February 18, 2010

What if?

by Chris Feeney

What if there were hypocrites in Washington D.C.? I know it might come as a shock to many of us, or maybe not…

Personally I’m glad I have a hypocrite representing me.

I’m not sure I would call him such a name, but since a high ranking Democratic National Committee spokesperson has labeled Kit Bond as such, I guess it must be true.

DNC Spokesman Derrick Plummer issued a press release entitled “Bond a Hypocrite: Opposes Stimulus Then Requests Money From It”. The release was made in reaction to a recent article published in the Washington Times that “revealed” that Bond and several other Republicans who had opposed the stimulus spending in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act are now seeking to spend some of those funds back home.

“Not to put too fine a point on it - but Senator Bond is a hypocrite who has played politics with this issue from the very beginning,” said Plummer. “He and every Republican who voted against the stimulus, bemoaned it as wasteful spending and then requested funds from it should be awarded a prize for “Hypocrite of the Year.” This is just more evidence that Republicans were wrong for opposing the Recovery Act and by pursuing funds from a bill they opposed they are admitting they were wrong. The Recovery Act saved an economy that was on the brink of depression and has begun to turn things around with two consecutive quarters of growth - no thanks to Senator Bond. If Senator Bond wants to request money from a bill he opposed and railed against - the least he could do is admit that he was wrong - but since this is all about playing politics - we won’t hold our breath.”

We wouldn’t want Mr. Plummer to hold his breath since we are all looking for a warming trend that bunch of hot air might generate.

I appreciate the efforts of Senator Bond and everyone else who opposed the stimulus spending. But, what kind of representative would they be, if they sat by and watched billions and billions of dollars be doled out to states whose representatives voted for the mistake? Wouldn’t that just be compounding the problem? I voted no on you spending my tax money foolishly, so now I will turn the other way and let you foolishly spend my state’s fair share of the stimulus money? Of course Plummer wants to label Bond and others a hypocrite. Wouldn’t the politicians of his party that sold us taxpayers into indentured servitude of the federal government be tickled pink if they got all of the proceeds of that sale.

Look folks, we are ALL going to be paying for this decision for years, decades or centuries. What sense does it make to say that, hey you guys voted against it so you can’t come to the party? What Mr. Plummer is saying is - your constituents, who will have to help repay all of this crazy federal spending, have no right to receive any of it because you had the audacity to speak up when we were force-fed the majority party’s plan to ride to our rescue.

Can Mr. Plummer not look in the mirror and see how his own words ring hypocritical here? If this stimulus plan is such a savior for our nation, and that is his sole goal in labeling Senator Bond so harshly, shouldn’t he only be interested in making sure we the people of Missouri are saved? He says the Recovery Act saved us from another great depression… but if you follow his logic, Missouri should have been forced to suffer through such financial woes because we were dumb enough to elect a Republican who opposed nearly doubling our national debt in one year.

Well Mr. Bond, I say thank you for being a hypocrite. Thank you for opposing shackling my children’s grandchildren with unprecedented national debt. And thank you for making an effort to at least bring some of our tax dollars back to our own state. If you were not seeking to get some of the stimulus money spent in the Show-Me State, I think a lot more important people than Mr. Plummer, basically the constituents who elected you, would be screaming far harsher names in your direction at the top of their lungs.

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