July 29, 2004

Nine Different Winners in Ten Races at Bentz GM Country Scotland County Speedway

by Brian Neal
Memphis, MO (July 24)-Bradley Insurance night produced nine winners in 10 features at the Bentz GM Country Scotland County Speedway. Mark Holt (USRA Hobby Stock), Michael St.Clair (Cruiser) and Tyler Schulte (Hornets) won the make-up features, with Thad Trump (Late Models), Mark Burgtorf (USRA Modifieds), Ryan Cook (USRA Stock Cars), Ron York (USRA B-Modifieds), John Oliver, Jr. (USRA Hobby Stocks), Brian Overhulser (Cruisers) and Tyler Schulte (Hornets) winning the regular nightís features.

Jeff Soper took the lead on the drop of the green flag on lap 1 of the 12 lap make-up USRA Hobby Stock feature, with Mark Holt and John Oliver, Jr. challenging in second. Soper would hold the top spot until lap 9,when Holt slipped under him to take over. Holt then led the final 3 laps and held off several challenges from Oliver, Jr. to win his first feature of the season at Memphis. Soper would hold on to finish 3rd, Brandon Symmonds came from 12th to finish in 4th, with Mike Shelton coming from 10th to round out the top 5.

The make-up Cruiser feature saw Jody Small jump out front on lap 1 of the 10-lap feature. Small would hold the lead until lap 4, when Michael St. Clair charged by on the top to take over the top spot. St. Clair then held off Brian Overhulser on the final 6 laps to get back in the winners circle. Small slipped to 3rd, Jason Henry was 4th, with David Hudson coming home in 5th.

Dennis Schulte grabbed the lead on lap 1 of the 10 lap make-up Hornet feature, with Tyler Schulte and Dave Burdette challenging him in second. D.Schulte held off T.Schulte until lap 4 when he slipped by to take the lead. T.Schulte would lead the final 6 laps to pick up the win. D.Schulte was 2nd, Burdette was 3rd, Brandon Savage was 4th, with Gordon Blankenship rounding out the top 5.

Denny Woodworth took advantage of his front row start to grab the lead on lap 1 of the 20 lap Late Model feature, with Thad Trump behind in second. Woodworth was pulling away from the field when a caution came out on lap 11, bringing the filed to his back bumper. On the restart, Woodworth would continue to lead with Trump and Tommy Elston challenging him in second. Trump would slip by Woodworth on lap 13 to take the lead, with Elston following in second. Trump would hold off all challenges from Elston, who tried to get by Trump on lap 19 and got into the front stretch guardrail, ending his night. Trump would go on to pick up the win. Woodworth was 2nd, Jody Wood was 3rd, Lynn Monroe was 4th,with Jason Krigbaum rounding out the top 5. Wood and Trump would pick up heat race wins.

The 15-lap USRA Modified feature saw Darin Thye grab the lead on the start and hold it until lap 2,when he slowed with mechanical problems. Tony Fraise took over the top spot and held it until lap 3 when Mark Burgtorf slipped under him for the lead. Fraise would try Burgtorf on the top of the speedway several times thru the next 12 laps, but Burgtorf would hold him off to claim his second win in a row at the speedway. Ryan Meyer was 3rd, Zack Vanderbeek was 4th, with Ron Gough coming home in 5th. Heat race winners were Burgtorf and Gough.

Eric Flander came from 4th to grab the lead on lap 1 of the 15 lap USRA Stock Car feature, with Ryan Cook close behind in second. Flander would hold off R.Cook until lap 3, when Cook jumped to the outside of him to take over the top spot. Cook pulled away on the final 12 laps to claim his third win of the season at Memphis. Flander was 2nd, Jim Brown was 3rd, Michael Browning was 4th, with Troy Alexander rounding out the top 5. Flander and Mike Robinson picked up heat race wins.

