August 19, 2004

Webb Wins Racemart Late Model Special at the Bentz GM Country Scotland County Speedway

by Brian Neal

Memphis, MO (August 14)-Gary Webb collected the Racemart Late Model $1,000 to win feature at the Bentz GM Country Scotland County Speedway this past Saturday. While Tony Fraise (USRA Modifieds), Jim Brown (USRA Stock Cars), Jack Evans, Jr. (USRA B-Modifieds), Brandon Symmonds (USRA Hobby Stocks), Michael St.Clair (Cruisers) and Dave Burdette (Hornets) also claimed feature wins on Racemart night at the speedway.

Gary Webb took the lead on lap 1 of the 20 lap Late Model feature, with Jody Wood and Tommy Elston challenging him in second. Elston would try to get by Webb on the second lap, only to loose a drive shaft, ending his night.

Wood then tried to get by Webb down low for the next 18 laps, but Webb held him off to pick up his first win of 2004 at Memphis and collect the $1,000 check. Thad Trump came from 9th to finish in 3rd, Sonny Findling started 18th and charged up to 4th, with Mark Burgtorf coming from 10th to finish in 5th. Trump and Webb picked up heat race wins.

The 20 lap USRA Modified feature saw Kevin Peters jump out front on the drop of the green flag, with Tony Fraise close behind in second. Peters would hold the lead until lap 2, when Fraise slipped under him to take over the top spot. Fraise then pulled away on the final 18 laps to get back in the winners circle at the speedway.

Mark Burgtorf came from 8th to finish in 2nd, Peters held on for 3rd, Mike Bennet was 4th, with Martin Bennet rounding out the top 5. Heat race winners were Fraise and Mike Bennett.

Jim Brown took advantage of his front row start to grab the lead on lap 1 of the 15 lap USRA Stock Car feature. Brown would lead all 15 laps to pick up his second win of 2004 at Memphis.

Mike Robinson was 2nd, Eric Flander was 3rd, Ryan Cook came from 11th to finish in 4th, with Jason Cook coming home in 5th. Robinson and Brown picked up the heat race wins.

Jack Evans, Jr. moved out front on lap 1 of the 15 lap USRA B-Modified feature, with Ron York close behind in second. Evans, Jr. led until lap 6, when York jumped to his outside to grab the top spot. York then held off Evans, Jr. until lap 9, when he went by on the top to get the lead back. Evans, Jr. then held off Jerry Poor, who started 10th, to claim his second win in a row at the speedway. Jerry Reese, Jr. was 3rd, York came back from an early spin to finish in 4th, with Gary Dreyer rounding out the top 5.

Heat race wins went to Evans, Jr. and Reese, Jr.

The 12 lap Hobby Stock feature went to Brandon Symmonds. Symmonds took the lead on the drop of the green flag and then held off all challenges from Jeff Soper to pick up his second career feature win. Abe Huls was 3rd, Tony Becerra was 4th, with Josh Soper coming home a career best 5th. Jeff Soper and Mark Holt claimed heat race wins.

Michael St. Clair took the lead from Jody Small on lap 2 of the Cruiser feature and then led the final 8 laps to pick up the win. Small was 2nd, Bill OHaver came from 9th to finish in 3rd, Brian Overhulser was 4th, with Craig Spilker rounding out the top 5. Heat race winners were St. Clair and Small.

Dave Burdette made it a clean sweep in the Hornet division, as he claimed victories in both the heat and the 10-lap feature. Dennis Schulte finished 2nd, Aaron Sperry was 3rd, Travis DeMint was 4th, with Austin Schulte coming home in 5th.

Coming up next week will be MFA Farmers Elevator & Produce Company/MFA Plant Foods Night at the speedway. Gates will Open at 4:30pm, Hot Laps at 6:00pm and Racing at 6:30.

