September 16, 2004

Lantz gets biggest win of his career at the Bentz GM Country Scotland County Speedway

by Brian Neal

Memphis, MO (September 11) - Wyatt Lantz picked up the biggest win of his career on NEMO Beverage night at the Bentz GM Country Scotland County Speedway. Jeff Soper (Hobby Stocks), Michael St. Clair (Cruisers) and Gordon Blankenship (Hornets) also claimed victories on the night.

Ron York took advantage of his front row starting spot to grab the lead on lap 1 of the 20 lap B-Modified feature, with Kelly Smith following him in second. York continued to hold the top spot, with Smith, Jerry Reese, Jr. and Jack Evans, Jr. battling it out for second.

The man on the move was Wyatt Lantz, as he started 11th, and was slowly working his way to the front. Lantz would overtake York on lap 16 on the bottom of the speedway and then held on for the final four laps to pick up the win.

For Lantz it was the biggest win of his career, as he took home the top prize of $1,000. York finished in 2nd, Reese, Jr. was 3rd, Evans, Jr. came in 4th, with Smith rounding out the top 5. Chris Leathers, Lantz and Larry Winn picked up heat race wins.

The 15 lap Hobby Stock feature saw Tony Becerra jump out to the lead on lap 1, with Jeremy Hamlin close behind in second.

Becerra and Hamlin continued to battle for the lead, as Jeff Soper, who started 10th was working his way towards the front.

Soper would overtake Becerra on lap 13 on the top of the speedway and then held off Hamlin on the final two laps to pick up the win. Becerra slipped back to 3rd, Mark Holt came from 16th to finish 4th, with Dustin VerSteeg coming from 18th to round out the top 5.

Heat race winners were Soper, Mike Shelton, Jim Lynch and Jim Oliver, Jr., while Brandon Wear claimed the semi.

Craig Spilker took the lead on lap 1 of the 12 lap Cruiser feature, with Matt Bockenfeld following him in second. Spilker took a big lead, as Michael St.Clair, who started 6th, was slowly closing in on him. St. Clair would slip under Spilker on lap 11 and then held him off on the final corner to claim the win. David Hudson was 3rd, Bockenfeld was 4th, with Bill O’Haver coming home in 5th. St. Clair and Spilker won the heats.

The 12 lap Hornet feature saw Gordon Blankenship come from his 7th place starting spot to grab the lead on lap 1. Blankenship would lead all 12 laps to claim the win. Tyler Schulte was 2nd, Brandon Savage came from 8th to finish 3rd, Dennis Schulte was 4th, with Jim Oliver coming from 10th to round out the top 5. Heat race wins went to Blankenship and D. Schulte.

Coming up next at the Bentz GM Country Scotland County Speedway will be the Mountain Dew Mid-America Nationals on October 1-2. The USMTS Modifieds will be going for $2,000 to win on Friday and $3,000 to win on Saturday. Also racing both nights will be the Stock Cars, B-Modified, Hobby Stocks, Cruisers and Hornets.



Heat Race 1: 1.Chris Leathers, Macon 2.Jack Evans Jr, Keokuk, IA 3.Kelly Smith, Kirksville 4.Jerry Weisenberger, Quincy, IL 5.Tony Dunker, Quincy, IL 6.Kelly O’Haver, Kirksville 7.David Snyder, Greentop 8.Logan Trueblood, Memphis

Heat Race 2: 1.Wyatt Lantz, Bowen, IL 2.Teddy Collins, Clarence 3.Jerry Reese, Jr., Baring 4.Jerry Poor, Novelty 5.Bob Woodrow, Perry 6.Robbie Mauck, Knox City 7.Mark Antal, Lancaster 8.Amos Zimmerman, Memphis

