June 24, 2004

Woodworth, Overhulser Claim First Wins Of 2004 At The Bentz GM Country Scotland County Speedway

by Brian Neal

Memphis, MO (June 19)-Denny Woodworth (Late Models) and Brian Overhulser (Cruisers) claimed their first wins of 2004 at the Bentz GM Country Scotland County Speedway on Primrose Realty/Kay Eggleston Bookkeeping & Tax Service night. Also picking up wins in their classes included Mark Burgtorf (USRA Modifieds), Ryan Cook (USRA Stock Cars), Jerry Reese, Jr. (USRA B-Modifieds), Mike Shelton (USRA Hobby Stocks) and Tyler Schulte (Hornets).

Denny Woodworth took advantage of his front row starting spot in the 15-lap Late Model feature to grab the lead on lap 1. Jody Wood would challenge Woodworth throughout the entire 15 lap feature, but Woodworth held on to claim his first win of 2004 at the speedway. Lynn Monroe was 3rd, Thad Trump was 4th, with Jay Chenoweth coming home in 5th. Wood picked up the heat race win.

The 15-lap USRA Modified feature saw front row starter Mark Burgtorf jump out to the lead on lap 1, with Tony Fraise behind in second. Burgtorf and Fraise battled for the lead for all 15 laps with Burgtorf holding on to win. Jim Gillenwater came home 3rd, Phillip Cossel was 4th, with Ryan Meyer rounding out the top 5. The heat race win went to Fraise.

Mike Robinson took the lead on lap 1 of the 15-lap USRA Stock Car feature, with Ryan Cook close behind in second. Robinson, who was running the bottom, and R.Cook, who was running the middle, battled side by side for the lead the next 5 laps. R.Cook took the lead on lap 6. Robinson would try R.Cook on the bottom several times, but R.Cook held him off to claim his second win of 2004 at Memphis. Jason Cook came from 9th to finish 3rd. Matt Greiner came from 10th to finish 4th, with Todd Phillips coming home in 5th. Butch Bailey and David Wietholder picked up heat race wins.

Jerry Reese, Jr. grabbed the lead on lap 1 of the 12-lap USRA B-Modified feature, with Jerry Poor challenging him in second. Reese, Jr. would lead all 12 laps to get back in the winners circle. Poor was 2nd. Bob Woodrow came from 10th to finish 3rd, with Jack Evans, Jr. in 4th, and Danny Daggs rounding out the top 5. Heat race winners were Woodrow and Reese, Jr.

Twenty-nine USRA Hobby Stocks took to the track for their 12-lap feature, with Jason Overhulser jumping out front on the start. Overhulser would hold the lead until lap 5 when Jeremy Hamlin slipped under him for the top spot. Hamlin and Overhulser continued to battle for the lead, as Mike Shelton, who started 8th, was working his way toward the front. Shelton grabbed the lead from Hamlin on lap 10 and then held him off on the final 2 laps to pick up his third win in a row at Memphis. Overhulser was 3rd, Tony Becerra was 4th, with Mark Holt coming home in 5th.

Overhulser, Shelton, Hamlin and Mark Jacob picked up heat race wins.

Brian Overhulser took advantage of his front row start to grab the lead on lap 1 of the Cruiser feature, with Michael St.Clair close behind in second. Overhulser led until lap 3, when St.Clair slipped under him for the top spot. Overhulser would come back on the top of the speedway to take the lead back on lap 4 and then held off St.Clair and David Hudson on the final lap to claim his first win of the season at Memphis. Larry Powell came home in 4th, with Shawn Crowell rounding out the top 5. Heat race win went to Overhulser.

The 10 lap Hornet feature saw Tyler Schulte take the lead on lap 1,with Dave Burdette and Dennis Schulte battling in second. T.Schulte would hold the top spot until lap 5 when D.Schulte slipped under him for the lead. T.Schulte grabbed the lead back from D.Schulte on lap 7 and then held on for another win at the speedway. Burdette was 3rd, Jim Oliver was 4th, with Ros Hammel coming home in 5th. T.Schulte won the heat.

Coming up next week at the Bentz GM Country Scotland County Speedway is IMI Equipment-NAPA night. All classes will be in action with Gates Opening at 4:30 p.m., Hot Laps at 6:00 p.m. and Racing at 6:30 p.m.