The 12 lap USRA B-Modified feature came down to the last lap, last corner before the winner was determined. Bob Woodrow took the lead on the drop of the green flag, with Tony Dunker close behind in second. Woodrow would hold the top spot until lap 7, when Jerry Reese, Jr. slipped by for the lead. Reese, Jr. then led until the last lap, last corner, when Ron York slipped under him to claim his first career feature win. Woodrow held on to finish 3rd, Jack Evans, Jr. came from 9th to finish in 4th, with Dunker slipping to 5th. Heat race winners were Evans, Jr., Woodrow and Logan Trueblood.

Travis Woody jumped out front on lap 1 of the 12 lap USRA Hobby Stock feature and then held it until lap 2, when Mark Holt got by for the lead. Holt would only hold the lead for 2 laps, as John Oliver Jr, who started 6th, jumped to the outside of him to take the top spot on lap 4. Oliver, Jr. then led the final 8 laps to claim his first win of the season at Memphis. Holt was 2nd, Jeff Soper came from 11th to finish 3rd, Chris Wibbell came from 9th to finish in 4th, with Jim Oliver coming home in 5th. Mike Shelton, Wibbell and Doug Small picked up heat race wins.

Brian Overhulser took the lead on lap 1 of the 10 lap Cruiser feature and never gave it up, as he picked up his second win of the season at the speedway. A scary wreck saw David Hudson take a wild ride down the front stretch, but we were glad to say everybody got out unhurt. Bill OíHaver charged from 13th to finish in 2nd, Keith Reed was 3rd, Kevin Fountain came from 11th to finish in 4th,with Jason Henry rounding out the top 5. Heat race wins went to David Hudson and Jody Small.

Gordon Blankenship grabbed the lead on lap 1 of the 10 lap Hornet feature and then held it until lap 5,when Tyler Schulte, who started 7th,slipped by for the top spot. T.Schulte would lead the final 5 laps to claim his second win of the night at Memphis. Dennis Schulte was 2nd,Rob Chase was 3rd,Dustin Boling was 4th,with Brandon Savage coming home in 5th. Dave Burdette and D.Schulte picked up heat race wins.

Coming up next week the USMTS will return to the speedway, thanks to Walker Motors Collision & Repair and Spilman Auto Parts. Donít forget the last time the USMTS was at the speedway the feature was rained out after 8 laps, so you will see two USMTS features for the price of one. Also in action will be USRA Stock Cars, USRA B-Modifeds, USRA Hobby Stocks, Cruisers and Hornets. The support classes will be point races. Gates will open at 4:00pm, Hot Laps at 6:30pm, with Racing at 7:00pm.

July 24 Results

Late Models

Heat Race 1: 1.Jody Wood, Donnellson, IA 2.Tommy Elston, Keokuk, IA 3.Denny Woodworth, Mendon, IL 4.Dick Weber, Kirksville 5.Jason Krigbaum, Hannibal 6.Richard Westhoff, Fairfield, IA

Heat Race 2: 1.Thad Trump, Kahoka 2.Lynn Monroe, Memphis 3.Jeff Laue, Burlington, IA 4.Russell Jeffries, Kirksville 5.Jay Chenoweth, West Burlington, IA 6.Kevin Tomlinson, New London

Feature: 1.Trump, 2.Woodworth, 3.Wood, 4.Monroe, 5.Krigbaum, 6.Laue, 7.Chenoweth, 8.Jeffries, 9.Elston, 10.Tomlinson, 11.Westhoff, 12.Weber

USRA Modifieds

Heat Race 1: 1.Mark Burgtorf, Quincy, IL 2.Tony Fraise, Donnellson, IA 3.Darin Thye, Burlington, IA 4.Mike Delozier, Carthage,IL 5.Jardin Fuller, Memphis 6.David Snyder, Greentop

Heat Race 2: 1.Ron Gough, Quincy, IL 2.Ryan Meyer, Liberty, IL 3.Dennis Elliott, Mt. Ayr, IA 4.Zack Vanderbeek, New Sharon, IA 5.Bob Dale, Gorin 6.Phillip Cossel, Montrose, IA