Heat Race 3: 1.Larry Winn, Hallsville 2.Ron York, Edina 3.Mark Preston, Rock Island, IL 4.Jim Gillenwater, Keokuk, IA 5.Gary Dreyer, Quincy, IL 6.Larry Newman, Kirksville 7.Luke Holst, Augusta, IL 8.Chris Larson, Keokuk, IA

Feature: 1.Lantz, 2.York, 3.Reese, Jr., 4.Evans, Jr., 5.Smith, 6.Gillenwater, 7.Winn, 8.Preston, 9.Dreyer, 10.Weisenberger, 11.Newman, 12.Collins, 13.O’Haver, 14.Woodrow, 15.Dunker, 16.Snyder, 17.Trueblood, 18.Zimmerman, 19.Larson, 20.Poor, 21.Leathers, 22.Antal, 23.Holst, 24,Mauck

Hobby Stocks

Heat Race 1: 1.Jeff Soper, Kahoka 2.Tony Becerra, Carthage, IL 3.Brad Weber, Donnellson, IA 4.Doug Small, Memphis 5.Mark Holt, Memphis 6.Brandon Wear, Camp Point, IL 7.Adam Birck, Canton 8.Brandon Symmonds, Keokuk, IA

Heat Race 2: 1.Mike Shelton, Ottumwa, IA 2.Josh Soper, Kahoka 3.Earl Six, Keokuk, IA 4.Jimmy Hooper, Wyaconda 5.Kyle Foster, Quincy, IL 6.Robbie Dodge, Jacksonville 7.Nathan Wood, Sigourney, IA

Heat Race 3: 1.Jim Lynch, Farmington, IA 2.Jeremy Hamlin, Memphis 3.Tim Pettibone, Moravia, IA 4.JR Miller, Fairfield, IA 5.Dustin VerSteeg, Oskaloosa, IA 6.Kevin Londrie, Keokuk, IA 7.Travis Woody, Cairo

Heat Race 4: 1.Jim Oliver, Jr. Beardstown, IL 2.Jim Walker, Mystic, IA 3.Robert Kibbe, Salem, IA 4.Kevin Cheney, Quincy, IL 5.Jason Overhulser, Alexandria 6.Tim Kraber, Ottumwa, IA 7.Mark Moore, Ottumwa. IA

Semi: 1.Wear, 2.Birck, 3.Kraber, 4.Symmonds, 5.Dodge, 6.Londrie, 7.Moore, 8.Wood, 9.Woody

Feature: 1.Jeff Soper, 2.Hamlin, 3.Becerra, 4.Holt, 5.VerSteeg, 6.Pettibone, 7.Six, 8.Small, 9.Foster, 10.Kraber, 11.Josh Soper, 12.Shelton, 13.Kibbe, 14.Walker, 15.Birck, 16.Miller, 17.Weber, 18.Oliver, Jr., 19.Hooper, 20.Lynch, 21.Wear, 22.Symmonds, 23.Cheney, 24.Overhulser


Heat Race 1: 1.Michael St. Clair, Wayland, 2.Jon Antal, Lancaster, 3.Keith Reed, Quincy, IL 4.Derrick Decker, Quincy, IL 5.Brian Overhulser, Alexandria 6.Kevin Moore, Ottumwa, IA 7.Nathan Bensteine, Keosaqua, IA 8.Jason Billings, Keokuk, IA 9.Brian Bergheger, Keokuk, IA

Heat Race 2: 1.Craig Spilker, Quincy, IL 2.David Hudson, Memphis, 3.Bill O’Haver, Kirksville 4.Tanya Wietholder, Liberty, IL 5.Matt Bockenfeld, Quincy, IL 6.Daniel Robbins, Greentop 7.Jody Small, Rutledge 8.Amy Mason, Warsaw, IL

Feature: 1.St. Clair, 2.Spilker, 3.Hudson, 4.Bockenfeld, 5.O’Haver, 6.Wietholder, 7.Overhulser, 8.Small, 9.Reed, 10.Decker, 11.Antal, 12.Bensteine, 13.Moore, 14.Billings, 15.Mason, 16.Bergheger, 17.Robbins