Late Models

Heat Race: 1.Jody Wood, Donnellson, IA 2.Denny Woodworth, Mendon, IL 3.Lynn Monroe, Memphis 4.Jay Chenoweth, West Burlington, IA 5.Thad Trump, Kahoka 6.Jason Krigbaum, Hannibal 7.Jerry Asher, Kirksville 8.Justin Fuller Memphis

Feature: 1.Woodworth, 2.Wood, 3.Monroe, 4.Trump, 5.Chenoweth, 6.Asher, 7.Krigbaum, 8.Fuller

USRA Modifieds

Heat Race: 1.Tony Fraise, Donnellson, IA, 2.Ryan Meyer, Liberty, IL 3.Mark Burgtorf, Quincy, IL 4.Phillip Cossel, Montrose, IA 5.Jim Gillenwater, Keokuk, IA 6.Jardin Fuller, Memphis 7.Doak Allen, West Burlington, IA 8.Bob Dale, Gorin 9.Brad Ford, Mt.Pleasant, IA

Feature: 1.Burgtorf, 2.Fraise, 3.Gillenwater, 4.Cossel, 5.Meyer, 6.Fuller, 7.Allen, 8.Dale, 9.Ford

USRA Stock Cars

Heat Race 1: 1.Butch Bailey, Novelty 2.Michael Browning, Edina 3.Brandon Bandstra, Lynnville, IA 4.Mike Robinson, Moravia, IA 5.Matt Greiner, Washington, IA 6.Harley Hill, Kahoka 7.Jim Brown, Fremont, IA 8.Kiel Morton, Kirksville 9.Troy Alexander, Memphis

Heat Race 2: 1.David Wietholder, Liberty, IL 2.Ryan Cook, West Point, IA 3.Jason Cook, Mt.Pleasant, IA 4.Bob Lynch, Ottumwa, IA 5.Todd Phillips, Ollie, IA 6.Rodger Dresden, Keokuk, IA 7.Mark Antal, Lancaster 8.Phillip Cossel, Montrose, IA

Feature: 1.R.Cook, 2.Robinson, 3.J.Cook, 4.Greiner, 5.Phillips, 6.Bailey, 7.Brown, 8.Alexander, 9.Wietholder, 10.Lynch, 11.Hill, 12.Dresden, 13.Morton, 14.Antal, 15.Bandstra, 16.Cossel, 17.Browning

USRA B-Modifieds

Heat Race 1: 1.Bob Woodrow, Perry 2.Jack Evans, Jr., Keokuk, IA 3.Jerry Poor, Novelty 4.John Shaffer, Memphis 5.Danny Daggs, Kahoka 6.Larry Newman, Kirksville 7.Pete Toubekis, Keokuk, IA 8.Todd Morton, Kirksville

Heat Race 2: 1.Jerry Reese, Jr., Baring 2.Logan Trueblood, Memphis 3.Luke Holst, Augusta, IL 4.Tony Morton, Kirksville 5.Amos Zimmerman, Memphis 6.Robbie Mauck, Knox City 7.David Snyder, Greentop

Feature: 1.Reese, Jr, 2.Poor, 3.Woodrow, 4.Evans, Jr. 5.Daggs, 6.Shaffer, 7.Trueblood, 8.Newman, 9.Holst, 10.Tony Morton, 11.Zimmerman, 12.Mauck, 13.Toubekis, 14.Todd Morton, 15.Snyder

USRA Hobby Stocks

Heat Race 1: 1.Jason Overhulser, Alexandria 2.Josh Soper, Kahoka 3.Robert Kibbe, Salem, IA 4.Heather Woodrow, Perry 5.Brad Weber, Donnellson, IA 6.Jim Walker, Mystic, IA 7.Jimmy Hooper, Wyaconda 8.Brandon Symmonds, Keokuk, IA

Heat Race 2: 1.Mike Shelton, Ottumwa, IA 2.Jeff Soper, Kahoka 3.Tim Pettibone, Moravia, IA 4.Richard Hudson, Arbela 5.Robbie Rains, Bonaparte, IA 6.Jim Lynch, Farmington, IA 7.Kevin Cheney, Quincy, IL

Heat Race 3: 1.Jeremy Hamlin, Memphis 2.Doug Small, Memphis 3.Tony Becerra, Carthage, IL 4.Abe Huls, Carthage, IL 5.Justin Hamelton, Hamilton, IL 6.Gordon Hudson, Arbela 7.Earl Six, Keokuk, IA

