The 2015 Kutzner reunion was held September 20th at the HUD Community Room.  A lot of visiting and looking at pictures was done.

Those attending were Lynn Minor, Verlee Dauma, Virgina Egbert, Barbara and Larry Pender, Betty Lodewegen,, Jon Dauma, Mary Kaye Miles, Joel Kugler, Vikkie Waller, Karmyn Zahrinyer and children, Kennth, Jacob and Lake, Mahlon Kugler and children Jayden, Delaney and Madison Tarlow, Ivan and Virginia Woods, Balard and Debby Eldridge and Rick and Teresa Fischer.

Door prizes were won by Barbara Pender (Nagle Trivia), Lynn Minor (Nagle Trivia), Joel Kugler (Nagle Trivia), Debby Eldridge (Homemade Apple Butter), Verlee Dauma (Flag) and Mahlon Kugler (Flag).

Food was furnished by Gary See, Verlee Dauma, Vikie Waller, Larry Howe, Mary Kaye Miles, Debby Eldridge and Teresa Fischer.