Heat Race 1: 1.Gordon Blankenship, Keokuk, IA 2.Tyler Schulte, Montrose, IA 3.Brandon Savage, Keokuk, IA 4.Jim Oliver, Hamilton, IL 5.Brent Forest, Keokuk, IA 6.Nathan Collins, Centerville, IA 7.Andrew Hustead, Rutledge

Heat Race 2: 1.Dennis Schulte, Keokuk, IA 2.Donnie DeMint, Basco, IL 3.Danny Miller, Gorin 4.Rick Miller, Gorin 5.Travis DeMint, Basco, IL 6.Jim Hamilton, Keokuk, IA 7.Pat Mallonee, Ottumwa, IA

Feature: 1.Blankenship, 2,T.Schulte, 3.Savage, 4.D.Schulte, 5.Oliver, 6.Forest, 7.D.Miller, 8.D.DeMint, 9.Hamilton, 10.T.DeMint, 11.Hustead, 12.R.Miller, 13.Collins, 14.Mallonee

Baring Truck Driver Unhurt in Accident

A Wayland man escaped a crash with a semi with just minor injuries on May 26th at 4:10 p.m. in Clark County.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Gary E. Whitaker, 77, was southbound on MO 81 in a 2008 Chevrolet Aveo and attempted to turn on to Highway 136. Whitaker’s vehicle was struck by a westbound 2016 Peterbilt driven by Curvin D. Burkholder, 26 of Baring.

Whitaker suffered minor injuries in the crash and was transported by Clark County Ambulance to Blessing Hospital in Quincy, IL. Burkholder was uninjured in the collision.

Whitaker’s vehicle sustained total damage and was removed from the scene by Brewer and Sons Towing. The Brubaker semi suffered moderate damage and was towed from the scene by Lakeside Towing of Memphis.

Scotland County Memorial Library to Host Summer Reading Program

Readers of all ages will explore exciting things this summer as the Scotland County Library presents “Ready, Set … Read!!” during their summer library program. The 2016 Summer Reading Program is open to young people ages 3 through 6th grade with programs and prizes. Registration for “Ready, Set … Read!!” begins on Monday, June 6th, and the last day to collect prizes will be Friday, July 22nd.  Prizes will be awarded based on hours spent reading.

The programs will be on Wednesdays beginning June 8th with Michael Collins, Missouri Conservation Agent and Natalie Miller at 10:00 a.m. On June 15th at 10:00 a.m., “Reptile Experience” will give an animal presentation. Other programs (at 10:00 a.m.) will include Travis Mathes from Lewis County Electric Coop, the Scotland County Sheriff’s Department and the Memphis Police Department, Scotland County 4-H, and Karen Armstrong of the Missouri Dept. of Conservation. For more information, call the library at 660-465-7042.

All programs are free of charge.

FSA Reminds Farmers of Haying, Grazing Regulations on  CRP Acreage


CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) participants may release their CRP acreage for haying or grazing.  A payment reduction of 25% of the annual rental payment times the number of acres actually hayed or grazed will be assessed.  The assessment may be paid in advance or deducted from the annual CRP payment.

Before haying or grazing CRP, you must sign a request at the FSA (Farm Service Agency) office and obtain a modified conservation plan from NRCS.

You may hay or graze the acreage one out of every three years.  For example, if field #3 was released for grazing in 2013, it may not be hayed or grazed again until 2016.

Haying/grazing CRP does not substitute for required Mid-Contract Management (burning, discing, or spraying), if applicable to your contract.

Eligible acreage may be hayed or grazed between July 16 and September 30, 2016.  Hay must be removed from CRP acreage by October 30. You may not hay and graze the same acreage.

Any cover destroyed or damaged as a result of the haying/grazing will be re-established at the CRP participant’s expense. CRP hayed/grazed without being released is subject to a penalty or cancelation of CRP contract.

