May 21, 2009

Student Performance Recognized at SCR-I Academic Awards Night

Scotland County R-I High School held their academic awards night on Monday, May 11th in the high school gymnasium. The following is a list of the departmental awards along with special recognition awards and scholarships. Over $20,000 were awarded to graduating seniors by local scholarship contributors, and nearly $70,000 were awarded by college and universities to various students who will be attending their institution.

Dustin Harper presented awards in fine arts to Kylee Sears, Tyler Troutman, and Jacob Howard.

Music awards were presented by Jamie Hicks. Vocal and Instrumental Music awards went to seniors: Melissa Cotton, Yvette Miller, Clara Nettlebladt, Austin Garrett, Billy Bergher, Allie Phillips, Chad Consbrock, Scott Johnson, and Kylee Sears; juniors: Brittany Youmans, Shelby Jarman, Michael Garrett, Hazel Owings, and Jordan Fulk; sophomores: Beth Dalton, Alex Renick, Brittney Spurlock, Shelby Westhoff, Augusta Purvis, and Stephanie Yarbrough; freshmen: Brittany Cochran, Lisa Dalton, and Drew Miller; and eighth graders: Delaney Gundy, Hailie Stone, Paige McClamrock, Anna Hirner, and Emily Ebling

Carol McCabe presented awards in business to Kelsey Frazier- Marketing; Brandon Garnett- Sports Management; Courtney Jackson- Introduction To Business; and Cali Holt - Introduction To Business.

Spanish awards were presented by Ivonne Wiegand. The Spanish I awards were won by Kristine Reckenberg, Brock Bondurant, and Elizabeth Duzan. Kylee Sears and Kasey Dial were honored in Spanish II while Spanish III awards went to Kaitlin Caldwell, Deidra Dochterman, and Kelsey Frazier.

Terry Bulen and Matt Reel distributed the math awards. Those honors included: Algebra I- Kristine Reckenberg; Algebra II- Elizabeth Duzan, Skyler Alderton, Sabe Sears; Problems and Statistics/Trig. McKinsay Cooley and Kelly Lister; and Math Analysis- Kelsey Frazier.

The science awards were presented by Sharon Veatch. The following students have maintained an A grade all year long: Chemistry I- McKinsay Cooley and Kelly Lister; Chemistry II- Cheyenne Ward and Christina Duzan; Foorensics- Shannon Tobler.

Gary Hunziker and Marc Colvin handled social science awards. They went to Elizabeth Duzan, Courtney Jackson, Kristina Reckenberg, Brock Bondurant, Bryan Lewis, Kelsey Enlow and Logan Payne in American History. Government awards went to Kristie Parrish and Rod Sears, while Andrew Humes and Jamie Shaw were honored in Geography. World History awards were presented to Ashley Westhoff and Kelly Lister.

The language arts department awards were given out by Jennifer Cerbin. She presented Yearbook Awards to Michael Moore, Kristan Kaldenberg, Kelsey Frazier and Christian Duzan. College English awards went to Kelsey Frazier and Kylee Sears. Top honors in English IV went to Shyanne Barton and Ryan Auld while English I class honored Brock Ebert, Kiley Frazier, Elizabeth Duzan, Kristine Reckenberg, Kelsey Enlow.

A number of special honors were presented by community organizations.

The list of recipeints included:

D.A.R. Award- Melissa Cotton.

Northeast Missouri Rural Telephone- Washington, D.C. Trip - Ashley Westhoff.

Missouri Scholars Academy nominee, Augusta Purvis.

Danforth I Dare You Award- Sabe Sears and Jamie Shaw.

MSHSAA Award Of Excellence- Bradley Hamner and Deidra Dochterman

Freshman Citizenship- Brock Bondurant and Courtney Jackson

Scotland County R-I Student Council President- McKinsay Cooley, Vice Pres- Caleb Kittle, Sec/Tres- Cheyenne Ward, Senior Reps- Christina Duzan / Michael Moore; Junior Reps- Brooklynne Simpson/Trever Harris; Sophomore Reps- Katie Miller/Andrew Humes; Freshmen Reps - Loren Smith/Derrick Muntz.

Campus Bowl awards, Seniors- Christina Duzan and Tyler Troutman; Sophomores- Augusta Purvis; Freshman- Brock Bondurant, Logan Payne, Elizabeth Duzan, and Brock Ebert; 8th Grade- Tyler Small, Losh Keller, Sammi Tobler, Jennifer Miller, Brandon Monroe, Zach Miller, Thomas Shannan, and Morgan Carlton; 7th Grade- Emily Ebling, Jordyn Doubet, Chris Smeltser, Hailey Dial, and Shaye Wright.

