August 16, 2012

Swimmers Cross River to Do Battle in Quincy

A total of 47 members of the Memphis division of the Can-Oka Swim Team (Canton/Kahoka/Memphis) met to compete against the Sheridan Swim Club in Quincy on August 1, 2012. Memphis swimmers who placed in the top 10 in their events are listed below:

Girls 6 & under Freestyle relay, 1st--Carlee Smith

Mixed 8 & under Freestyle relay, 1st--Hannah Feeney; 2nd--Aiden Frederick, Hannah Snodgrass

Girls 9-10 Freestyle relay, 1st--Claire Hite, Jena Frederick; 2nd--Briana VanDeVeire, Clara Davis, Jansen Alexander, Bethany Barrett

Mixed 9-10 Freestyle relay, 2nd--Katie Feeney, Eric Yarbrough; 3rd--Hanah Johnson; 4th--Gable Jarvis, Shelby Troutman, Brady Curry

Girls 11-12 Freestyle relay, 1st--Calista Ortiz

Mixed 11-12 Freestyle relay, 1st--Alyssa Clair

Girls 13-14 Freestyle relay, 1st--Chelsie Ortiz, Ariel Quenneville, Avery Whitaker

Mixed 13-14 Freestyle relay, 1st--Ian See

Mixed 15-18 Freestyle relay, 1st--Leah Terrill, Courtney Brown

Girls 6 & under Backstroke--Carlee Smith, 1st

Girls 7-8 Backstroke--Hannah Feeney, 2nd; Alaynna Whitaker, 3rd; Haylee McMinn, 6th; Hannah Snodgrass, 10th

Boys 7-8 Backstroke--Zane See, 4th; Aiden Frederick, 8th

Girls 9-10 Backstroke--Rachel Barrett, 2nd; Breauna Altobelli, 3rd; Katie Feeney, 5th; Kaitlyn McMinn, 7th; Claire Hite, 8th; Clara Davis, 9th; Jena Frederick, 10th

Boys 9-10 Backstroke--Branton Burrus, 3rd; Gable Jarvis, 5th; Eric Yarbrough, 9th; Brady Curry, 10th

Girls 11-12 Backstroke--Sadie Davis, 2nd; Abi Feeney, 3rd; Stevi See, 5th

Boys 11-12 Backstroke--Anthony Whitaker, 1st

Girls 13-14 Backstroke--Maddie Brassfield, 5th; Avery Whitaker, 7th; Cassandra VanDeVeire, 8th

Boys 13-14 Backstroke--Mark Barrett, 4th; Ian See, 5th; Evan Hite, 6th

Girls 15-18 Backstroke--Courtney Brown, 1st; Leah Terrill, 4th

Boys 15-18 Backstroke--Joseph Hite, 1st

Girls 8 & under 50 Free--Hannah Feeney, 4th; Haylee McMinn, 5th; Alaynna Whitaker, 6th

Boys 8 & under 50 Free--Zane See, 6th; Aiden Frederick, 9th

Girls 9-10 50 Free--Claire Hite, 6th; Jena Frederick, 9th

Boys 9-10 50 Free--Branton Burrus, 2nd; Eric Yarbrough, 8th

Girls 11-12 100 Free--Lydia Hunt, 3rd; Sadie Davis, 4th; Alyssa Clair, 8th

Girls 13-14 100 Free--Maddie Brassfield, 5th; Chelsie Ortiz, 10th

Boys 13-14 100 Free--Mark Barrett, 3rd; Ian See, 4th; Evan Hite, 5th

Girls 15-18 100 Free--Renay Friendshuh, 2nd; Courtney Brown, 3rd; Leah Terrill, 4th

Boys 15-18 100 Free--Joseph Hite, 1st

Girls 7-8 Breaststroke--Hannah Feeney, 5th; Haylee McMinn, 6th; Hannah Snodgrass, 10th

Boys 7-8 Breaststroke--Zane See, 3rd

Girls 9-10 Breaststroke--Rachel Barrett, 2nd; Breauna Altobelli, 3rd; Katie Feeney, 7th