Late Model
Heat Race 1: 1.Thad Trump, Kahoka 2.Tommy Elston, Keokuk, IA 3.Gordy Grubb, Oskaloosa, IA 4.Chris Fontana, Pella, IA 5.Justin Reed, Quincy, IL 6.Wayne Brau, Annawan, IL 7.Richard Westhoff, Fairfield, IA 8.Dustin Savage, Keokuk, IA 9.Jim Fuller, Memphis
Heat Race 2: 1.Gary Webb, Blue Grass, IA 2.Mark Burgtorf, Quincy, IL 3.Terry Schlipman, Mendon, IL 4.Jody Wood, Donnellson, IA 5.Jerry Asher, Kirksville 6.Lynn Monroe, Memphis 7.Russell Jeffries, Kirksville 8.Rob Kirchner, Donnellson, IA 9.Sonny Findling, Kirksville
Feature: 1.Webb, 2.Wood, 3.Trump, 4.Findling, 5.Burgtorf, 6.Schlipman, 7.Reed, 8.Monroe, 9.Grubb, 10.Asher, 11.Brau, 12.Fontana, 13.Kirchner, 14.Jeffries, 15.Fuller, 16.Savage, 17.Westhoff, 18.Elston
USRA Modifieds
Heat Race 1: 1.Tony Fraise, Donnellson, IA 2.Mark Burgtorf, Quincy, IL 3.Martin Bennett, Ankeny, IA 4.Ryan Meyer, Liberty, IL 5.Brad Ford, Mt.Pleasant, IA 6.Bob Dale, Gorin 7.Mike Delozier, Carthage, IL 8.Rob Jennings, Mt.Pleasant, IA 9.Jim Gillenwater, Keokuk, IA
Heat Race 2: 1.Mike Bennett, Des Moines, IA 2.Rich Smith, Davenport, IA 3.Jim Lynch, Bloomfield, IA 4.Kevin Peters, Monmouth, IL 5.Jardin Fuller, St.Louis 6.Josh Foster, Montrose, IA 7.Phillip Cossel, Montrose, IA 8.Chris Eggers, Lancaster 9.Charles Baker, Labelle
Feature: 1.Fraise, 2.Burgtorf, 3.Peters, 4.Mike Bennett, 5.Martin Bennett, 6.Smith, 7.Ford, 8.Delozier, 9.Fuller, 10.Eggers, 11.Jennings, 12.David Snyder, Greentop 13.Lynch, 14.Meyer, 15.Dale, 16.Foster, 17.Baker, 18.Gillenwater, 19.Cossel
USRA Stock Cars
Heat Race 1: 1.Mike Robinson, Moravia, IA 2.Troy Alexander, Memphis 3.Eric Flander, What Cheer, IA 4.Rodger Dresden, Keokuk, IA 5.Kiel Morton, Kirksville 6.Ryan Cook, West Point, IA 7.Michael Snyder, Greentop
Heat Race 2: 1.Jim Brown, Fremont, IA 2.Tony Fraise, Donnellson, IA 3.Jason Cook, Mt.Pleasant, IA 4.Brian Jackson, Moravia, IA 5.Bob Lynch, Ottumwa, IA 6.Matt Messamaker, Aravia, IA 7.Todd Phillips, Ollie, IA
Feature: 1.Brown, 2.Robinson, 3.Flander, 4.R.Cook, 5.J.Cook, 6.Fraise, 7.Lynch, 8.Dresden, 9.Jackson, 10.Alexander, 11.Morton, 12.Snyder, 13.Messamaker, 14.Phillips
USRA B-Modifieds