For more information or to release CRP acreage for haying or grazing, please contact your county Farm Service Agency office.

The phone number for the Clark County office is (660) 727-3364. The office is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Scotland County office at Memphis is open Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The phone number is (660) 465-8517.

Bullet Stop to Host Hartford Fest 2016 June 3-4

Jim and Doreen Madison will host Hartford Fest 2016 this weekend, June 3rd and 4th in Hartford, MO.  This is a family event that has it all; games and rides for kids, shooting contests, live music both nights, fireworks and tons more!

Jim started having events like this years ago.  Jim had his first event in 1989 and called it “Junk Sale”.  Junk Sale consisted of thousands of used gun related items that Jim would pick up from other gun dealers.  Jim would travel in an old Chevy Suburban around the Midwest buying items for future sales.  When the old Suburban was full, he headed home.  The original sales were held in the basement of his first store.  Customers had to navigate tricky wooden stairs to view Jim’s finds.  In later years, these sales grew and when he built his Hartford gun shop, he had the same ideas in mind; build a large building and have nice large sales.

Originally called Hartford Days, Jim would have three to five every year.  Although these were a big hit, this also proved to be a lot of work to organize.  So after Goobers Hartford Store was opened, a decision was made to combine both stores into one big sale event known as Hartford Fest.

Hartford Fest is held on both properties and has something for everyone; good deals on guns, free cookouts, horse rides and yes, lots of give-a-ways.  Jim says this is a great way to thank his customers for the many years of support.

This year, Anthony Imperato, owner of Henry Repeating Arms Company, will be on hand to meet and greet.  Jim and Anthony will give out thousands of dollars in free Henry rifles.  Also, this year, the highway patrol and the National Rifle Association will have displays.

Twenty-eight years ago, Jim and Doreen cooked up this sale.  Please come and join the fun.  Jim has one hint as to parking; this huge event requires a large area to park so on the west side of the property will be a grass field.  Turn by the dumpster and look for the green gates!

Preparation is Key to Successful Blood Donation

blood drive today

The American Red Cross is holding a blood drive at Scotland County Hospital from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 7th.

Healthy individuals are needed every day to maintain an adequate blood supply for patients in need.  Once a donor has made the commitment to give blood, it is important to take a few simple steps to prepare and help ensure a good donation experience.

The Red Cross recommends getting a good night’s sleep, eating a good breakfast or lunch, drinking extra water and fluids to help replace the volume you will donate and eating iron-rich foods to boost your iron level.

Donating blood is an easy way to help others and only takes about an hour of your time.  The Red Cross encourages donors to give blood every time they are eligible; every 56 days for whole blood donations and every 112 days for double red cell donations.

To donate blood, simply call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or visit to make an appointment or for more information.  All blood types are needed to ensure a reliable supply for patients.  A blood donor card or driver’s license or two other forms of identification are required at check-in.  Individuals who are 17 years of age (16 with parental permission n some states), weigh at least 110 pounds and are in generally good health may be eligible to donate blood.  High school students and other donors 18 years of age and younger also have to meet certain height and weight requirements.

The American Red Cross provides shelter, food and clothing to victims of disasters; supplies more than 40 percent of the nation’s blood; teaches lifesaving skills; ministers international humanitarian aid; and supports military members and their families.  The Red Cross is a not-for-profit organization that depends on volunteers and the generosity of the American public to perform its mission.  For more information, please visit or join our blog at

SCR-I Elementary School Releases 4th Quarter Honor Roll

The Scotland County Elementary School recently released the fourth quarter honor roll for the 2015-2016 school year.