Perfect attendance awards went to Skyler Alderton, Dylan Arnold, Hailey Dial, Hazel Owings, Thomas Shannan, and Bradley Wood.

A+ Certificates - Kaitlin Caldwell, Zach Kapfer, Kelsey Frazier, Megan Newcomer, Katie Parrish, Melissa Cotton, Deidra Dochterman, Calla Davis, Kristan Kaldenberg, Betsey Kittle, Shannon Tobler, Michael Moore, Caleb Kittle, Kayli Johnson, Andrew Duley, Allie Phillips, Caleb Wiggins, Valerie Oldham, Derek Weider, Jacob Justice, Kaylan Winn, Cara Trueblood, Taylor Seppelt, Kylee Sears, Yvette Miller, Tabitha Bair, Jerad Fuller, and Cheyenne Ward.

Upward Bound Awards- Kylee Sears and Yvette Miller.

Tri-Rivers Conference Academic Awards - Christina Duzan, Melissa Cotton, and Kelsey Frazier.

Presidents Education Awards- Gold Award Winners (80th percentile ACT score + 3.5 GPA) Christina Duzan, Kelsey Frazier, Melissa Cotton, and Kylee Sears; Silver Award Winners (3.5 GPA) Deidra Dochterman, Kaitlin Caldwell, Cheyenne Ward, Tanya Sayre, Cara Trueblood, Kayli Johnson, Andrew Duley, and Zach Kapfer.

College preparatory certificates - Kelsey Frazier, Christina Duzan, Kaitlin Caldwell, Cheyenne Ward, Melissa Cotton, Kylee Sears, Shannon Tobler, and Courtney Small.

George Washington Carver Awards (Top 10% GPA of Senior Class) Christina Duzan, Kelsey Frazier, Melissa Cotton, Deidra Dochterman, Kaitlin Caldwell, and Cheyenne Ward.

Scotland County Fire Department Citizenship Awards - Melissa Cotton and Michael Moore.

Senior Citizenship - Caleb Kittle and Melissa Cotton.

Senior activities - Bradley Hamner and Melissa Cotton.

Senior Leadership - Michael Moore and Melissa Cotton.

Local Scholarship Awards

Betty Jo Shibley-Banister Memorial Scholarship-$470 -Kayli Johnson.

Community Bank Of Memphis Scholarship $250 - Kayli Johnson and Kaylan Winn.

Duane Courtright Memorial Scholarship $150 - Kaylan Winn.

Epsilon Iota of Beta Sigma Phi $300 - Christina Duzan, Betsy Kittle, Caleb Kittle, Kaitlin Caldwell

Jason Rockhold Memorial Scholarship - Melissa Cotton

J.P. and Mary Childers Environmental Scholarship- $950 - Kaylin Winn.

Ken Cross Memorial Scholarship $1,000 - Michael Moore

Leo and Arlean Paul Memorial Scholarship-$190 - Deidra Dochterman

MFA Foundation Scholarship - Michael Moore

Memphis Funeral Home Scholarship $300 - Michael Moore.

Michael Wagner Memorial Scholarship $750 Kelsey Frazier.

Patricia Hudnall Memorial Scholarship $1,650 - Melissa Cotton.

P.E.O. Scholarship $300 - Melissa Cotton, Shannon Tobler and Kayli Johnson $100 Book Scholarships to Deidra Dochterman, Kylee Sears and Kelsey Frazier.

Pepsi-Cola Memphis Bottling Co. Scholarships-$250 - Cara Trueblood and Tanya Sayre.

Pheasants Forever Scholarship $250 - Michael Moore .

Ruth and Jesse Slavin Memorial Scholarship $775 -Christina Duzan.

Scotland County High School Faculty and Staff Scholarship $400 - Shannon Tobler.

Scotland County Memorial Hospital Scholarship $500 -Melissa Cotton.

Scotland County Rotary Scholarships $500 - Cheyenne Ward, Michael Moore, Kelsey Frazier, Zach Kapfer.

Scotland County Soil and Water Scholarships $500 - Betsey Kittle, $300 Kylee Sears, $200 Melissa Cotton.

Ted Riney Memorial Golf Scholarship $200 Michael Moore.

Tom Coffrin Memorial Scholarship - Kaylan Winn and Zach Mallett.

Tucker-Bourn Memorial Scholarship $375 - Andrew Duley.

US BANK Scholarship $250 Betsey Kittle and Zach Kapfer

VFW Womens Auxilary-$250 Kayli Johnson and Kelsey Frazier

Wymon Lemmon Memorial Scholarship- Books, Supplies, Lab fees - Michael Moore

Xi Theta Tau of Beta Sigma Phi $300 - Kelsey Frazier, Melissa Cotton, Kylee Sears, and Cheyenne Ward.