Heat Race 1: 1.Jack Evans Jr, Keokuk, IA 2.Ron York, Edina 3.Larry Newman, Kirksville 4.Logan Trueblood, Memphis 5.John Shaffer, Memphis 6.Todd Morton, Kirksville 7.Pete Toubekis, Keokuk, IA 8.Larry Powell, Hannibal 9.Scott Weirather, Keokuk, IA
Heat Race 2: 1.Jerry Reese Jr, Baring 2.Danny Daggs, Kahoka 3.Jerry Poor, Novelty 4.Gary Dreyer, Quincy, IL 5.Bob Jennings, Mt.Pleasant, IA 6.Luke Holst, Augusta, IL 7.Tony Morton, Kirksville, 8.Amos Zimmerman, Memphis
Feature: 1.Evans Jr, 2.Poor, 3.Reese Jr, 4.York, 5.Dreyer, 6.Trueblood, 7.Daggs, 8.Toubekis, 9.Todd Morton, 10.Holst, 11.Weirather, 12.Powell, 13.Tony Morton, 14.Zimmerman, 15.Jennings, 16.Shaffer, 17.Newman
USRA Hobby Stocks
Heat Race 1: 1.Jeff Soper, Kahoka 2.Jim Walker, Mystic, IA 3.Abe Huls, Carthage, IL 4.Tony Becerra, Carthage, IL 5.Jason Overhulser, Alexandria 6.Brian Clark, Kahoka 7.Patrick Profeta, Keokuk, IA 8.Jimmy Hooper, Wyaconda 9.Mark Jacob, Carthage, IL 10.Kevin Cheney, Quincy, IL
Heat Race 2: 1.Mark Holt, Memphis 2.Brandon Symmonds, Keokuk, IA 3.Josh Soper, Kahoka 4.Brad Weber, Donnellson, IA 5.Jim Lynch, Farmington, IA 6.Tim Pettibone, Moravia, IA 7.Earl Six, Keokuk, IA 8.Kevin Londrie, Keokuk, IA 9.Scott Phillips, Hedrick, IA 10.Justin Hamelton, Hamilton, IL
Feature: 1.Symmonds, 2.Jeff Soper, 3.Huls, 4.Becerra, 5.Josh Soper, 6.Holt, 7.Walker, 8.Overhulser, 9.Lynch, 10.Pettibone, 11.Jacob, 12.Londrie, 13.Hooper, 14.Phillips, 15.Clark, 16.Six, 17.Weber, 18.Profeta, 19.Cheney, 20.Hamilton
Heat Race 1: 1.Michael St. Clair, Wayland 2.Craig Spilker, Quincy, IL 3.Shawn Crowell, Alexandria 4.Brian Overhulser, Alexandria 5.Bill OHaver, Kirksville, 6.Jason Henry, Augusta, IL 7.Jason Billings, Keokuk, IA
Heat Race 2: 1.Jody Small, Rutledge 2.David Hudson, Memphis 3.Keith Reed, Quincy, IL 4.Jon Antal, Lancaster 5.Eric Bergheger, Hannibal 6.Amy Mason, Warsaw, IL 7.Rusty Lynch, Hannibal
Feature: 1.St.Clair, 2.Small, 3.OHaver, 4.Overhulser, 5.Spilker, 6.Crowell, 7.Hudson, 8.Reed, 9.Henry, 10.Antal, 11.Lynch, 12.Mason, 13.Bergheger, 14.Billings
Heat Race: 1.Dave Burdette, Keokuk, IA 2.Dennis Schulte, Keokuk, IA 3.Brandon Savage, Keokuk, IA 4.Travis DeMint, Basco, IL 5.Aaron Sperry, New London, IA 6.Austin Schulte, Keokuk, IA
Feature: 1.Burdette, 2.D.Schulte, 3.Sperry, 4.DeMint, 5.A.Schulte, 6.Savage

