July 26, 2012

Memphis Swimmers Continuing to Make Waves on Regional Circuit

Kaitlin McMinn competes in the backstroke event at a meet earlier this season. The 2012 Memphis swim team season will conclude on August 4th at the league championships.

A total of 41 swimmers from Memphis competed as part of the Can-Oka Swim Team (Canton/Kahoka/Memphis) against Twin Pike Swim Team from Louisiana, Missouri on July 16 at Canton. The Can-Oka team's remaining meets of the season include July 25 at Canton, July 28 at Pittsfield, August 1 at Sheridan (Quincy), and the league championship meet will be held at Sheridan Swim Club on August 4. Swimmers from Memphis who placed in the top 10 in their event at the July 16 meet are listed below:

Girls 6 & under Freestyle relay, 1st place--Carlee Smith

Mixed 8 & under Freestyle relay, 1st--Hannah Feeney; 2nd--Alaynna Whitaker; 4th--Aiden Frederick

Girls 9-10 Freestyle relay, 1st--Breauna Altobelli; 2nd--Jansen Alexander, Clara Davis; 4th--Erica Yarbrough, Shelby Troutman

Mixed 9-10 Freestyle relay, 1st--Eric Yarbrough; 2nd--Bethany Barrett, Jena Frederick; 3rd--Hanah Johnson, Briana VanDeVeire; 4th--Ashtyn Simerl, Brady Curry

Mixed 11-12 Freestyle relay, 1st--Alyssa Clair

Mixed 13-14 Freestyle relay, 1st--Ian See, Mark Barrett, Jordyn Simerl

Mixed 15-18 Freestyle relay, 2nd--Leah Terrill

Girls 6 & under Backstroke--Carlee Smith, 2nd

Girls 7-8 Backstroke--Hannah Feeney, 2nd; Haylee McMinn, 3rd; Alaynna Whitaker, 5th; Hannah Snodgrass, 7th

Boys 7-8 Backstroke--Zane See, 1st; Aiden Frederick, 2nd

Girls 9-10 Backstroke--Katie Feeney, 1st; Rachel Barrett, 3rd; Breauna Altobelli, 5th; Jena Frederick, 7th; Clara Davis, 8th; Claire Hite, 9th

Boys 9-10 Backstroke--Branton Burrus, 2nd; Gable Jarvis, 8th; Brady Curry, 9th; Eric Yarbrough, 10th

Girls 11-12 Backstroke--Sadie Davis, 1st; Alyssa Clair, 5th

Boys 11-12 Backstroke--Anthony Whitaker, 2nd

Girls 13-14 Backstroke--Avery Whitaker, 6th; Cassandra VanDeVeire, 7th; Megan Kice, 9th; Ariel Quenneville, 10th

Boys 13-14 Backstroke--Mark Barrett, 1st; Ian See, 3rd

Girls 15-18 Backstroke--Anna Hirner, 1st; Renay Friendshuh, 3rd; Leah Terrill, 4th

Boys 15-18 Backstroke--Joseph Hite, 1st

Girls 8 & under 50 Free--Haylee McMinn, 3rd; Alaynna Whitaker, 4th

Boys 8 & under 50 Free--Zane See, 2nd; Aiden Frederick, 5th

Girls 9-10 50 Free--Kaitlyn McMinn, 4th; Claire Hite, 9th

Boys 9-10 50 Free--Branton Burrus, 1st; Eric Yarbrough, 5th; Gable Jarvis, 10th

Girls 11-12 100 Free--Sadie Davis, 1st; Lydia Hunt, 2nd; Alyssa Clair, 4th

Girls 13-14 100 Free--Cassandra VanDeVeire, 5th; Ariel Quenneville, 6th; Megan Kice, 7th; Jordyn Simerl, 8th

Boys 13-14 100 Free--Mark Barrett, 2nd; Ian See, 3rd

Girls 15-18 100 Free--Renay Friendshuh, 2nd; Anna Hirner 2nd (tie); Leah Terrill, 4th