Heat Race 4: 1.Mark Jacob, Carthage, IL 2.Michael Lay, Lewistown 3.Mark Holt, Memphis 4.Patrick Profeta, Keokuk, IA 5.Beau Taylor, Canton 6.Allan Rains, Bonaparte, IA 7.JR Miller, Fairfield, IA

Feature: 1.Shelton, 2.Hamlin, 3.Overhulser, 4.Becerra, 5.Holt, 6.Huls, 7.Josh Soper, 8.Symmonds, 9.R.Rains, 10.Jeff Soper, 11.Kibbe, 12.Woodrow, 13.Miller, 14.Pettibone, 15.Profeta, 16.Jacob, 17.Cheney, 18.R.Hudson, 19.Six, 20.G.Hudson, 21.Hamelton, 22.Lay, 23.Taylor, 24.A.Rains, 25.Small, 26.Walker, 27.Weber, 28.Hooper, 29.Lynch


Heat Race: 1.Brian Overhulser, Alexandria 2.Michael St.Clair, Wayland 3.Larry Powell, Hannibal 4.Shawn Crowell, Alexandria 5.Eric Bergheger, Hannibal 6.David Hudson, Memphis 7.Bill O'Haver, Kirksville 8.Tanya Wietholder, Liberty, IL 9.Jon Antal, Lancaster 10.Kevin Fountain, Arbela

Feature: 1.Overhulser, 2.St.Clair, 3.Hudson, 4.Powell, 5.Crowell, 6.Wietholder, 7.Bergheger, 8.Antal, 9.O'Haver, 10.Fountain


Heat Race: 1.Tyler Schulte, Montrose, IA 2.Dennis Schults, Keokuk, IA 3.Dave Burdette, Keokuk, IA 4.TJ Newberry, Keokuk, IA 5.Jim Oliver, Hamilton, IL 6.Ros Hammel, Hamilton, IL 7.Brandon Savage, Keokuk, IA 8.Danny Miller, Gorin 9.Donnie DeMint, Basco 10.Rick Miller, Gorin 11.Austin Schulte, Keokuk, IA

Feature: 1.T.Schulte, 2.D.Schulte, 3.Burdette, 4.Oliver, 5.Hammel, 6.Newberry, 7.Savage, 8.D.Miller, 9.DeMint, 10.R.Miller, 11.A.Schulte

Redmon Report


by Fourth district Missouri State Representative Craig Redmon

Greetings from the Capitol,

 We have nearly reached the end of session and are working harder than ever to sure up the loose ends this session. Below I have an update on progress I have made with my own bills, but first I want to mention some progress made on one of my colleague’s bills.

Representative Bernskoetter’s HB 2057 (Concealed Carry Permit) was Third Read and Passed on the House Floor this Monday. It has now been First and Second Read in the Senate and was referred to the Senate Committee on Transportation, Infrastructure, and Public Safety.

This bill will strengthen our 2nd amendment right. In particular it limits the total dollar amount a person can be charged through any number of fees required to purchase a concealed carry permit to $100. No additional fee can be charged for finger printing, background checks, or anything else besides the permit itself. It also expands the right to use deadly force on private property. It specifies that guests on a private property, with the authority of the property owner can use deadly force in specified instances. I think this bill will help expand the peoples access to the 2nd amendment and I am in strong support of these changes to our laws.

(For more info http://www.house.mo.gov/billsummary.aspx?bill=HB2057&year=2016&code=R)

 Update on my bills

 HB 1448- Changes the laws regarding sales and use tax exemptions for utilities used or consumed in the preparation of food. This Monday HB 1448 was taken up on the House Floor for Third Reading. It was passed 108 Ayes to 44 Noes. It was then reported to the Senate and First Read. On Thursday the Senate Second Read and Referred HB 1448 to the Senate Committee on Ways and Means. A Public Hearing has now been scheduled for this Tuesday, the 3rd, at 12:00 in Senate Hearing Room 1.

To learn more about my bills go to my Bills Sponsored Page at http://house.mo.gov/billreport.aspx?select=xSponsorDistrict:004&sortoptions=xsponsor&year=2016&code=R. There you can find the bill summaries, full text, reports from hearings and past actions and amendments.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out to me by email at Craig.Redmon@house.mo.gov or phone by calling 573-751-3644.