Feature: 1.Burgtorf, 2.Fraise, 3.Meyer, 4.Vanderbeek, 5.Gough, 6.Elliott, 7.Cossel, 8.Delozier, 9.Fuller, 10.Dale, 11.Snyder, 12.Thye

USRA Stock Cars

Heat Race 1: 1.Eric Flander, What Cheer, IA 2.Troy Alexander, Memphis 3.Jason Cook, Mt.Pleasant, IA 4.Les Blakley, Fairfield, IA 5.Don Kanselaar, Centerville, IA 6.Todd Phillips, Ollie, IA 7.Kiel Morton, Kirksville

Heat Race 2: 1.Mike Robinson, Moravia, IA 2.Jim Brown, Fremont, IA 3.Michael Browning, Edina, 4.Ryan Cook, West Point, IA 5.Shane Weller, Agency, IA 6.David Boas, Bloomfield, IA 7.Rodger Dresden, Keokuk, IA

Feature: 1.R.Cook, 2.Flander, 3.Brown, 4.Browning, 5.Alexander, 6.J.Cook, 7.Weller, 8.Blakley, 9.Phillips, 10.Boas, 11.Kanselaar, 12.Dresden, 13.Morton, 14.Robinson

USRA B-Modifieds

Heat Race 1: 1.Jack Evans, Jr. Keokuk, IA 2.Tony Dunker, Quincy, IL 3.Jerry Poor, Novelty 4.Danny Daggs, Kahoka 5.Chris Leathers, Macon 6.Larry Newman, Kirksville 7.Todd Morton, Kirksville

Heat Race 2: 1.Bob Woodrow, Perry 2.Ron York, Edina 3.Amos Zimmerman, Memphis 4.Robbie Reed, Mexico 5.Tony Morton, Kirksville 6.Brad Willoughby, Marceline 7.Robbie Mauck, Knox City

Heat Race 3: 1.Logan Trueblood, Memphis 2.John Shaffer, Memphis 3.Jerry Reese, Jr. Baring 4.Luke Holst, Augusta, IL 5.Pete Toubekis, Keokuk, IA 6.Jerry Taylor, Moberly, MO

Feature: 1.York, 2.Reese, Jr. 3.Woodrow, 4.Evans, Jr. 5.Dunker, 6.Daggs, 7.Trueblood, 8.Reed, 9.Leathers, 10.Newman, 11.Todd Morton, 12.Tony Morton, 13.Willoughby, 14.Zimmerman, 15.Shaffer, 16.Poor, 17.Toubekis, 18.Taylor, 19.Holst, 20.Mauck

USRA Hobby Stocks

Make-up Feature: 1.Mark Holt, Memphis 2.John Oliver, Jr. Danville, IA 3.Jeff Soper, Kahoka 4.Brandon Symmonds, Keokuk, IA 5.Mike Shelton, Ottumwa, IA 6.Doug Small, Memphis 7.Josh Soper, Kahoka 8.Jim Lynch, Farmington, IA 9.Jim Walker, Mystic, IA 10.Nathan Wood, Sigourney, IA 11.Travis Woody, Cairo 12.Jimmy Hooper, Wyaconda, MO 13.Earl Six, Keokuk, IA 14.Justin Hamelton, Hamilton, IL 15.Lynn Lewis, Unionville 16.Richard Hudson, Arbela, 17.Tony Becerra, Carthage, IL 18.Jeremy Hamlin, Memphis, 19.Patrick Profeta, Keokuk, IA 20.Matt Snyder, Green City 21.Jason Overhulser, Alexandria 22.Gordon Hudson, Arbela 23.Kevin Cheney, Quincy, IL 24.Jesse Garrett, Batavia, IA 25.Chris Anthony, Farmington, IA 26.JR Miller, Fairfield, IA

