September 18, 2008

Outdoor Corner

by Chris Feeney

Itís opening day of the 2008 archery season, and I here I sit at my computer typing about the outdoors.

Apparently I have become a fair weather hunter? Perhaps, but more likely Iíve simply become more watchful of my time. Itís not like I wonít go home and watch Monday Night football or find some other less than fruitful manor in which to consume the remainder of my evening. Still, I was simply unable to convince myself that taking the afternoon off from work for the bow season debut was a worthy expenditure of my time.

Okay, you all are asking since when did I need a good excuse to skip out from work?

Part of my motivational problem was due to Saturdayís flooding. In case you skipped right to this article and missed the front page, Scotland County had its worst flooding in recent history. Well it just so happens that several of my favorite tree stands are on ground adjacent to the culprit, the Fabius River.

So the thought of playing hooky from work only to find that my destination was no longer standing, was yes, dampening my spirits.

Plus Iím lazy, and the idea of having to park farther away and walk across the sopping fields to get to my hunting spot made my decision even easier.

But even if the weather had been normal for this time of year, I likely would still be right here writing. Hope that sounds like dedication, but really itís just an aversion to archery seasonís starting date.

Apparently I produce some natural bug attractant, so September 15th and me donít mix well when we are talking about being in the woods. With the late crop season, Iíd risk a public flogging if I openly wished for an early frost. So for the farmersí sake I hope Iím not in the stand until early November.

Iím sure that I will give into the boy inside me that is yearning to throw reason to the wind and head to the woods right away. I guess I shouldnít be so judgmental. I know there are a lot of hunters that made their traditional opening day trips into the swamp, I mean forest. Maybe tomorrow Iíll have the first entry for the 2008 Memphis Democrat Buck Club feature.

If it werenít for the stipulations that family members arenít eligible for the prizes, I quite possibly could have a couple contestants.

You see, as I sit here slaving away, my wife is out there sitting in my favorite stand. She joined her father who has been fanning the flames for the early 2008 debut. Their aversion to bugs, poison ivy and all things summer remaining, was overcome by images of giant bucks from our trail cameras dancing in their heads. The wife even got out of bed early this morning to get a head start on work. So she says. I didnít notice. I didnít get up early.

If I was a told-you-so person, Iím sure I would have plenty of ammunition later tonight. As Iím comfortably vegetating on the couch enjoying my football game, sheíll be trying to catch up on her work on her computer, fighting off a case of the yawns.

Either that or sheíll be down at the taxidermistís making appointment number four and asking for advice on how to break the news to me gently. More likely sheíll be with her dad as he fills the space he has already reserved for trophy service.

If thatís the case, heíll have to elevate my status on the son-in-law scoreboard. I recently purchased him a special site system for his bow that eliminates the traditional peep site that was troublesome for him. Apparently it works, as his first shot through it was a bullseye at 50 yards.

I guess if I was smart, Iíd hope they both would get deer this afternoon. That would leave the month of October and November wide open for me to put my time in, in the stand when the conditions are more to my liking.

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