Might We Need To Change Our Inner Password?

I don’t know how to say what I’m about to say–what I want to say–to you at this very moment.  Believe me.  My (com)passion is charged and ready to express in deep meaning the value that I see in you and how much I believe that each is basically unaware of your own profound depth of wonder.

Mankind is stripped of its potential because Satan’s original work in the Garden divided us.  Oh, I don’t mean that such division is merely one against another.  No, I mean that we entered a zone where we are divided against ourselves.  We want to be effective; yet, find ourselves plagued with failing moments.  We desire to really be alive only to spend far too much time in dread of a day or an event or of a person.

This is why faith enters the picture.  It is a warrior against fear for fear still wants to be the Boss.  That’s what happened to Adam and Eve.  They simply became afraid….and many have never gotten over what we inherited from them.  Yet Jesus, at our rebirth, very much does reopen one’s potential and possibility in a whole new power display.

From Princess to Pauper, we are all the same; wanting to be more than we are and blinded to our own positive dynamic at any given moment.  Don’t misunderstand.  I’m not promoting rude self-centeredness.  But rather, I’m wishing to draw out an inner confidence embedded within us by the intentional design of the Holy Spirit of God.

Individuals do not grasp just how deeply wonderful they/you are.  Thus, we perpetually thirst for something more without realizing we are currently and valuably very much, very sharp, very effective, and very meaningful.  This is not to brush against one’s ego; but rather, to dip into His Supply.  So how do we reverse this mistaken daily tendency of missing His glory within our very own interior?

Realize that we are all the same.  When I was entering the sales world as a 20-something, before I seriously entered into ministry, I was highly intimidated by any of slightest power.  How many times I heard from my colleagues, Hey, they all put their pants on one leg at a time.  But this didn’t help… and I failed.

When I eventually entered into ministry, I was plagued by the very identical insecurity.  This is a part of the reason that it wasn’t until my senior segment of Preaching School that I was sent out into area churches to preach (while all other students began such an experience in their sophomore term).  I. Couldn’t.  Do.  It.

I was scared.  Fear drove my every day.  But little by little, I gained confidence in Him.  I never gained confidence in myself (to this day).  Yet, the key was increasing in assurance of His absolute presence and His productivity.  I actually began to believe; to trust God.  Count.  Me.  In.

My burden for you is that I believe that every person on earth battles insecurities galore.  This, then, carries an inner defense mechanism within our thinking that goes unchecked.  We refuse to learn new ways for we are protecting what little security we dare think we possess.  We take the talent He gives us and we hide it. We hoard it for fear that it, too, will diminish.

Often we balk at the very idea of just trying.  This very practice reduces blessings for those in your path as well as your own potential ones for you would rather play life safe.  There is nothing safe about this for it is robbing you of the real you.  This is your personal Thief.

Whether you are my friend or are my foe, I cheer you on.  Dare to open up your heart to your dreams and imaginations.  Quit playing it safe.  Refuse to hide within your manageable schedules and controlled talents.  Explore.  Dream. Imagine.

And then…. dare to step out of your comfort zone and into His.  Nothing in life has us trapped by enemy pursuants but what God cannot part your Red Sea and provide a way of escape into the unknown wonder of your very own Promised Land!

Change your inner password from I’MAFRAIDI’LLFAIL to GODLET’SGOFORTHEVICTORY.

SCAPP to Host Celebrity Showmanship Event at 2017 Fair

The Scotland County After-Prom Parents are teaming up with the 2017 Scotland County Fair to bring some new entertainment to the summer event while helping raise money for the 2018 SCR-I after-prom party.

The group will host the Celebrity Showmanship contest at the fair on Wednesday, July 12th at 6 p.m.

Nominations are being accepted for any “celebrity” to show in special swine, goat, sheep and chicken shows at the fair that evening.

Cost is $20 to nominate a celebrity, which can include students, athletes, business owners, community members, church family, or just about anyone the nominator would like to see participate in the show.

A winner will be chosen for each livestock category, earning a special prize as well as the right to advance to the round robin show, where the top four participants will compete against one another in showing all four types of livestock to produce a grand champion.

To nominate participants, contact Dawn Triplett (660-341-0233), Melissa Anders (660-341-8969, or Tonya Harrison (660-341-1322. Nominee forms will also  be available at the Memphis Democrat.

The event is being sponsored by the SCR-I class of 2019 Scotland County After-Prom Parents.