Have a great weekend,


Candidates Sought for 2016 Scotland County Fair Queen Contest

queens web

The Scotland County Fair Board is now seeking candidates for the 2016 Scotland County Fair Queen contest.

Young women from Scotland, Knox, and Schuyler counties between the ages of 17 and 24 are eligible to enter. The coronation will be held on July 11th at the Scotland County Fairgrounds at Memphis and the winner will be able to represent Scotland County at the 2016 Missouri State Fair.

Several events are being planned for the candidates which includes a trip to the Miss Missouri pageant in Mexico, MO.  A meeting will be held on June 1 at the Scotland County Fairgrounds for anyone interested in being a candidate.

For more information, please call 660-341-8558.

Brandon Alexander Honored in Missouri Times 30 Under 30 Feature


A Scotland County graduate’s work in the Missouri political arena recently was recognized by one of the industry’s leading publications.

The Missouri Times named Brandon Alexander as part of the 2016 30 Under 30 feature, which recognizes 30 rising young stars in Missouri politics.

Alexander, who graduated from Northwest Missouri State University following his days at SCR-I, went on to complete an internship in the Missouri Senate before working for Representative Tony Dugger. Last year he took the position of digital campaign manager with Victory Enterprises, a comprehensive political and corporate consulting and communications firm based in Davenport, IA, with satellite offices in St. Louis, MO, and Springfield, IL.

The Missouri Times listed Alexander as one of the state’s up-and-coming political movers stating

“Alexander previously worked in the House, meeting and impressing the large Republican caucus. Now he puts those relationships and knowledge to use managing digital campaigns alongside Joe Lakin with Victory Enterprises. Next time you see a dramatic improvement in a Republican’s social media presence, chances are Alexander just picked up a new client.”

Juror Appreciation Week Thanks More Than 69,000 Missourians Who Reported for Jury Duty

Judges, lawyers and court clerks thank the 69,098 Missourians who reported for jury duty in state courts in 2016 as part of Missouri’s Juror Appreciation Week held May 1 through May 7, 2016. During the week, court staff and legal professionals will emphasize to jurors how important their contributions are to the courts, their communities and our legal system.

Missouri Bar President Erik Bergmanis said it is important to remember the right to trial by a jury is one of the fundamental guarantees included in the Bill of Rights.

“We thank the more than 69,000 Missourians who reported to jury duty last year,” Bergmanis said. “We understand jury duty can be inconvenient, but the right to a jury trial is fundamental to our liberty and democracy. That’s why we commend the thousands of Missouri citizens who reported to serve on a jury.”

More than 50 courthouses throughout the state will observe the week in different ways. Many will display a Missouri Bar poster that thanks jurors for doing their part. Judges also may take additional time to thank jurors and to acknowledge the significance of their service.

This year’s poster features the phrase “the jury is the heart of the American justice system,” echoing words from Founding Father and second president of the United States, John Adams, who in 1774 stated “representative government and trial by jury are the heart and lungs of liberty.”

Missouri is one of only a few states that hold a statewide Juror Appreciation Week. The observance began in 2000 by an order of the Supreme Court of Missouri, which states, “Each year thousands of Missourians perform one of the most significant civic duties granted to citizens — they serve as fair and impartial jurors in communities throughout the state. To honor those citizens who have performed their civic duty, all Missouri courts are directed to observe Juror Appreciation Week…”

Visit the event webpage to learn more about Juror Appreciation Week, watch a video on the importance of jurors, or take a quiz to test your knowledge on jury service.

The Missouri Bar is a statewide organization that is dedicated to improving the legal profession, the law and the administration of justice for all Missourians. Created in 1944 by order of the Supreme Court of Missouri, it serves all 30,000 of Missouri’s practicing lawyers. The Missouri Bar provides a wide range of services and resources to its members, as well as the media, educators and the citizens of Missouri. To learn more about The Missouri Bar, visit www.mobar.org and www.MissouriLawyersHelp.org.

Bible Grove Bar B Saddle Club Meets

The Bar B Saddle Club had their monthly meeting on April 27 at the club building. They will be holding a poker ride for horses and ATV’s this Saturday, May 7th starting at the club house with sign up starting at noon and the ride starting at 1:00 p.m. Entry fee is $5.00 per hand with a carry-in wiener roast following. All are welcome to attend!

