August 9, 2012

Local Team Members Help Can-Oka Best Pittsfield

The Can-Oka Swim Team (Canton/Kahoka/Memphis) was hosted by the Pittsfield, Illinois Swim Team on July 28. Memphis swimmers who placed in the top 10 in their events are listed below:

Girls 8 & under Freestyle relay, 2nd place--Carlee Smith

Mixed 8 & under Freestyle relay, 3rd--Aiden Frederick, Hannah Snodgrass

Girls 9-10 Freestyle relay, 4th--Ashtyn Simerl, Erica Yarbrough, Clara Davis

Mixed 9-10 Freestyle relay, 1st--Eric Yarbrough

Girls 11-12 Freestyle relay, 1st--Calista Ortiz, Alyssa Clair

Girls 13-14 Freestyle relay, 1st--Jordyn Simerl, Genny Quenneville, Megan Kice, Chelsie Ortiz

Mixed 15-18 Freestyle relay, 3rd--Renay Friendshuh, Courtney Brown, Joseph Hite

Girls 6 & under Backstroke--Carlee Smith, 3rd

Girls 7-8 Backstroke--Haylee McMinn, 5th; Hannah Snodgrass, 8th

Boys 7-8 Backstroke--Aiden Frederick, 3rd

Girls 9-10 Backstroke--Breauna Altobelli, 4th; Jena Frederick, 5th; Kaitlyn McMinn, 6th

Boys 9-10 Backstroke--Eric Yarbrough, 4th

Girls 11-12 Backstroke--Sadie Davis, 1st; Alyssa Clair, 9th; Calista Ortiz, 10th

Girls 13-14 Backstroke--Maddie Brassfield, 3rd; Genny Quenneville, 4th; Ariel Quenneville, 6th; Megan Kice, 8th; Jordyn Simerl, 9th

Boys 13-14 Backstroke--Mark Barrett, 1st

Girls 15-18 Backstroke--Courtney Brown, 4th

Boys 15-18 Backstroke--Joseph Hite, 2nd

Girls 8 & under 50 Free--Haylee McMinn, 7th

Boys 8 & under 50 Free--Aiden Frederick, 7th

Girls 9-10 50 Free--Kaitlyn McMinn, 7th

Boys 9-10 50 Free--Eric Yarbrough, 7th

Girls 11-12 100 Free--Lydia Hunt, 2nd; Sadie Davis, 4th

Girls 13-14 100 Free--Maddie Brassfield, 2nd; Chelsie Ortiz, 6th; Ariel Quenneville, 7th; Megan Kice, 8th; Jordyn Simerl, 9th

Boys 13-14 100 Free--Mark Barrett, 2nd

Girls 15-18 100 Free--Renay Friendshuh, 6th; Courtney Brown, 7th

Boys 15-18 100 Free--Joseph Hite, 3rd

Girls 7-8 Breaststroke--Hannah Snodgrass, 6th

Girls 9-10 Breaststroke--Breauna Altobelli, 3rd

Girls 11-12 Breaststroke--Lydia Hunt, 1st; Sadie Davis, 4th; Alyssa Clair, 8th; Calista Ortiz, 10th

Girls 13-14 Breaststroke--Maddie Brassfield, 2nd; Genny Quenneville, 5th; Ariel Quenneville, 6th; Chelsie Ortiz, 7th; Jordyn Simerl, 8th

Boys 13-14 Breaststroke--Mark Barrett, 1st

Girls 15-18 Breaststroke--Renay Friendshuh, 4th; Courtney Brown, 5th

Girls 9-10 Butterfly--Kaitlyn McMinn, 5th; Breauna Altobelli, 9th; Jena Frederick, 10th

Boys 9-10 Butterfly--Eric Yarbrough, 4th

Girls 6 & under 25 Free--Carlee Smith, 6th

Girls 7-8 25 Free--Haylee McMinn, 6th; Hannah Snodgrass, 10th

Boys 7-8 25 Free--Aiden Frederick, 6th

Girls 9-10 25 Free--Breauna Altobelli, 3rd

Girls 11-12 50 Free--Lydia Hunt, 2nd

Girls 13-14 50 Free--Chelsie Ortiz, 4th; Ariel Quenneville, 5th; Genny Quenneville, 6th; Megan Kice, 7th; Jordyn Simerl, 8th

Girls 15-18 50 Free--Renay Friendshuh, 6th; Courtney Brown, 7th

Boys 15-18 50 Free--Joseph Hite, 2nd

Girls 10 & under 100 Individual Medley (IM)--Kaitlyn McMinn, 4th

Girls 11-12 100 IM--Sadie Davis, 3rd; Lydia Hunt, 4th

Boys 13-14 100 IM--Mark Barrett, 1st

Girls 15-18 100 IM--Renay Friendshuh, 3rd

Boys 15-18 100 IM--Joseph Hite, 2nd

Girls 8 & under Medley relay, 2nd--Haylee McMinn, Hannah Snodgrass

Girls 9-10 Medley relay, 2nd--Breauna Altobelli, Kaitlyn McMinn

Mixed 9-10 Medley relay, 1st--Jena Frederick, Eric Yarbrough

Mixed 11-12 Medley relay, 2nd--Sadie Davis, Lydia Hunt

Girls 13-14 Medley relay, 1st--Chelsie Ortiz, Genny Quenneville, Ariel Quenneville

Mixed 13-14 Medley relay, 1st--Mark Barrett



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