College and University Scholarships

TRUMAN STATE UNIVERSITY - Kelsey Frazier- A+ Scholarship $1,500/ Pres. Combined Ability Scholarship $3,000

Kylee Sears- A+ Scholarship $1,500/ Bulldog Legacy Scholarship $1,000, Pres. Combined Ability Scholarship $2,000


Melissa Cotton- Red and Black Scholarship $4,000;

Kylee Sears- Red and Black Scholarship $4,000.


Kelsey Frazier- Salutatorian Scholarship (Tuition and Fees Up to $11,000);

Kayli Johnson- IHCC General Fund Scholarship $450;

Zachary Kapfer- IHCC John M. Hannah L. Roland Scholarship $1,000.


Cheyenne Ward- Superintendents Scholarship $300/ Educational Recognition Scholarship $400;

Deidra Dochterman- Superintendents Scholarship $300/ Board Of Trustees Scholarship $600


Kaitlin Caldwell- 4 Year Athletic Scholarship.


Cara Trueblood- Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship- $2,000.


Kylee Sears- Presidents Academic scholarship $4,000.


Kelsey Frazier- Academic Scholarship.


Melissa Cotton- Academic Excellence Scholarship $2,000/Missouri Achievement Scholarship $500;

Zachary Mallett- Tower Scholarship $1,500/Missouri Achievement Scholarship $500;

Michael Moore- Freshman Merit Scholarship $500;

Kylee Sears- Tower Scholarship $1,500/Missouri Achievement Scholarship $500;

Tyler Troutman- Tower Scholarship $1,500/Missouri Achievement Scholarship $500.

Marceline Rallies to Beat SCR-I In Tourney Opener

Kaylyn Anders busts out of the batter’s box to try to beat out a check-swing roller in front of home plate.

An early lead, and a shot to avenge a key conference loss in the process slipped away from Scotland County on Saturday morning as Marceline rallied from a 2-1 deficit to score seven runs in the final three innings to defeat the Lady Tigers 8-2 in the opening round of the Schuyler County Tournament.

After Marceline took a 1-0 lead in the top of the first off starter Kaitlyn McMinn, SCR-I pulled ahead with two runs in the fourth. Ashleigh Creek started the rally with a base hit. She scored on a perfect squeeze bunt by Khloe Hamlin. After a base hit by Kylee Stott, McMinn put down a sacrifice bunt and Hamlin scored from second base.

But Marceline finally broke through in the fifth inning with four base hits. Stott ended the rally with a double play, making a running catch in right field before doubling off the runner at first base.

Marceline tacked on four more tallies in the sixth, taking advantage of a leadoff walk and a pair of SCR-I throwing errors to pen the door for the big inning.

McMinn took the loss, allowing eight runs, four earned on eight hits and a walk while striking out one.

Creek went 2-3 at the plate as SCR-I was held to just four hits on the day.

Lady Tigers Top Schuyler County 6-2 in Tourney Third Place Game

Kylee Stott puts down the bunt during Saturday action at the Schuyler County Tournament.

After three games and more than six hours in the hot sun on Saturday, SCR-I was able to bring home the third place trophy from the Schuyler County Tourney with a 6-2 win over the host squad.

Katie Feeney led off the game with a base hit and came in to score on an RBI single by Stevi See.

SCR-I extended the lead to 5-0 in the top of the second. Kylee Stott led off with a single. After sacrifice bunts by Madie Bondurant and Julie Long, Haley Darcy singled home a run. Feeney followed with an RBI single and scored on a double by Anders before Creek made it 5-0 with another base knock.

The Rams threatened a big inning in the bottom of the frame, but the damage was limited to just two runs thanks to two runners being thrown out on the base paths.

SCR-I got one run back in the third when See walked and came in to score on a base hit by Stott.

Creek kept Schuyler at bay the reminder of the day, notching the five inning victory with the time limit. She allowed two runs on five hits and no walks while striking out one.

Feeney and Anders were both 2-3 as SCR-I racked up 10 hits in the win.

Scotland County Senior Nutrition Center


Thursday, Sept. 28 – Chicken Strips, Scalloped Cabbage, Buttered Corn, Bread, Fruit Crisps

Friday, September 29 – BBQ or Plain Pork/Bun, French Fries, Lettuce Salad, Applesauce, Cookie

Monday, October 2 – Juicy Burger/Bun, French Fries, Mixed Vegetables, Cottage Cheese, Peaches

Tuesday, October 3 – Roast Pork, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy, Sauerkraut, Green Beans, Bread, Cake

Wed., October 4 – Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy, Buttered Carrots, Hot Roll, Fruit Salad

Thursday, October 5 – Meatloaf, Macaroni Salad, Buttered Broccoli, Applesauce, Bread, Glazed Donut


Thursday, Sept. 28 – Card party at 5:00 p.m.