Named to the 3A A Honor Roll were: Luke Arnold, Owen Brown, Will Darland, Emma Gist, Owen Hassell, Kassidee Jack, Jaci Knupp, Payton Miller, Jackson Siegfried, Kylie Small, and Marcus Smith. Named to the B Honor Roll were Logan Buford, Reese Cook, Dylan Dawson, Aden Drummond, Megan Frederick, Brooklynn Fuller, Kwyn Hamlin, Sabrina Heimer, Chris McKinney, Mason Mallett, Hayden McClain, Kennedy Middleton, Caiden Nichols, Kendall Small, Serina Vickers, and Anissa Yerhardt.

Named to the 3B A Honor Roll were: Bristol Alexander, Casidey Altobelli, Hannah Campbell, Grayson Chance, Vince Dale, Sadie Dilliner, Taylor Egenberger, Isaac Exner, Kevin Henn, Holly Mauck, Merit Miller, Katelynn Penn, Brenna Phillips, Ben Scott, Destynee Small, Layne Stott, Makyla Swearingen, and Beau Triplett. Named to the B Honor Roll were: Austin Curry, Ariana Edwards, Kennya Goldenstein, Abby Jones, Larkyn Justice, Kayden Miller, Rylee Starbuck, and Renee Tinkle.

Named to 4A A Honor Roll were: Emma Anders, Hugh Baker, Corbin Blessing, Emma Harvey, Taydem Morton, Kennady Sapp, and Hailey Small. Named to B Honor Roll were: Alice Darland, Logan Day, Mazy Dodge, Tristen Fuller, Elias Hatfield, Dillon Hayzlett, Tyson Hillyer, Clarence Koser, Chloe Krise, Janail Miller, Carlee Smith, and Matison Tinkle.

Named to the 4B A Honor Roll were: Kendal Anderson, Brooke Campbell, Madigan Frederick, Payton Frederick, Jadin Fuller, Hunter Holt, Makynlee Jack, Carson Miller, Hattie Mumford, Emma Tinkle, and Fawntana Wells. Named to the B Honor Roll were: Chason Campbell, Kyndra Cochran, Kallen Hamlin, Kaylee Hobbs, Ryan Hollon, Lathan McAfee, Charlotte McRobert, Breyonna Mitchell, Tori Peterson, and Tanner Vallee.

Named the 5A Honor Roll were: Bryn Aylward, Ethan Blessing, Sidney Brandon, Penelope Cline, Lucas Durflinger, Ethan Herring, Elsie Kigar, Iris Mishra, Hunnter Sapp, Quinton Shaffer, Lauren Triplett, and Julian Valle. Named to the B Honor Roll were: Anne Anderson, Aden Aldridge, Jayden Burgess, Layne Egenberger, Aaron McDaniel, Riley Small, Nancy Voitik, and Ian Wilson.

Named to the 5B Honor Roll were: Hanna Anders, Kina Billings, Lydia Davis, Abby Doster, Karli Hamilton, Jewley Kraus, Jackson McKee, Eric Mohr, Caelin Robinson, Sean Schroeder, Elizabeth Sevier, Justin Swearingen, and Owen Triplett. Named to the B Honor Roll were: Danielle Bass, Paige Bishop, Grady Dodge, Phillip Esser, and Tresa Huber.

Named to the 6A A Honor Roll were: Jared Cerroni, Abby Curry, Emiley Dial, Hannah Feeney, Brant Frederick, Alex Long, Haylee McMinn, and Corbyn Spurgeon. Named to the B Honor Roll were: Trayton Buckallew, Rylea Camp, Hunter Cook, Kale Creek, Cameron Hake, Kabe Hamlin, Destiny Lamb, Will Montgomery, Baileigh Phillips, Tamara Vaughn, and Alaynna Whitaker.

Named to the 6B A Honor Roll were: Zach Behrens, Sorrel Frederick, Caitlyn Johnson, Eli Kigar, Corbin Kirchner, Hayden Long, Kara Mallett, and Emily Terrill. Named to the B Honor Roll were: Jess Girardin, Shire Gross, Taryn Hassell, Vikke Huber, Aayla Humphrey, Mary Kellum, Lydia Krouse, Zane See, Shantel Small, Rose Whitley, and Zach Young.

