December 15, 2011

Mrs. Shultz 3rd Grade SCR-I - Santa Letters

Dear Santa, I hope your reindeer are doing well and you elves aren't giving up on making toys. Anyways, I want an I-Pod with Angry Birds Seasons, Xbox 360 Kinect and tons of games for it, a Ray Rice Jersey, A Lamborghini door, a remote controlled truck that shoots air soft BBs, and goes threw snow, and a manual Suzuki four-wheeler without a clutch and a Go-Cart. Your friend, Preston Sanchez

Dear Santa, I hope you get the message this is three things I want from you is a nice little sister, and a horse a really really smart one cause I don't want one that can't listen. I also want some toys my mom says "You only need toys." Cause I'm moving and don't have that many toys at my step dad's house and not very many where I used to live. I used to live at my Aunts house, but I'm much happier at my step dad's house. Because being in there house is a lot of chaos because the baby likes to cry and my cousin has a lot of ATITUDE with capital leaders it's so bad. You never want to face her ATITUDE please don't try it anyway. Ya, I want you to fix it. It's up to you to fix it. My sissy is wonderful little girl but grouchy sometimes. People say you are fake but I don't think so. Please write back. Sincerely, Hanah Johnson

Dear Santa, How are you doing? Are you doing fine? That is good. I'm doing fine too. How are your reindeer doing? How are your elves doing? I can't wait until Christmas! Are you ready? I want a toy truck, remote control boat, a bow an arrow, and a fishing pole. Sincerely, Jacob Cochran

Dear Santa and Mrs. Claus, Can I please have a Call of Duty Black Ops for DS, Modern War Fare 3 for PS 2, and Madden 12 for PS 2? I want a toy Lamborghini and a new engine for my go-kart and a fake skeleton with a clown hat. I hope the reindeer are doing good. Also, I want a human size dinosaur and a IJ Moe Jersey from Mizzou. The number one present I want is an I-pod touch. And a remote control car. Sincerely, Carson Harrison

Dear Santa Claus, Hi, are you and Mrs. Claus ready for Christmas? Are your reindeer and elves ready for Christmas? I will leave cookies and a cold glass of milk. This year for Christmas could I please have a trampoline, and the American Girl Doll Kaya? I want Indian clothes and a horse for her. I also want a Nintendo DS, XL333, American Girl Doll clothes and a I-Pod touch, and a touch screen MP3 player. Your friend, Shaylee Davis

Dear Santa Claus, I hope you are not sick this year. How are the reindeer and Mrs. Claus? How is Rudolph doing? Is his nose still red and bright? How are Commit, Cupid, and Dancer doing? What I want for Christmas if I am good. Friends to share with like Aleeshia! Have a great Christmas. Sincerely, Zoe Tinkle

Dear Santa, How is Mrs. Claus? How are you? How are the reindeer? I am amazed how you visit the whole world. I want a cow please. Your friend, Magnum Talbert

Dear Santa, How are you this year? I am hoping you will find our cookies. They will be on the fire place with a good cold fresh glass of milk. I wish I could have a 3D Nintendo DS with a 3D Mario Brother game. I also want an I-Pad this in purple with pink dots, hearts, and stars all over it. I really want a necklace that has two hearts that can come apart and to back together. Sincerely your friend, Kylee Stott

Dear Santa, Hi! How are you? Do you need a new suit? For Christmas, I would like my brother to get some more Anhydrous wagons. As for my parents I think they would appreciate a great year at work. For me just the Big Green Bag from Justice. With love, Anna Triplett

Dear Santa and Mrs. Claus, Please get me more Squinkers and their little bubbles. Oh, and Merry Christmas!! Back to my wish list! Can I also have a MP3 player, charger for my MP3, and teething ring for my little brother? I would also like to have a shape book, and a Barbie for my little sister. Please give me all A's for the rest of my life in school. Oh and how are the reindeer? I hope good!!! Bye!! Sincerely, Hailey Fox

Dear Santa and Mrs. Claus, Merry Christmas! Please get me a notebook with hot pink, purple, and blue polka-dots and peace signs on it. Oh, will you also get my little brother a toy tractor? Hey, Mrs. Claus, does Santa need a bigger suit? How are the reindeer? Will you please give me all A's for the rest of the school year? Thanks! Sincerely, Bobbi Darcy

Dear Santa, How are you? I hope you are doing well. I would like a MP3 player for Christmas. Sincerely, Aleeshia Henn

Dear Santa, How are your reindeer? Do you have presents for every boy and girl? Are you ready for all of the cookies and milk? How is Mrs. Claus? Can I please have a 3D DS and a Mario Brothers Game to go with it? Can I please have a LeBron James Jersey and a card? Can I please have a whole collection of "Diary of Wimpy Kid" books? Can I please have a million dollars? Have a Happy Christmas! Sincerely, Brady Curry

Dear Santa, Please get my brother a black truck. Please get Tanner a red remote control truck. Please get me a big diamond ring for Christmas. How are the reindeer? How are you and Mrs. Claus? How are the elves this year? How is the old elf from the Christmas play last year? How is Rudolph? I wish I could get a picture of the reindeer you and Mrs. Claus. Thank you, Jansen Alexander

Dear Santa, This year for Christmas, I would like only a few things. I would like a Mario DS game, a Taylor Swift CD, a piano, I-Pod touch, American Girl Doll clothes, a bigger room, and the best Christmas ever. So Santa, how have you been? Are your reindeer ready to fly? How about Rudolph? Is his nose ready to guide your sleigh? It sounds fun to be Santa Claus because you get to go from house to house. How is Mrs. Claus? I hope you can come to our Christmas party this year. Our Santa Claus is Kaden Anders, at the rehearsals, he has done a very good job! Your friend, Laney Campbell

Dear Santa Claus, How are you doing? Are you ready for Christmas? I'm so exited I can hardly wait! This year for Christmas could you please get me a Smurfs DS game, an American Girl Doll horse sled, and an American Girl Doll dress. Thank you, Morgan Blessing

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