Final preparations were made for the poker ride and wiener roast at the meeting. The next meeting will be Thursday, May 19th at 6:00 p.m. at the club house. Come on out to their event and support the newly formed saddle club.

Music Department Hosting Used Instrument Drive

sax web

That trumpet in the attic was made to make music. The guitar case in the garage is collecting dust instead of being played by the next great musician.

If you have any good used, or easily repairable musical instruments would you consider putting them back to work? The Scotland County R-I Band is hosting a used instrument drive to find more pieces to put in the hands of youth wanting to learn how to make music.

“This is an excellent way for donors to ensure that their unused instruments find a new home in the hands of promising young students who are unable to afford or obtain a suitable instrument of their own,” said SCR-I band booster Ellen Aylward. Of course, cash donations will also be accepted to help offset the costs of repairs and refitting these instruments for future use.”

A starter trumpet can cost several hundred dollars, with violins, guitars and drum sets being even more expensive.

Donors to the SCR-I instrument drive will receive a receipt for fair market value for the music item, making the donation tax deductible.

For more information contact SCR-I music director Nathaniel Orr at 660-216-5426 or the SCR-I High School at 465-8907.

Sheriff’s Office to Join Youth Alcohol Enforcement Crackdown

sober WEB

The Scotland County Sheriff’s Office Youth Alcohol Enforcement Campaign is joining the National Crackdown in an effort to reduce drunk driving fatalities.  The ‘Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over’ campaign will target substance-impaired drivers.

Local and state law enforcement will be out in full force as part of the annual nationwide May/Youth Alcohol Enforcement Crackdown ‘Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over’ substance-impaired driving crackdown.  The crackdown, which will include high-visibility enforcement throughout Scotland County, will run from May 5-16, 2016.

The effective nationwide substance-impaired driving crackdown will also include high-visibility enforcement, high-profile events, and will be supported by national paid advertising, creating a comprehensive campaign to curb substance-impaired driving during the enforcement period.

The Scotland County Sheriff’s Office said its deputies will be aggressively looking for substance-impaired drivers during the crackdown and will arrest anyone caught driving impaired.

Although it is illegal in all 50 States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico to drive impaired (having a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher), far too many people across the nation get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or other illegal drugs. The latest statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration underscore the serious nature of the nation’s continuing drunk driving epidemic.

“Every year, about one-third of all motor vehicle traffic deaths involve one or more substance-impaired drivers or motorcycle operators,” said Chief Deputy Bryan Whitney. “In 2015, 178 people were killed and 605 seriously injured on Missouri’s roadways in crashes that involved at least one substance-impaired driver.” That works out to approximately one substance-impaired driver involved fatality every two days.

Whitney added the St. Patrick’s Day holiday is particularly dangerous. During the Youth Alcohol Enforcement Campaign May 1-12, 2015, four people were killed and eighteen seriously injured involving at least one substance-impaired driver that was under 21 years of age.

Research has shown that high-visibility enforcement like the ‘Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over’ campaign reduces substance-impaired driving fatalities by as much as 20 percent. By joining this nationwide effort, we will make Scotland County’s roadways safer for everyone throughout the holiday,” said Whitney.

“We want to remind everyone that getting behind the wheel impaired is a terrible idea. Unfortunately, not only does being under the influence impair your ability to operate a vehicle safely, it also impairs your judgment and good sense about whether you can, or should drive. If you have any doubt about your sobriety, do not get behind the wheel. If you do chose to drive impaired, you will be arrested. No warnings. No excuses,” Whitney said.

He also noted that being arrested for driving under the influence of any substance brings a wide range of negative consequences into one’s life. Substance—impaired drivers face jail time, loss of their driver licenses, and steep financial consequences such as higher insurance rates, attorney fees, court costs, lost time at work, and the potential loss of their job. When family, friends and co-workers find out, violators also often face tremendous personal embarrassment.

“Driving while impaired is simply not worth the risk. So don’t take the chance. Remember, we will be out in force and we will be watching, so ‘Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over,” said Whitney.

For more information, visit the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” Campaign Headquarters at www.TrafficSafetyMarketing.gov, or www.saveMOlives.com.

