I’ve watched life flow by in stream fashion. Whether ups or downs, gains or losses, there exists the strangest constant. Life is consistently always changing.

My concern for the young is that it takes one awhile (like in years) to realize what’s going on.  It is God’s lively nature to shake things up in beautiful displays; sunshine/rain, daylight/dark. While these elements can happen in a brief amount of time, the child/adult shift… well you get the picture.

But oddly, here’s something that doesn’t seem to change… aging generations try to solidify and permanent-ize their preferences of their earlier years. Churches breathe this killer air.

My warning to the young is to please guard against the pattern of aging in a once established/now preserved rut. You will likely notice a slow transition within your thinking. You will be enthused for “what church could be” with a gradual increasing yearn to “keep church from going too far off the rails”.

Now, no one wants a church off the rails. Our biggest problem, however, is that each generation tends to believe that they laid the tracks… the true tracks of course.

A warning to the young; use your nimble creativity to honestly search for God’s will in your life…and be patient and be intentional to guard that young blessing. Such is the trait of all Spirit-empowered generations; the ability to see God, His plan, His call… new every morning.

A warning to the young: if your beef is the old folks habits instead of the new Spirit style, you have already fallen into the trap of Satan.