Gilliam Family Illusions, United FMX FreeStyle Stunt Team to Perform at 2017 SC Fair

Members of the Gilliam family are pictured here performing their acts of illusion. They will perform at this year’s Scotland County Fair on Tuesday evening, July 11th at 6:00 p.m.

Gilliam Family Illusions will open Tuesday evening’s grandstand entertainment at this year’s Scotland County Fair on July 11th starting at 6:00 p.m.

Gilliam Family Illusions is a show involving their entire family.  They offer a fast-paced, contemporary presentation for audiences of today.  Energy level is kept high with the use of a lot of music.  But the most important aspect of the show is they share the message of the Gospel in a way the audience will understand and remember!

The evening’s entertainment won’t stop there.  Terry Russell with United FMX FreeStyle Stunt Team will perform at 8:00 p.m.

Terry Russell with United FMX FreeStyle Stunt Team will the entertain grandstand crowd at this year’s Scotland County Fair. His show begins at 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, July 11th.

United FMX is a faith based freestyle motocross team that features experienced riders and a complete ramp-to-ramp setup.  They ensure a family-friendly, exciting, action sports exhibition.

Terry Russell, born in 1979, calls Jefferson City his hometown.  He started riding at the age of five.

Terry will host a meet and greet immediately following his show.

Missouri Street to be Resurfaced This Summer

Missouri Street in Memphis is set to get a nearly $85,000 facelift this summer after the Memphis City Council approved a bid from W. L. Miller Company of Hamilton, IL to resurface the city street.

The contract calls for roughly 58,000 square feet of asphalt to be installed by the contractor to create a new two-inch thick driving surface. W.L. Miller Company will also performing milling at all crossroads, along concrete curbing as well as driveways that will be impacted by the new road surface.

The work, which is scheduled to be done later this summer, will run from the Main Street intersection west to the end of the street, approximately eight city blocks. The project comes on the heels of last year’s municipal project installing new water lines along the same route. With the new lines in place, which should eliminate the need for disturbing the road for underground repairs, the city elected to pursue the better driving surface, a practice that has been followed on several other streets in the past decade.

City Superintendent Roy Monroe noted that the project will also including paving of the south parking lot at the Memphis Swimming Pool, which is located north off of Missouri Street. The paving was initially measured at 41×60 for the lot.

NEMO Open Livestock Show Schedule at 2017  Scotland County Fair

The Northeast MO Open Shows takes place Saturday, July 8, 2017 during the Scotland County Fair in Memphis, MO.

Following is the day’s agenda:

Pig Show: Check-in from 7:00-9:00 a.m.  Showtime is at 10:00 a.m.  The entry fee is $10.00 per head.  Purebred animals must show all breed characteristics.  The show includes Market and Breeding classes and is open to all ages.  Contact for the Pig Show is Chris Montgomery (660-342-7979).

Market Lambs and Breeding Goat Show:  Check-in from 10:00 a.m.-Noon.  Showtime is at 2:00 p.m.  The entry fee is $10.00 per head.  Market classes broke by weight and Breeding classes broke by age.  Health papers are required and the show is open to all ages.  Contact for the Market Lambs and Breeding Goat Show is Joanie Baker (660-216-4645).

Cattle Show: Check-in from 2:00-4:00 p.m.  Showtime is at 6:00 p.m.  The entry fee for an out of county exhibitor is $25 and for in county exhibitors the fee is $10 per head.  Heifers will be shown by breed and age.  Steers will be shown by weight.

Champion Steer – $350.00, Champion Heifer – $200.00, Reserve Champion Steer – $150.00, Reserve Champion Heifer – $100.00.  The Cattle Show is open to all ages and contact person is Curtis Mallett (660-341-6297).

Gorin Go-Getters 4-H Club Hosts June Meeting

by Sadie Davis

Vice President Morgan Blessing called the June meeting of the Gorin Go-Getters to order on June 11 at 2:00 p.m. at the Gorin Christian Church. Pledges were led by Dawson Crane & Tracy Huber. Secretary Lauren Triplett called roll by asking each member what their summer vacation plans were. Lauren also gave the minutes of the last meeting. Advisor Joanie Baker gave the Treasurer’s Report, announcing that the club had a current balance of $3,468.22. Council Representatives Kaitlyn Talbert and Shelby Troutman gave the Council Report.