Boys 9-10 Breaststroke--Brady Curry, 5th; Gable Jarvis, 7th

Girls 11-12 Breaststroke--Lydia Hunt, 1st; Stevi See, 3rd; Abi Feeney, 4th

Boys 11-12 Breaststroke--Anthony Whitaker, 3rd

Girls 13-14 Breaststroke--Maddie Brassfield, 4th; Avery Whitaker, 6th

Boys 13-14 Breaststroke--Mark Barrett, 2nd; Ian See, 5th; Evan Hite, 6th

Girls 15-18 Breaststroke--Renay Friendshuh, 2nd; Courtney Brown, 3rd; Leah Terrill, 6th

Girls 6 & Under Butterfly--Carlee Smith, 2nd

Girls 7-8 Butterfly--Alaynna Whitaker, 5th

Girls 9-10 Butterfly--Kaitlyn McMinn, 2nd; Briana VanDeVeire, 8th; Jena Frederick, 9th

Boys 9-10 Butterfly-- Eric Yarbrough, 7th

Girls 11-12 Butterfly--Calista Ortiz, 9th

Girls 13-14 Butterfly--Genny Quenneville, 4th

Girls 6 & under 25 Free--Carlee Smith, 2nd

Girls 7-8 25 Free--Haylee McMinn, 9th; Hannah Feeney, 10th

Boys 7-8 25 Free--Zane See, 4th; Aiden Frederick, 8th

Girls 9-10 25 Free--Breauna Altobelli, 5th; Rachel Barrett, 6th; Jena Frederick, 10th

Boys 9-10 25 Free--Branton Burrus, 1st; Eric Yarbrough, 7th; Gable Jarvis, 10th

Girls 11-12 50 Free--Sadie Davis, 2nd; Stevi See, 3rd; Lydia Hunt, 4th; Abi Feeney, 5th; Calista Ortiz, 10th

Boys 11-12 50 Free--Anthony Whitaker, 1st

Girls 13-14 50 Free--Avery Whitaker, 9th

Boys 13-14 50 Free--Evan Hite, 4th

Girls 15-18 50 Free--Renay Friendshuh, 4th; Courtney Brown, 5th; Leah Terrill, 6th

Boys 15-18 50 Free--Joseph Hite, 2nd

Girls 10 & under 100 Individual Medley (IM)--Rachel Barrett, 3rd; Kaitlyn McMinn, 4th; Claire Hite, 5th; Katie Feeney, 6th

Boys 10 & under 100 IM--Branton Burrus, 1st

Girls 11-12 100 IM--Sadie Davis, 1st; Stevi See, 2nd; Lydia Hunt, 3rd; Abi Feeney, 4th

Boys 11-12 100 IM--Anthony Whitaker, 1st

Girls 13-14 100 IM--Maddie Brassfield, 5th; Avery Whitaker, 6th

Boys 13-14 100 IM--Mark Barrett, 2nd; Ian See, 4th

Girls 15-18 100 IM--Renay Friendshuh, 2nd

Boys 15-18 100 IM--Joseph Hite, 2nd

Girls 8 & under Medley relay, 1st--Alaynna Whitaker, Haylee McMinn

Mixed 8 & under Medley relay, 1st--Zane See

Girls 9-10 Medley relay, 1st--Rachel Barrett

Mixed 9-10 Medley relay, 1st--Breauna Altobelli, Kaitlyn McMinn, Branton Burrus; 2nd--Erica Yarbrough

Girls 11-12 Medley relay, 1st--Sadie Davis, Lydia Hunt, Stevi See

Mixed 11-12 Medley relay, 1st--Abi Feeney, Anthony Whitaker

Girls 13-14 Medley relay, 1st--Maddie Brassfield

Mixed 13-14 Medley relay, 2nd--Mark Barrett

Mixed 15-18 medley relay, 1st--Joseph Hite, Renay Friendshuh

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