Kiley Bradley- Robinson, Shelby Troutman, Eli Kigar, Magnum Talbert, Luke Triplett, and Caleb Parkins all participated in the Memphis FFA trap team tryouts last week at Lake Show-Me.

The Scotland County FFA Trap Team had tryouts this past week at the Lake Show-Me shooting range. A total of 24 FFA students tried out for 18 positions.

“This year we are stacked with well-seasoned shooters,” said senior team co-captain, Gabe Shultz. “We have 15 returning members, of which six are seniors. New to our team this year is a senior and two freshmen.  All members shot extremely well during try-outs.  Along with A and B boys teams, we have a girls team that is well respected at the area, and state, levels.  All six girls shot last season together and had great scores coming into try-outs this year.”

Co-captain Jared Dunn is very excited about the three teams this year and is looking forward to a very successful season.

“Based on the scores during try-outs, our potential to have a great season is there,” he said. “With many returning teammates and some very competitive new members, this year proves to be possibly our best year since I’ve been on the team.  Memphis FFA Trap Teams have had a reputation for several years of being a team to watch out for.  I believe we will continue on with that tradition this year.”

Coach, Dave Koch said after the team was picked, “this year was the most competitive scores I’ve seen and quite possibly the best scores since I’ve been coaching.”

Waltedda Blessing was very excited about the team and asked for the community to come out and support us at our Alumni Shoot on Sunday, September 9th at noon at Lake Show Me Shooting Range.

One tradition that the team always does is to “shoot a hat” of the member that shoots a perfect 25/25.  This year after tryouts, the team had six members’ “hats to shoot”.  Luke Triplett was able to have members shoot his hat for a perfect 100/100 score.

Luke Triplett wearing his “holey” hat after having it shot by all the FFA trap shoot team members following Triplett’s perfect round of 100/100 at the 2018/19 team tryouts.