The Financial Committee reported that working at the Boyer wedding resulted in donations from the Boyer family. Layla Baker reported that she had attended and enjoyed the Goat Camp.

Heidi Triplett announced that she had Club T-Shirts for members to buy. Joanie Baker asked that participants in the Super Farmer Contest tell her their t-shirt size. The club discussed the silent auction for the fair and Joanie informed the club that proceeds will go to the Salary account. Joanie passed around a sign-up sheet and asked members to sign up to work at the fair in either the Art Hall, Pepsi Wagon, or trash pick-up.

Joanie asked that members check their meeting attendance because they must have attended six meetings to show or sell at the fair. She also reminded members that SMQA requirements must be met to show or sell at the fair. Fair Clean-Up Day is June 24 and members must report by 10:00 a.m. to be counted for lunch. Wristbands for exhibitors are $15.00 at the Extension Office. NEMO Fair entries are due June 30 and you must have the leader’s signature. State Fair entries are due June 30 as well.

The next club meeting is July 3 at 5:30. Refreshments will be provided by the Jamie Triplett family and Jessica Huff will be giving a demonstration. The Azen Jolly Timers July meeting is on July 5 at 6:00 p.m. at the fairgrounds. July 8 are the Scotland County Open Livestock Shows. July 9-16 is the Scotland County Fair. The Gorin Go-Getters’ Art Hall slot is from 10:00-10:45 a.m.

After the meeting was adjourned, the club enjoyed popsicles provided by the Tara Huber family.

City Of Memphis Participates in Regional Cybersecurity Workshop

COLUMBIA, MO  –  The City of Memphis municipal utilities services participated in a regional Improving Cybersecurity Workshop and Cyber Mutual Assistance Orientation, held by the Missouri Public Utility Alliance (MPUA).

Memphis Utilities Superintendent Stacy Alexander attended the June 9 workshop in Columbia, among 42 representatives attending from 24 Alliance-member cities and utilities. The workshop was one of 14 regional cybersecurity workshops nationwide, sponsored by the American Public Power Association (APPA) and funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

“The workshop was filled with information about very real threats and concerns,” said Duncan Kincheloe, President and General Manager of the Missouri Public Utility Alliance. “Participants left with issues to consider for timely action in their local systems, or to discuss with other community leaders.”

Participants in the workshop joined in exercises and discussions to strengthen security of utility computer systems and critical infrastructure. Information was shared to help participants evaluate cyber threats and response measures, and discuss cyber resiliency and physical solutions, including advanced controls.

The second part of the workshop was an orientation to a Cyber Mutual Assistance program created by Homeland Security’s Electricity Subsector Coordinating Council (ESCC). Mutual assistance, used by utilities to recover more quickly from natural disasters, can also be used to address cyber threats for utilities of all sizes.

The city is considering joining MPUA’s member municipal utilities participating in MPUA’s Cybersecurity Initiative. Overseen by N-Dimension Solutions, the service would provide continuous monitoring for intrusion detection and alerts, and security management to help identify areas of concern. The program also provides guidance to reduce vulnerabilities, and action steps to shut down threats and reduce damage in the event of a threat event.

The Missouri Public Utility Alliance is a multi-state association of more than 110 city-owned electric, water, gas, wastewater, and broadband utilities in Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, and Kansas. MPUA provides support to its members in the areas of electric and natural gas supply, water and wastewater compliance, mutual aid disaster assistance, financing, safety training, and utility operations. MPUA also advocates on behalf of municipalities on utility issues at the national and state levels.

