and Gabby Zahn. Top students in Chemistry I were Parker Triplett, Katie Campbell, Patrick Durham, Kaitlyn McMinn, Katie Feeney, and Jaden  McAfee. Honors in AP Chemistry went to Kaylyn Anders, Abby Blessing, Nova Cline, Ashleigh Creek, Will Fromm, Khloe Hamlin, Jacob Kapfer, Mason Kliethermes, Slade McAfee, and Luke Triplett.

In the Math Department, the “Mathelete of the year” presented by Mr. Rod Sears went to Morgan Blessing. In Concepts of Geometry, Jake Briggs was top dog. Geometry awards went to Julie Long, Parker Triplett, and Jaden McAfee while College Algebra/ Trigonometry award winners included Mason Kliethermes, Slade McAfee, Khloe Hamlin, and Patrick Durham. In AP Calculus the award winners were Lydia Hunt and Ashleigh Creek while top honors in AP Statistics went to Gabby Zahn and Jared Dunn.

Social Studies honors were presented for a number of categories.

U.S. History awards went to Nate Sevier, Morgan Blessing, Anna Triplett, Kade Richmond, Brady Curry, and Kylee Stott. The Government class recognized Micah Cooley, Parker Triplett, Jaden McAfee, Katie Feeney, Kaitlyn McMinn, and Brock Aylward. Lane Parsons was honored in World Geography. The Civil War award went to Alyssa Clair while World History awards went to Will Fromm and Kaylyn Anders.

In the Physical Education department students who score in the Healthy Fitness Zone (HFZ) in at least five test categories of the FITNESSGRAM assessment are eligible to receive the Presidential Youth Fitness Award. Those awards went to Brady Curry, James Arnold, Maycee Ferrel, Lathe Bair and Kalissa Thomas.

The English Department presented a series of awards and honors. In English I & II the “Lasting Leadership” awards went to Brady Curry, Morgan Blessing, Parker Triplett, Kalissa Thomas, Shaylee Davis, and Katie Feeney. “Killin’ it with Kindness” honors went to Kyra Justice, Zoe Tinkle, Katie Campbell, Tala Saulmon, Nate Sevier, and Avery Shultz. “Astounding Attitude” awards went to Orianna Bishop, Kade Richmond, Micah Cooley, Abigail Salmons, Carson Harrison, and Kamryn Mast.

In English III the “I see Great Potential in You” awards went to Patrick Durham and Breauna Altobelli. In English IV the “I see Great Potential in You” awards went to Stephen Terrill and Heather Cunningham.

The Publications class award for “Leadership – Responsibility -Organization” went to Kaylyn Anders and Stephen Terrill.

A number of special awards and honors were also presented throughout the evening.

The Freshman Citizenship awards went to Morgan Blessing and Kade Richmond.

Missouri State Senate Junior Justice Awards, recognizing a male and female junior who best exemplifies the quote on the wall of the MO Senate Chamber: “Nothing is politically right which is morally wrong.” These students embody civic competence and government awareness and show qualities of strong leaders” went to Adam Slayton and Madie Bondurant.

The Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award went to Slade McAfee.

George Eastman Young Leaders Award was presented to Gabby Zahn.

Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award, honoring students who have demonstrated commitment to understand and addressing difficult social issues, leadership and dedication to the community, and strong grades and rigorous courses, went to Kendra Middleton.

A Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology was presented to Jacob Kapfer.

Nova Cline and Kendra Middleton were recognized as Missouri Girl’s State attendees. The NEMR Youth Tour representative, Luke Triplett, was also recognized.

Perfect Attendance Awards went to Caleb Girardin, Patrick Shannan, and Shalinda Shannan while 97% Attendance Rate (missed 4 of fewer days of school) honors went to Kamryn Mast, Kaden Anders, Kaylyn Anders, Abby Blessing, Morgan Blessing, Madie Bondurant, Katie Campbell, Heather Cunnningham, Sylvia Darland, Gage Dodge, Patrick Durham, Will Fromm, Caleb Girardin, Conner Harrison, Corbin Howe, Jacob Kapfer, Haley Kraus, Julie Long, Grant McRobert, Jada Miller, Jace Morrow, Lane Parsons, Eli Preece, Tala Saulmon, Patrick Shannan, Shalinda Shannan, Gabe Shultz, Afton Spray, Katelyn Talbert, Stephen Terrill, Luke Triplett, Parker Triplett, Kameron Wood,  and Gabby Zahn.

The D.A.R. Citizenship Award was presented to Kyle Aldridge.

George Washington Carver Awards (Top 10% GPA Of Senior Class) were presented to Lydia Hunt, Stephen Terrill, and Jessica Huff.

The Senior Citizenship awards went to Brett Monroe and Meghan McKee while Senior Leadership honors went to Stephen Terrill and Alyssa Clair and Senior Activities awards went to Kyle Aldridge and Ashleigh Creek.

A 2018 Missouri Scholars 100 “Honorable Mention” (awarded to 100 of Missouri’s top academic students in the Class of 2018) was won by Stephen Terrill.

The Academic Honor Roll members were recognized.



Megan Arnold, Alyssa Clair, Ashleigh Creek, Heather Cunningham, Gage Dodge, Andrew Ebeling, Cheyenne Frederick, Megan Holt, Jessica Huff, Lydia Hunt, Annie Hyde, Shannan Niffen, Lane Pence, Stephen Terrill


Kyle Aldridge, Tanner Alexander, MaCayla Dale, Shaye Eggleston, Dylan Karsch, Brady Kice, Tristen Kice, Meghan McKee, Cody Miller, Brett Monroe, Connor Payne, Harley Saulmon, Stevi See, Diane Siver, Zack Tinkle



Kaylyn Anders, Abby Blessing, Madie Bondurant, Nova Cline, Haley Darcy, Jared Dunn, Patrick Durham, Will Fromm, Caleb Girardin, Khloe Hamlin, Conner Harrison, Jacob Kapfer, Mason Kliethermes, Julie Long, Slade McAfee, Jacob McDaniel, Kendra Middleton, Ty Mohr, Patrick Shannan, Shalinda Shannan, Gabe Shultz, Adam Slayton, Katelyn Talbert, Luke Triplett, Conner Wiggins, Gabby Zahn


Breauna Altobelli, Jaycen Bair, Kyle Childress, Kyle Davis, Brock Durflinger, Hunter Frederick, Sophronia Hager, Rebekah Lourcey, Jace Morrow, Kenny Niffen, Kaleb Parkins, Eli Preece, Hannah Richardson, Afton Spray, Anthony Whitaker, Matthew Woods.



Brock Aylward, Katie Campbell, Micah Cooley, Katie Feeney, Eric Green, Allison Herring, Claire Hite, Jadan McAfee, Kaitlyn McMinn, Abigail Salmons, Tala Saulmon, Reilly Shoemaker, Avery Shultz, Kalissa Thomas, Parker Triplett, Erica Yarbrough


James Briggs, Jacob Buford, Maycee Ferrell, Breann Goldenstein, Logan Homer, Spencer Kerkmann, Kamryn Mast, Jada Miller, Lane Parsons, Lukas Shaffer, Christian Siver, Shelby Troutman, Eric Yarbrough