Local Students Make C-SC Honor Rolls

CANTON, MO – Culver-Stockton College announced its President’s List for the spring 2016 semester. To be named to the President’s List, students must meet high academic standards established by Culver-Stockton.

Katie Watson, a Psychology major from Brashear, and Megan Creek, a Biology major from Memphis, both earned the honors.

C-SC also announced its Dean’s List for the spring 2016 semester. To be named to the Dean’s List, students must meet high academic standards established by Culver-Stockton.

Named to the list were: Brittany Thompson, a  Psychology major from Lancaster; Dakota Peterson, an Accountancy major from Luray; Delaney Gundy, 2017 Art Education major from Gorin; and Shelby Thompson, an Accountancy major from Lancaster.

C-SC announced its Honor Roll for the spring 2016 semester. To be named to the Honor Roll, students must meet high academic standards established by Culver-Stockton.

Named to the honor roll were: Ashley Watson, an Art major from Brashear; Taylor Huffman, an Elementary Education major from Edina; and Wyatt Kice, an Art Education major from Memphis.

Culver-Stockton College, located in Canton, Mo., is a four-year residential institution in affiliation with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). C-SC specializes in experiential education and is one of only two colleges in the nation to offer the 12/3 semester calendar, where the typical 15 week semester is divided into two terms, a 12-week term and a 3-week term.

The C-SC Wildcats are members of the Heart of America Athletic Conference (HAAC) and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).

Smith-Roberts Graduates

loren smith web

Loren Smith-Roberts graduated from Truman State University on Saturday, May 7, 2016 with a Master’s degree in Elementary Education.  Spring Commencement ceremonies were held at Stokes Stadium on the Truman campus at 2:00 p.m.  Unfortunately, due to an afternoon rain, the ceremony only lasted about half an hour and in order to speed the process, the 1000 Truman State University students who were supposed to walk across the stage, were asked to stand up in their different fields to be recognized.  While at Truman State, Loren was a member of Delta Zeta social sorority, Kappa Delta Pi education honors fraternity, Order of Omega, and National Education Association.  She is a 2012 graduate of Scotland County R-1 and the daughter of Chuck and Audrey Roberts of Memphis and Terry Smith, Jr. of Granger.  She has accepted a teaching position at Grange Middle School in Fairfield, California where she will be teaching 6th grade.

Duley, Hunolt Graduate From NMSU

The Office of the Registrar and the Graduate School at Northwest Missouri State University have released the names of students who completed requirements for degrees at the conclusion of the 2016 spring trimester.

Andrew Michael Hunolt of Baring graduated  Cum Laude (cumulative GPA of 3.50 to 3.74) with a Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Management and Marketing.

Anna Appaline Duley of Memphis graduated Magna Cum Laude (cumulative GPA of 3.75 to 3.94) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation: Corp Rec/Wellness.

Duzan Graduates

duzan web

Elizabeth Grace McNeil Duzan, along with more than 200 other college graduates, walked across the stage to receive her degree at Mabee Sports Complex, Hannibal LaGrange University in Hannibal, MO, on Saturday, May 7th at 10:00 a.m.  Prior to the ceremony, the graduates processed through the HLGU arch on the University’s traditional Walk of Honor, symbolizing the end of their schooling and their entrance into the world as college graduates.  Elizabeth earned her Bachelor of Science in Media Communication with a General Business Minor.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude.  While at Hannibal LaGrange University, Elizabeth was a member of the HLGU Softball team for two years, Student Newspaper and Student Magazine for three years each, Student News Network for one year and a Member of Alpha Chi Honor Society and Phi Beta Lambda.  She is a 2012 graduate of Scotland County R-1 and the daughter of Michael Duzan and Marie and Curtis Ebeling, all of Memphis.

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