Grant Funding Helping to Enhance Memphis Recycling Program

Another round of grant funding from the Northeast Missouri Solid Waste Management District is helping enhance the City of Memphis’s recycling program. Earlier this month the city council approved a contract with Memphis Lumber for the construction of a new 20×28 post frame building and a 18×53 lean-to to be added to the existing recycling facility, located at the intersections of Hamilton, Monroe and Strong streets on the southwest edge of Memphis.

Once the new building is completed it will house the municipal recycling collection center, which has temporarily been located in the old state shed at the intersections of Highway 15 and 136.

The project cost is $12,790. The city will install cement flooring as part of the matching fund requirements of the grant.

The solid waste management district funding, which is made possible through landfill fees, also allowed the city to upgrade the systems baler, a a price tag of just shy of $25,000.

City Superintendent Roy Monroe said the improvements will help make the program much more efficient. The baler upgrade features a higher capacity hopper  which will make the process much less time consuming. The lean-to will add additional storage space for the recycled items, which offer a higher price when shipped in larger volume, while also helping lower transportation costs.

Monroe added that the new drop off point should be more user friendly as well while also being located at the recycling center, further reducing collection times for the city employees as well as transportation costs.

Work is expected to begin this week to install the floor at the lean-to that was constructed last week. The new collection building has not been completed yet. Monroe stated that once it is done, the floor is installed and the collection bins are installed, the city will close down the former collection site and notify the public of the changeover.

Annual Woods Reunion Held Sunday June 18th

With fifty-seven family members and friends gathered at the Grand Hall in Memphis, Sunday, June 18th for the Woods family reunion.  Fried chicken was furnished for all attending, as was a beautiful layered cake honoring all fathers there – it was also Father’s Day – and others brought salads, desserts, and veggies.  Lucille Woods Cossel asked the blessing prior to eating.

Randy and Charles Woods were in charge of reunion arrangements, with many pitching in to help.  Bonnie Woods Schultz gave a number of “mug rugs” to adults and to the children she had magnetic gifts.

An added area of interest was the display of family fact sheets and pictures display.  Randy and Bonnie were mostly responsible for these displays.  More pictures are desired for next year’s reunion.

Alison Woods Widmer from Aurora, CO, came farthest and Avery Rimer from Edina, MO was the youngest attending.  Ivan and Virginia Woods claim the honor of being the oldest!

Attendees were Alison Widmer Aurora, CO; Andrea Krog, Clarence; Johnny Morrison, Alexandria; Nancy and Joe Plowman, Cassie Plowman, Scott Shively, Bloomfield, IA; Darla and Leon Steenblock, and Darrel Cossel, Des Moines, IA; Dianna Rempp, Lucille Cossel, Tessa Islander, Ali Jo Islander, Reasnor, IA; Golda Seybold, Vicki Shear, Don McClean; Alicia, Will, and Adrian Gore, Quincy, IL; Hollis Woods, Keokuk, IA; Junior Woods, Ottumwa, IA; Sean and Clarinda Woods, Lone Jack, MS; Dale and Christine Heaton, Richard and Samantha Heaton, Unionville, MO; Bonnie Schultz, Kirksville; Lowell and Darlene Woods, Baring, MO; Dean Woods, Melvin Lee, Sarah, Jaxon, and Avery Rimer, Edina; Jennifer Woods, Downing; Jim and Kim Woods, Arbela; Jon, Sam, and Shannon Rader; P.T. and Diana Woods, Novinger; Chas. Woods, Jannet Graham, Ivan and Virginia Woods, Kevin, Debbie, Matthew Woods, Buzz, Faith Ann, Merit, and Halle Miller, Pam Mallett, Randy Woods, Karen Shippen, all from Memphis.

Submitted by Virginia Woods

Wright Graduates from MSU

SPRINGFIELD – Missouri State University conferred 2,651 degrees to students at its 2017 spring commencement May 19 at JQH Arena.

A total of 1,995 bachelor’s degrees, 554 master’s degrees, 93 doctorate degrees and nine specialist degrees were conferred.

Shaye Wright of Memphis, Missouri, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology.

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