December 15, 2011

Mrs. Tippett - SCR-I 4th Grade Santa Letters

Mrs. Lindsay Tippett - 4th grade

Dear Santa, How are you? And how is Donner, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Rudolph, Blitzen, Dasher, and Prancer? I'm going to five the reindeer a healthy snack. I'm going to give you cookies and apples. I have been a good girl. I wan a pillow pet, a pony, Xbox 360 Kinect, a phone and Nintendo DS. Your friend, Britney Smith

Dear Santa, How are the polar bears doing up there Santa? I'm doing very fine. Thank you. Are you done wrapping up presents? I'm almost done I think. I want a Nintendo 3DS for Christmas because I have been a very good girl this year, and I really love you very, very, very much. Thank you Santa for all you have done for us and Christmas and we love you. Your friend, Ashtyn Simerl

Dear Santa, Is it cold at the North Pole? Here in Missouri it's freezing. I can barely stand it. I have been very good. What are your reindeer up to? This year I want new boots. I want a new target. I want a new play helicopter. Your friend, Jacob Buford

Dear Santa, I love you so much. I hope your reindeer are doing well. How are you? Don't get sick before Christmas. How's Mrs. Claus? I have been really god this year. When you get to my house there will be a sign with my key to my house. There will be milk and cookies. I hope you will find my house. This year I would like a Wii, coins, and magic powers. Thank you so much Santa Claus. Your friend, Tala Saulmon

Dear Santa, How are you? I am fine. This year you are going to probably need sunglasses. We have put up lights this year. I can't wait for Christmas this year. Santa I need to ask you some questions. Is it true that Donner, Vixen, comet, Cupid, Blitzen, Dasher, and Dancer used to make fun of Rudolph? Did someone ever wake up when you were there? This year I want an aqua pet, a Baby alive, and fur real friend, a polar bear preferably. Thank you Santa, Your friend, Brianna Reed

Dear Santa, How is the weather up there? I am sick because down here it's cold. How are the reindeer? Does Rudolph's nose still light? How is Comet? Has he worked off the candy bars? I've worked hard to be on the nice list. I can't wait to give your reindeer carrots again! I want a spider hex bug, a movie sing along doll, and an Ipod Touch. Your merry friend, Erica Renee Yarbrough

Dear Santa, How is the weather at the North Pole? How are the reindeer? I can't wait until Christmas. I have been very good. I deserve presents. I want a gun, a scope, and an Ipod Tough. It's been hard to be good. Please get me a gun and a scope. I can shoot a deer. Please, please, please get me a gun and a scope. Thank you so much Santa, Your friend, James Arnold

Dear Santa, I wonder what it is like at the North Pole. How many snow storms do you have at the pole every year? I have been good this year. I walked the dog. I fed the dog, rabbit, horses, and the cats every day. I have been doing my chores every time my Mom asks me. Give me what I want! This year I want a High Operated train track set, a drum set, and a binder for school. Your friend, Christian Siver Dear Santa, How are you? Is it cold up there? How are the elves? Are they working hard? I am going to make cookies for you and for the reindeer. The weather has been okay, and a little bit chilly. I have been good all year I think? I've been working hard and trying to get thins done. I want everything on my listÖ All I want for Christmas is an Ipod Touch and a puppy. Thank you Santa, Your friend, Claire Hite

Dear Santa Claus, Hello. My name is Katie. You probably all ready visited me 9 times before. How is the weather up there? It was freezing here in Missouri. I have been good this year, but you wouldn't say I was perfect but still not bad enough to get coal! I wonder what I'll get this year. You know right? All I want are two things. That's not badÖright? I would like a Lava Lamp. I would also like a drum set. Not bad right. Thanks for your time, Your friend, Katie Feeney

Dear Santa, How are the reindeer? Are they preparing for Christmas? I hope you're getting ready. I can't wait till Christmas. I have been very nice. I pick up my toys and my plate. I also feed my cats and water them every day. I also help my mother do the laundry. This year I am asking for a 22. rifle, a case for it, and a Wii game. I can't wait till you come. Your friend, Parker Triplett

Dear Santa, How cold is it in the North Pole? It's getting colder each day her in Missouri. Are the reindeer ready to pull the sleigh on Christmas Eve? I am going to lay out peanut butter cookies. Have I been good this year? I am thankful for whatever I get. I have been mowing and picking up my grandma's grass. I have also been helping my mom and dad. I hope I get everything I want. This year I am asking for an Ipod Touch, Army DS game, Play Station and Xbox Kinect. Thank you so much Santa, Your friend, Brock Aylward

Dear Santa, I hope the reindeer are ready to fly because I got you some warm monster cookies. I hope it doesn't snow so much that Rudolph can't see. I have been so good. I do the chores around the house and make supper. I also have been keeping up on school work too. This year I want the American Girl Doll Karina, a country guitar, Under Armour, and craft sticks and yarn. You're the best! Love, Kalissa Thomas P.S. Good luck Santa!

Dear Santa, How are you? I am fine. How are the reindeer? Are they ready to pull the sleigh? I am going to make you cookies with 5 hour energy in them. I am also going to give the reindeer carrots. They should eat them all up. I have been good this year. I have helped our neighbor this year. I have even helped my friend's mom do some things around their house. I think I deserve some presents this year. This year I am asking for a computer so I can get education. I even want Ipod Touch, cowgirl suit and the Smurf's movie. Thank you so much Santa, Your friend, Jaden McAfee

Dear Santa, How is the North Pole? It is very cold today. I can't wait to make cookies for you Santa Claus. I am going to put a bunch of fiber in your cookies. I have been very good this year. I hope that I will get the Christmas presents I want for Christmas. I have been writing stories for the past 5 months and my hands have blisters on them. This is what I want for Christmas: a DS, Ipod, laptop so I can learn math. I hope Rudolph will be very good. Love, Annalise Miller P.S. I hope I get the presents.

Dear Santa, What do the reindeer want to eat this year? I was thinking like carrots. I have been a wonderful year, but it has been a little chilly this month. I have been really good this year. I want for Christmas are two things. I just hope I'm on the nice list. What I want for Christmas is an Ipod Touch and my 2nd think is Itunes cards. I hope you have a great Christmas this year! Your friend, Kaitlyn McMinn P.S. I like your hat!!

Dear Santa, How are the reindeer? Hope they are not sick. Is there a school down there in the North Pole? How are the elves? Are they in shape and going? Hope they are working hard. I want to have a whole box of coal. I was very bad I broke my mom's lamp. Your friend, Jake Briggs



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