April 17, 2008

Thursday Nite Mixed Bowling League Hosts Awards Night

The Thursday Nite Mixed Bowling League held their annual bowling banquet Thursday evening, April 10, at the Catfish Place. The 28-week bowling season was run as a split season.

Team winners for the first half were as follows: 1st place, The Untouchables with members Joe Talbert, Lathan Watson, Donna Talbert and Garry Talbert; 2nd place Party Shack with members Nancy Hirner, Lezah Glover, William Reckenberg, and Tami Seppelt; 3rd Place Decrepit Truckers with members Gloria Dooley, Sheree Prebe, Peewee Parish and Kathy Doss, and Michael Prebe; 4th Place, Golden Touch with members Diane L. Kight, Marcine Evans, Brock Meeks and Chris Talbert; 5th Place Wild Beasts, with members, Michelle Chance, Clint Van Gorkom, Scott Goff and Harry Ransford; 6th Place U.S. Bank with members Terry Ewalt, Beverly Roberts, Kay Stice, Brenda Sayres and Nancy Goodwin and Julie Campbell, and; 7th Place to the Catfish Place with members of Donna Cook, Mary Ransford, Millie Elliott, Sandy Arnold and Terry Byers.

Second Half winners were as follows: 1st Place Decrepit Truckers; 2nd Place Party Shack; 3rd Place Wild Beasts; 4th Place the Untouchables; 5th Place, United State Bank; 6th Place, Catfish Place and; 7th Place to the Golden Touch with Jennifer Talbert subbing in for Diane Kight and Paul McDanel finishing out the season for Brock Meeks who moved to Springfield.

The team with the most points for the year was the Decrepit Truckers, winning 161 of a possible 224 game points. They received 2008 League Championship emblems.

Since league president William Reckenberg was being sworn in as Mayor at a Memphis City Council meeting, vice president Chris Talbert handed out awards with secretary/treasurer Sandy Arnold. Officers were elected for the 2008/09 season. William Reckenberg was re-elected as President. Chris Talbert was re-elected as Vice President. Jennifer Talbert was elected as secretary/treasurer and Tami Seppelt will be co-treasurer for the banking.

The Most Improved Bowler for men was Clint Van Gorkom who improved his game average from 115 to 151. Jennifer Talbert was the most improved woman bowler improving from 132 to 143.

Chris Talbert had the high individual scratch game score of 290. He also will receive a plaque for bowling 11 strikes in a row for that game.

High individual scratch series for Thursday Nite Mixed went to Paul McDaniel with a 3 game score of 743 bowled on March 6, 2008.

High Team Scratch series went to the Decrepit Truckers with a 3 game series of 2220.

Tami Seppelt ended the season with a 207 average for the high individual average award.

United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Special Achievement awards are awarded to bowlers the first time they achieve a goal. They may accomplish an achievement more than once during a season, but receive the award for the first accomplishment.

Those receiving 700 series pins were: Tami Seppelt with a score of 719; Chris Talbert with a 707, and Paul McDanel with a 743. This award is presented to members with an average of 210 or less.

For bowling a 600, 3 game Series, USBC pins are given to members with a game average of 175 or less. 500 Series USBC Pins are given for members with an average of 140 or less who roll a 500+ series. 400 Series USBC Series Pins are given for members with an average of 115 or less who roll a 400+ series. For bowling 140 pins over average in a 3 game series, a USBC emblem is awarded. An emblem is awarded to bowlers for bowling 75 pins over their average in a single game. Bowlers with an average of 160 or less who bowled 200 or better received USBC patches.

USBC 180 Game Patches were awarded for members with an average of 140 or less who rolled a game of 180+. 160 Game Patches were awarded to members with an average of 120 or less who rolled a game of 160+.

Joe Talbert bowled a 186 game when his average was 139. He bowled a 200 game when his average was 132 and on the same night bowled a 501 series.

Brock Meeks won several awards. He received a 140 game emblem, a 160 game emblem, and a 180 game emblem. He also received a 400 series pin and an emblem for bowling 75 pins over his average game score.

Michael Prebe received a 600 Series pin, an emblem for 75 pins over average game and an emblem for 140 pins overage average series score, all when his average was 175, with series scores of 212, 257, and 213 for a 682 series.

Donna Cook received a 160 game emblem and a 400 series pin.

Terry Byers received an emblem for 75 pins over average game for her 268 game when her average was 185.

Tami Seppelt received a 700 series pin for her 719 series with game scores of 257, 248, and 214.

Nancy Hirner received a 180 game emblem for her game of 180, when average was 135.

Jennifer Talbert received an emblem for her 217 game, and an emblem for 75 pins over average game, and a 500 series emblem, for her 532 series.

Chris Talbert bowled 75 pins over his game average with a score of 290, and bowled two 700 series sets of 229, 212, and 261 and then 207, 230 and 245.

Harry Ransford bowled three 600 series with scores of 629, 613 and 627.

Lathan Watson bowled a 257 game and received a 250 emblem and an emblem for 75 pins over his average game when his average was 165.

Donna Talbert bowled a 181 game when her average was 130, receiving a 180 emblem and bowled a 502 series when her average was 133.

Michelle Chance bowled a 168 game when her average was 101, receiving a 160 game emblem.

Clint Van Gorkom received numerous awards. Consistently improving his average, he received emblems for a 180 game, a 200 game, a 250 game, 75 pins over average game, 140 pins over average series, a 500 series, and finally bowled a 609 series for a 600 emblem when his average was 143. Clint finished out the Thursday Nite season with an average of 151. Clint received a USBC watch for bowling 100 pins over his average game with a score of 254 when his average was 136.

Scott Goff bowled a 610 series with game scores of 208, 211 and 191, and a 678 series with scores of 246, 227 and 205 for a 600 series emblem, when his average was 172 and 175. He also received an emblem for bowling 140 pins over his series average with the 678.

Terry Ewalt received a 180 emblem for her game score of 198 when her average was 136.

Peewee Parrish received a 200 emblem for her game score of 221 when her average was 147.

Kathy Doss bowled a 185 game for a 180 emblem when her average was 138.

Paul McDanel bowled a 743 series, with games of 238, 248, and 257 and also received an emblem for 140 pins over his series average of 185.



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