August 30, 2007

Outdoor Corner

by Chris Feeney

What do 150-pounds of hamburger and local high school athletics have in common? The answer is the Scotland County Booster Club. The local supporters for the SCR-I athletics recently cooked up 150 pounds of hamburger meat for the start of the 2007 concession stand sales.

The group manages and operates the concession stands at all home football, softball and basketball games as well as track meets. This is just one of the fundraisers the organization undertakes to help generate revenue to support SCR-I athletics, like the recent $4,000 gift to help upgrade the schools weight room. Thats a lot of nachos to sell. Well the booster club goes well beyond cooking hamburger. The group puts in countless hours of volunteer labor promoting a number of other fundraisers such as the successful elementary basketball tourney.

While each student athlete and his or her family benefits from the activities, there seems to be some confusion about being a member of the booster club. You dont have to be elected, nor even fill out an application. Every member of the community that has an inkling to support SCR-I athletics simply has to attend one of the meetings, which are held the third Wednesday of every month at 5:15 p.m. in the commons at the Scotland County High School.

I realize I am a sports nut. Not everyone lives and breathes, football, basketball and softball like I do. However our school represents our community and athletics are at the forefront of this theater as a venue that draws in visitors from neighboring communities.

The booster club helps promote a productive environment on these fronts. Boosters are supporters, they are promoters and of course they are fans. If you fall into any of these categories then maybe you should consider attending the next booster club meeting.

With three daughters being groomed by their athletic mother for future stardom, Im sure Ill be joining you real soon.

Fortunately for me, the boss took time out from coaching the three prodigies to help me set up my trail camera a few weeks ago.

The transition was not totally smooth. After she finally got me on the right track, I left the camera undisturbed for almost two weeks.

That proved to be a little too long. I hadnt realized that I used a small memory card in the camera. The 128MB of space proved totally inadequate, as the camera ate up that smidgen of space in a measly two days.

I learned my lesson. My next outing I replaced the storage device with a huge 2GB card. With 16 times as much space, I was rewarded with exactly 600 images on my next visit this Sunday.

After browsing through all the photos, I was starting to feel like I was building a family album. Probably 100 of the pictures over those eight days were of the same two does, each with twin fawns in tow. The two families were regular visitors to my mineral block.

While my kids enjoyed all of the Bambi glamour shots, I was way more excited by the buck portraits. None of these guys were of the wall-hanger variety, but it still was a pleasant change of pace to view a couple of decent eight pointers. Both are a year away from being anything special, but those racks do get your attention when you are scanning through the images.

The boys club also has several other fraternity brothers, a couple forked racks and one spike that resembles a mountain goat with just two tall antlers.

Im looking forward to watching some of these visitors come October and November when I can spend some quality time with them while Im in the bow stand.



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