April 27, 2006

Thursday Night Bowling League Hosts Annual Awards Banquet

The Thursday Nite Mixed Bowling League held its annual bowling banquet Wednesday evening, April 19 at The Catfish Place. The 28-week bowling season was run as a split season.

Team championship awards for the first half were as follows:

1st place, Party Shack with members of Nancy Hirner, William Reckenberg, Matt Buford and Tami Seppelt;

2nd place Catfish Place with members Donna Cook, Millie Elliott, Sandy Arnold and Terry Byers;

3rd Place Lan-Dow with members Betty Beeler, Rita Brunk, Teresa Shaw and Debbie Kelso;

4th Place Gas and More with members Mary Young, Jodie Holt and Vickie Mauck with Lorie Arnold and Thomas Wentworth alternating;

5th place Golden Touch with members, Vera Monroe, Marcine Evans, Tuff Woods and Chris Talbert; and

6th Place, the Ball Handlers, Alta Cunningham, Nicki Frederick, Lezah Glover and Jamie Knupp.

Second-Half Championship awards were as follows:

1st place Golden Touch,

2nd place Party Shack,

3rd Place Ball Handlers, with Harry Ransford replacing Jamie Knupp;

4th place Gas and More;

5th place Catfish Place and

6th Place Lan-Dow.

Tami Seppelt was the overall bowler with the high individual scratch game score of 269; the high individual scratch series of 737 and the high individual league average for the year with a 204.

The team sponsored by Party Shack had the high team scratch series of 2281.

The Menís Most Improved Bowler Award was given to Tuff Woods with a 9-pin increase from 157 to 166. Vera Monroe was the Womenís Most Improved Bowler, raising her average from 117 to 123.

United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Special Achievement awards are awarded to bowlers the first time they achieve a goal.

Tami Seppelt was the only member of the Thursday Nite League to achieve a 700 series, with a score of 737 for a 3 game series. This award is presented to members with an average of 210 or less.

Awards are given to members with an average of 175 or less who bowl a 3 game series of 600 or more. Terry Byers had a 615 series; Matt Buford had a 642 series, Chris Talbert had a 608, a 615 and a 643 series; and Tuff Woods had a 611 series.

500 Series USBC pins are given for members with an average of 140 or less who roll a 500+ series. Those bowlers were Alta Cunningham with a 523 and Lezah Glover with a 509.

400 Series USBC Series Pins are given for members with an average of 115 or less who roll a 400+ series. Those were achieved by Rita Brunk with scores of 407 and 409; Jodie Holt with a score of 408; and Nicki Frederick with a score of 407.

For bowling 140 pins over average in a 3-game series, a USBC patch was awarded to Tuff Woods for a game of 611 with an average of 147 at the time he bowled it.

Several bowlers received a game patch for bowling 75 pins over their average in a single game: Matt Buford with a score of 251 (average at time of 174); Chris Talbert with a score of 244 (average at time 167); Tuff Woods with a score of 223 (average at time of 147); Thomas Wentworth with a score of 220 (average at time of 141); Harry Ransford with a score of 268 (average at time of 188), Sandy Arnold with a score of 235 (with average of 156) and Alta Cunningham with a 221 (with average of 131).

Bowlers with an average of 160 or less who bowled 200 or better and received a special USBC key chain were: William Reckenberg, 224; Tuff Woods, a 222 and a 223 game; Thomas Wentworth, 220; Lezah Glover, 208; Sandy Arnold, 200, 204, 214, 214, and 235 Alta Cunningham, 213 (when her average was 140 in week 3) and 221 in week 25 (with average of 131), and Mary Young, 203 (when average was 147 week 10).

USBC 180 Game Patches were awarded for members with an average of 140 or less who roll a game of 180+.

Those patches were given to: Nancy Hirner, 190, Marcine Evans, 191, Debbie Kelso, 183, Teresa Shaw 184, Millie Elliott, 184, Alta Cunningham, 221 (when her average was 131). Mary Young with a score of 180 when her aerage was 134, and to Amy Johnson Buford when she bowled a 186.

160 Game Patches were awarded to members with an average of 120 or less who rolled a game of 160+.

Those patches were given to: Vera Monroe, 166, Betty Beeler, 167, Jodie Holt, 166, Jennifer Talbert, 163, Lorie Arnold, 160, Raven Weaver, 166, and Nicki Frederick, 165.

Patches for bowling 160 or higher are awarded to members with an average of 100 or less who roll a game of 140+

Jamie Knupp received an award for a 159 game.

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