November 19, 2009

SCMH to Host Great American Smokeout

In 1971, Arthur Mullaney, a Massachusetts resident, asked people to give up smoking for a day and to donate the money they would have spent on tobacco to a local school. Later Lynn Smith, editor of the Monticello Times, led the charge to create the first D-Day (Dont Smoke Day). From there the Great American Smokeout was born.

The American Cancer Society will mark the 34th Great American Smokeout on November 19 by encouraging smokers to use the date to make a plan to quit, or to plan in advance and quit smoking that day.

By doing so, smokers will be taking an important step towards a healthier life one that can lead to reducing cancer risk and creating more birthdays. Researchers say that quitting smoking can increase life expectancy smokers who quit at age 35 gain an average of eight years of life expectancy; those who quit at age 55 gain about five years; and even long term smokers who quit at 65 gain three years.

Could this be your first 24 hour period of time without a smoke?

You can do this, said Bud Wilson of Scotland County Memorial Hospital. The physicians and staff at Scotland County Hospital want to help you.

The hospital will be recognizing the Great American Smokeout on November 19.

Come by and go Cold Turkey with us at Scotland County Hospital, said Wilson. We have some handouts and other information. Pick up your FREE Brown Bag Special including a Cold Turkey sandwich from 11:AM 1:PM.

Mental preparation is key. The initial withdrawl symptoms are nicotine fits when your body actually craves nicotine. Within a week or two these cravings should become less severe and then subside.

From then on its all about knowing that when you will have urges to light up another. Be prepared to want a cigarette after meals, when you wake up, stressful situations, and when you wake up, when youre bored, etc..

Before you quit acknowledge what kind of trial it really is. Your energy level will increase, yet the stimulating effect of smoking will not always be there for you. Make a plan and follow through with it aware of what life without smoking will be like.

One of the most gratifying things you will ever do is to quit. Your body will feel so much better, and although you may not think so at first your emotions will become more stable, and the satisfaction of quitting is undeniable.

Simply take a moment and look at all the options (listed below) you have but the deepest continually effective TOOL you have in your arsenal is YOU, because in the end its your final decision. You ARE tough enough to do this. Others have, you can to.

Acupuncture, Cold Turkey, Exercise, Get Help from Family and Friends, Give Your Mouth Something to Do, Gum, Hold a Cigarette Without Lighting It, Keep a Journal, Listen to a Tape, Mental Preparation, Patches, Smoke Your Last One, Think of all the Money You Save, Will Power

For your FAMILY, YOUR LOVED ONES. Perhaps you smoke because your brain has told you that you enjoy smoking. Your body does NOT. Extend Your Life!



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