Heat Race 1: 1.Shelton, 2.Jim Oliver, Beardstown, IL 3.Holt, 4.Symmonds, 5.Walker, 6.Josh Soper, 7.Lewis, 8.Kevin Londrie, 9.Six

Heat Race 2: 1.Chris Wibbell, Dallas City, IL 2.Tim Pettibone, Moravia, IA 3.Lynch, 4.Woody, 5.Hamelton, 6.Scott Phillips, 7.Becerra, 8.Overhulser, 9.Hooper

Heat Race 3: 1.Small, 2.Oliver, Jr. 3.Robert Kibbe, Salem, IA 4.Jeff Soper, 5.Hamlin, 6.Wood, 7.Profeta, 8.R.Hudson

Feature: 1.Oliver, Jr. 2.Holt, 3.Jeff Soper, 4.Wibbell, 5.Oliver, 6.Lynch, 7.Profeta, 8.Wood, 9.Woody, 10.Overhulser, 11.Lewis, 12.Phillips, 13.Symmonds, 14.Kibbe, 15.Becerra, 16.Hamelton, 17.Walker, 18.Six, 19.Shelton, 20.Small, 21.Pettibone, 22.Hamlin, 23.Josh Soper, 24.Londrie, 25.R.Hudson, 26.Hopper


Make-up Feature: 1.Michael St. Clair, Wayland 2.Brian Overhulser, Alexandria, 3.Jody Small, Rutledge 4.Jason Henry, Augusta, IL 5.David Hudson, Memphis 6.Bill OíHaver, Kirksville 7.Eric Bergheger, Hannibal 8.Jon Antal, Lancaster 9.Daniel Robbins, Greentop 10.Kevin Foutain, Arbela 11.Derek Kirkland, Centerville, IA

Heat Race 1: 1.Hudson, 2.St.Clair, 3.Bergheger, 4.Monte Stephens, 5.Henry, 6.Kirkland, 7.OíHaver

Heat Race 2: 1.Small, 2.Overhulser, 3.Larry Powell, Hannibal 4.Keith Reed, Quincy, IL 5.Antal, 6.Fountain, 7.Robbins

Feature: 1.Overhulser, 2.OíHaver, 3.Reed, 4.Fountain, 5.Henry, 6.Antal, 7.Powell, 8.Robbins, 9.Bergheger, 10.Small, 11.St.Clair, 12.Hudson, 13.Stephens, 14.Kirkland


Make-up Feature: 1.Tyler Schulte, Montrose, IA 2.Dennis Schulte, Keokuk, IA 3.Dave Burdette, Keokuk, IA 4.Brandon Savage, Keokuk, IA 5.Gordon Blankenship, Keokuk, IA 6.David Lorton, Moberly 7.Rob Chase, Clark, 8.Darren Morgan, Paris 8.Donald Oliver, Hamilton, IL 9.Daric Crane, Palmyra 10.Terry Aldridge, Clipton Hill 11.Bob Fletcher

Heat Race 1: 1.Burdette, 2.Blankenship, 3.Savage, 4.Brent Forest, 5.Chase, 6.Morgan, 7.Joe Evans, Jacksonville 8.Travis Redburn, Moberly 9.Rick Miller, Gorin 10.Andrew Hustead, Rutledge

Heat Race 2: 1.D.Schulte, 2.T.Schulte, 3.Lorton, 4.Jim Hamilton, Keokuk, IA 5.Dustin Boling, Lenter 6.Donald Miller, Gorin 7.Jerry Symmonds, Keokuk, IA 8.Austin Schulte, Keokuk, IA 9.Michael Prebe, 10.Brenda Wear

Feature: 1.T.Schulte, 2.D.Schulte, 3.Chase, 4.Boling, 5.Savage, 6.Lorton, 7.Forest, 8.Morgan, 9.Redburn, 10.D.Miller, 11.Symmonds, 12.Hamilton, 13.A.Schulte, 14.Prebe, 15.Blankenship, 16.Evans, 17.R.Miller, 18.Burdette, 19.Wear, 20.Hustead

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