Wednesday, Oct. 4 – Regional Home Care blood pressure checks today.

Thursday, Oct. 5 – Card Party at 5:00 p.m.

Ministerial Alliance to Host Annual Coat Drive

The Scotland County Ministerial alliance (SCMA) will be hosting the group’s annual coat drive during the month of October. Starting Monday, October 2nd and concluding Friday, October 20th, the collection sites will be available at the Scotland County R-I Elementary School and the Scotland County Nutrition Center.

Following the collection period, the coats will be available for distribution at the Clothes Closet in Memphis. The Clothes Closet is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., except for the first Wednesday of the month, when it is open from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

“We would like to thank everyone for their participation,” said Clothes Closet manager Mary Baldwin.

For more information call 660-341-7090.

Memphis Red Hatters Hold September Meeting

The Memphis Red Hatters met September 6th at the Scotland County Senior Citizen Center for their monthly meeting.  Present were Shirley Ruth, Elaine Smith, Nelda Billups, Benjie C. Briggs, Pat Wiggins and guests, Conner and Maria, Helen Clough, and Vera Monroe.

After a delicious fried chicken luncheon, the program consisted of a quilt showing by Nelda of the quilt made and quilted by Zelda Keith.  The group also enjoyed making the acquaintance of baby Maria and an interesting story of the Monarch Butterfly’s migration as told in the Missouri Conservationist magazine.

The next meeting will be October 4th at 11:00 a.m. at the Memphis Pizza Hut.  Nelda Billups will serve as hostess.


Jason and Denise McCoy of Ursa, IL are the parents of a son, Jaxon Allen McCoy, born September 14, 2017 at 9:56 p.m. at Scotland County Hospital in Memphis. Jaxon weighed 7 lbs 15 oz and was 21 inches long. Siblings are Bryant, Dalton, Emma, Kyla and Kade. Grandparents are Randy and Debbie Voss or Warsaw, IL, Connie Voss of Arkadelphia, AR, Randy McCoy of Ursa IL, and Teresa McCoy or Wever, IA.


Lance and Allison Campbell are the parents of a son, Rylan Paul Campbell, born September 14, 2017 at 9:56 a.m. at Scotland County Hospital in Memphis. Rylan weighed 8 lbs and was 21 inches long. Siblings are Braylon and Emalyn. Grandparents are Paul and Cathy Campbell of Memphis and Roger and Snookie Gosney of Memphis.

Rutledge Renegades

Don “Buck” Tague, Paul and Diane Tague, Mona Tague and daughter, Mikenzie Beckley all went to Branson to a 79th Engineers’ Reunion. They had a good trip. Three from Buck’s company attended. The last soldier to evacuate Hungnam, North Korea by sea Gerald Ferguson, of Kansas City, MO.

Charlene Montgomery left on September 11 on the train from La Plata and went to her daughter, Nancy Blodgett’s, for her birthday (September 13). Nancy and boy friend, Kirby High, took Charlene to Meramac Caverns in Springfield and then on to Branson. Charlene returned home on September 20. She said she had a wonderful time, but “walked herself to death!”

Naomi Kidd-Schwandt and Charlene Montgomery went to Palmyra and then on to St. Louis on OATS Bus.

Sandra Kalman, Edinburg, TX, came and spent some time with her dad, Don Tague, and attended the Tague Reunion.

Keith and Ruth Ann Boyer came back from Washington State where they were visiting family.

They started tearing down the old Community Building on Thursday, September 21. It was down on September 25.

Katrina and Neta went to Kirksville.

Some of those in this week were:  Tim Morris, Dale Tague, Larry and Tamara Tague, Neta Phillips, Charlene Montgomery, Bob and Dorothy Hunolt, Reva Hustead, Martin Guinn, Ronnie and Bonnie Young, Paul Tague, Don Tague, Sandra Kalman, Joe Paul, Faye Walker, Keith and Ruth Ann Boyer.

Carol met Valerie in Keokuk Saturday for lunch. They ate at First Street Grille. Carol confirmed the award for the “Rodeo Burger”. They then visited Harvestville in Donnelson Saturday night. Carol attended Kathy and Bill Kiddoo’s anniversary party.

Faith: The Gigantic Fall From Graspability! 