SCR-I School Menus


Thursday, May 5 – Breakfast Burrito, Choice of Cereal, Toast/Jelly, Orange Wedge/Grapes, Juice/Milk

Friday, May 6 – Muffin for Mom, Muffins, Choice of Cereal, Orange Rings, Juice/Milk

Monday, May 9 – Donuts, Choice of Cereal, Toast/Jelly, Fruit Medley, Juice/Milk

Tuesday, May 10 – Cinnamon Rolls, Choice of Cereal, Toast/Jelly, Orange Rings, Juice/Milk

Wednesday, May 11 – Breakfast Pizza, Choice of Cereal, Cinnamon Toast, Orange Rings, Juice/Milk.

Thursday, May 12 – Breakfast Burrito, Choice of Cereal, Toast/Jelly, Orange Wedge/Grapes, Juice/Milk


Thursday, May 5 – Spaghetti/Meat Sauce, Chicken Quesadillas, Hamburger Bar, Buttered Corn, Garlic Bread, Sliced Peaches, Fresh Fruit

Friday, May 6 – Sack Lunch

Monday, May 9 – Hot Dog/Bun, Bar BQ Ribb/Bun, 5th/6th Grade Chef Salad, Scalloped Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables, Mandarin Orange Slices, Fresh Fruit

Tuesday, May 10 – Cheeseburger/Bun, Tenderloin/Bun, 5th/6th Grade Taco Bar, Oven Ready Fries, Tomato Slices and Pickles, Applesauce, Fresh Fruit

Wednesday, May 11 – Chicken and Noodles, Sliced Ham, 5th/6th Grade Potato Bar, Whipped Potatoes/Gravy, Broccoli/Cheese Sauce, Dinner Roll, Sliced Pears, Fresh Fruit

Thursday, May 12 – Corn Dog, Chicken Fajitas, Hamburger Bar, Green Beans, Garlic Bread, Sliced Peaches, Fresh Fruit

Help Us Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Superintendent’s Corner

by SCR-I Superintendent Ryan Bergeson

On teacher appreciation week, we would like to take time to thank the teachers and faculty members at the Scotland County R-1 School District for their dedication and commitment to our students.  To quote the great Todd Whitaker “it is people and not programs that make the biggest difference.”  Great teachers make great public schools and the Scotland County R-1 School District is fortunate to have so many great teachers. faculty and coaches leading our youth.   Teacher Appreciation Week is recognized Monday, May 2 through Friday, May 6 this week at the Scotland County R-1 School District and we encourage you to thank a teacher this week that has made a positive impact on your life.

“Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation.”
John F. Kennedy

ANNA GENEVA PARRISH (10/5/1928 – 5/1/2016)

Anna Geneva Parrish, age 87, of Montevallo, MO, passed away May 1, 2016 at Cedar County Memorial Hospital after a short illness.

She was born October 5, 1928, to Arthur and Eunice Egbert in Gorin, MO. She attended and graduated from Gorin School in 1947. Anna was a member of Gorin Methodist Church since her childhood.

After graduation she worked at National Fidelity Life Insurance in Kansas City, MO where she met many life-long friends, including her future sister-in-law, Madelene Parrish, who introduced her to her husband, Cap.

They married November 18, 1961 in Kansas City, MO. At that time Anna began her life-long career of being a homemaker and farm wife. She enjoyed raising chickens, working in the garden and attending to her flowers. After the tornado in 2006, Anna and Cap still remained on the farm in their new home.

On July 10, 1963, her son, Jeff, was born. The biggest joy of her life came in September 9, 2002 when her grandson Cameron Albert Parrish (Little Cap) was born. She enjoyed helping Cameron with all of his activities and getting his chickens ready for the fair. Even after Cap’s death, she enjoyed going with her son Jeff and grandson, Cameron to toy tractor shows.

Anna was a very loving and caring person. She enjoyed special occasions at Chicken Annies which was her favorite place to eat. She was looking forward to going there on Mother’s Day.

She is preceded in death by her husband, Cap Parrish; her parents, Arthur and Eunice Egbert; one son, Larry; one brother, Arthur Parrish; nephews, Kevin Parrish and Gray Calvin, her in-laws, Grace and Albert Parrish.

Anna is survived by one son, Jeff Parrish of Montevallo, MO; grandchildren, Cameron and Kelsey; two sisters-in-law, Madelene Parrish and Virginia Egbert; and a niece, Kim Calvin.

Funeral services are being held Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. at Sheldon Funeral Home in El Dorado Springs, MO.  Interment will be in the Virgil City Cemetery, Virgil City, MO.

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