Boys 15-18 100 Free--Joseph Hite, 1st

Girls 7-8 Breaststroke--Hannah Feeney, 6th; Haylee McMinn, 7th; Hannah Snodgrass, 9th

Boys 7-8 Breaststroke--Zane See, 2nd

Girls 9-10 Breaststroke--Breauna Altobelli, 1st; Rachel Barrett, 4th; Katie Feeney, 7th; Claire Hite, 9th

Boys 9-10 Breaststroke--Brady Curry, 9th

Girls 11-12 Breaststroke--Lydia Hunt, 1st; Sadie Davis, 2nd

Boys 11-12 Breaststroke--Anthony Whitaker, 3rd

Girls 13-14 Breaststroke--Avery Whitaker, 7th; Genny Quenneville, 9th; Ariel Quenneville, 10th

Boys 13-14 Breaststroke--Mark Barrett, 1st; Ian See, 4th

Girls 15-18 Breaststroke--Renay Friendshuh, 2nd; Leah Terrill, 3rd

Girls 6 & Under Butterfly--Carlee Smith, 2nd

Girls 7-8 Butterfly--Hannah Feeney, 2nd

Girls 9-10 Butterfly--Kaitlyn McMinn, 2nd; Breauna Altobelli, 5th; Katie Feeney, 9th; Briana VanDeVeire, 10th

Boys 9-10 Butterfly--Eric Yarbrough, 3rd

Girls 13-14 Butterfly--Genny Quenneville, 5th

Girls 15-18 Butterfly--Anna Hirner, 1st

Girls 6 & under 25 Free--Carlee Smith, 3rd

Girls 7-8 25 Free--Hannah Feeney, 3rd; Haylee McMinn, 4th; Alaynna Whitaker, 5th; Hannah Snodgrass, 10th

Boys 7-8 25 Free--Zane See, 4th; Aiden Frederick, 10th

Girls 9-10 25 Free--Rachel Barrett, 1st; Breauna Altobelli, 7th

Boys 9-10 25 Free--Branton Burrus, 2nd; Eric Yarbrough, 4th

Girls 11-12 50 Free--Lydia Hunt, 1st; Alyssa Clair, 5th

Girls 13-14 50 Free--Avery Whitaker, 8th; Ariel Quenneville, 10th

Girls 15-18 50 Free--Anna Hirner, 3rd; Leah Terrill, 4th

Boys 15-18 50 Free--Joseph Hite, 2nd

Girls 10 & under 100 Individual Medley (IM)--Rachel Barrett, 2nd; Kaitlyn McMinn, 4th; Claire Hite, 5th; Katie Feeney, 6th

Boys 10 & under 100 IM--Branton Burrus, 1st

Girls 11-12 100 IM--Sadie Davis, 1st; Lydia Hunt, 2nd

Boys 11-12 100 IM--Anthony Whitaker, 1st

Girls 13-14 100 IM--Avery Whitaker, 3rd; Megan Kice, 4th

Boys 13-14 100 IM--Mark Barrett, 2nd; Ian See, 3rd

Girls 15-18 100 IM--Renay Friendshuh, 2nd

Boys 15-18 100 IM--Joseph Hite, 2nd

Girls 8 & Under Medley Relay, 1st--Alaynna Whitaker, Haylee McMinn

Mixed 8 & under Medley relay, 1st--Zane See; 2nd--Aiden Frederick, Hannah Snodgrass

Girls 9-10 medley relay, 1st--Katie Feeney; 2nd--Bethany Barrett, Kaitlyn McMinn, Claire Hite

Mixed 9-10 medley relay, 1st--Rachel Barrett, Branton Burrus

Girls 11-12 Medley relay, 1st--Sadie Davis, Lydia Hunt

Mixed 11-12 Medley relay, 1st--Anthony Whitaker, Alyssa Clair

Girls 13-14 Medley relay, 2nd--Avery Whitaker, Cassandra VanDeVeire

Mixed 15-18 medley relay, 1st--Anna Hirner, Renay Friendshuh, Joseph Hite

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