Ephesians 3:20 is ungraspably graspable!  We are to get it; to understand it.  Yet, its content and context is so magnificent that not only can we not grasp it, we aren’t supposed to.  That’s the point of the verse.  We are to get it that we can’t get it. We can only believe it.

Yes, we are to believe it.  This is a wild train wreck to the minds who only believe God as far as we can throw Him (explain, understand, express Him).  In essence church has become the product of the best, or most respected, thinkers among us.  Yet, leadership must be presented under the mantle of faith – a purely unprovable, unexplainable, unthinkable dimension of which usually bugs the spiritual tar out of us.

The key to faith is to yield into it being graspably ungraspable!  Faith truly is one gigantic fall from graspability.  It is within these unborders that the impossible becomes possible; that the can’t become actually becomes.

The Spirit of Christ reigns over a systemic factuality that will not submit itself to the highest scientific borders nor the strongest mathematical restrictions.  He does this through one quality available to all mankind; faith.  Read the Word.  Story after story after story; what couldn’t possibly happen did.  What held His people in fierce bondage couldn’t.

Church is destined to be platitudinously dull?  Oh….I don’t think so!  Not with a “beyond our imagination” God like ours!

JOHN LEE LEWIS (3/7/1967 – 9/13/2017)

John Lee Lewis, 50 of Blackwell, Missouri died at his home on September 13, 2017.

The son of Hobart Quentin and Ina Mae (Jackson) Lewis, he was born on March 7, 1967 in Centerville, Iowa.  He was a graduate of the Schuyler R-I Schools in Lancaster, Missouri.  Following his graduation from high school, he attended Mitchell Technical Institute in Mitchell, South Dakota where he obtained his associate degree in Power Line Construction and Maintenance.

Survivors include three stepchildren, Chris Sota and wife, Kelly of Bonne Terre, Missouri, Nicholas Jullian of Bonne Terre, Missouri and Marck Jullian and wife of Blackwell, Missouri; three step-grandchildren; two  brothers, Jeff Lewis and wife, Helen of Centralia, Missouri and Jay Lewis and wife, Jeanne of Wentzville, Missouri; five nieces and nephews, Joshua Lewis of Centerville, Iowa, Sara Daniels and husband, Dustin of Kearney, Missouri, Julie Lewis and friend, Cale Thurston of Centralia, Missouri, Tommy Miller and wife, Jennie of Troy, Missouri and Todd Miller of Wright City, Missouri; seven great-nieces and nephews, Giselle and Ainsley Daniels of Kearney, Missouri, Addison Lewis of Centralia, Missouri, Josie Thurston of Centralia, Missouri,  Josh Miller and wife, Brooke of Waxahachie, Texas, Justin Miller of Troy, Illinois and Kayle Miller of Troy, Missouri; one great-great-nephew, Lane Johnson of Troy, Missouri; two aunts, Clara Faye Miller and husband, William (Bill) of Kirksville, Missouri and Dottie Wray of Macon, Missouri; other family members and many good friends.

John is preceded in death by his parents, Hobart Quentin Lewis on March 23, 1999 and Ina Mae Lewis on April 30, 2004 and grandparents, Leland and Faye Jackson and Hobart and Neva Lewis.

After graduating from Mitchell Technical Institute in the early 1990’s, John would pursue his career as an Electric Distribution Lineman working in the Dakotas and Florida.  In 1997, John applied for a Lineman’s apprenticeship through IBEW Local 2 and the Missouri Valley Apprenticeship Program.  John worked in the St. Louis area out of Local 2 as he accrued hours towards his Journeyman Lineman Card.  In late 2001, John graduated from the Missouri Valley Apprenticeship.  With his Journeyman’s Card in hand, John could now pursue work as a Journey Lineman anywhere he chose and he did.  In the following years, John worked as far west as California, as far east as New Jersey and he worked with hundreds and sometimes thousands of other llineman to restore electric service to tens of millions of customers during storm breaks, being called to help on Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans for over a month and on Hurricane Sandy on the east coast for several weeks and hundreds of other storm breaks across the United States, notably the Ice Storm of 2006 which affected Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.

John loved his work and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers who helped provide him with a rewarding trade as a lineman.

A celebration of life will be held on Saturday, September 30, 2017 between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. at the Norman Funeral Home in Lancaster, Missouri.  Memorials have been established for the Schuyler County Library for Children’s Books.  Burial will be in the Downing City Cemetery in Downing, Missouri at a later date as the body has been cremated.  Online condolences may be expressed to the family by logging on to

Arrangements are under the direction of the Norman Funeral Home of Lancaster, Missouri.

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