July 10, 2003

Scotland County Speedway Pepsi Sprint Invaders Results July 2, 2003

Memphis, Mo (July 2) - Jon Agan had a mag slip off in hotlaps, and they thrashed on the new 360 bullet, but to no avail as he scratched for the night. The top two in each heat moved on to the 6-lap shake-up dash. Heat 1) 1. Tyson Hart (6) 2. Matt Rogerson (4) 3. Ryan Jamison (5) 4. Charlie Gilpin Jr. (3) 5. Justin Newberry (1) 6. Scott Boles (7) DNS - Agan Hart nabbed the lead on lap 5, and set sail. Flyin' Ryan Jamison also looked solid. Heat 2) 1. Jarrod Hull (2) 2. Nick Eastin (3) 3. Scotty Peitz (1) 4. John Schultz (4) 5. Matt Sutton (6) 6. Lyle Sylvester (5) Hull, piloting the Rich DeReu sprinter, dominated this affair. Eastin, an 18-year graduate of the four-wheeler ranks was running only his 5th race in a winged sprint, and held off the Rome Rocket (Peitz is also appropriately the mayor of Rome) to place himself in the shake-up dash. Heat 3) 1. Terry McCarl (2) 2. Bobby Mincer (5) 3. Jimmy Davies (4) 4. Dustin Whiting (1) 5. Donnie Steward (3) 6. Matt Harms (7) 7. Mike Houseman (6) Houseman made good contact with the backstretch guardrail at the start, and slowed to a stop with some broken pieces in the right rear. McCarl dominated. Mincer had a solid run getting into the runner-up spot. Shake-up Dash) 1. Hull (2) 2. McCarl (3) 3. Hart (1) 4. Mincer (6) 5. Rogerson (4) 6. Eastin (5) Hull led the distance, as McCarl didn't appear to be pressing that hard. McCarl got by Hart on the last circuit for 2nd. The shake-up pill drawn by Hull was #2, starting the Sikeston, Mo native on the outside poll, and lining the rookie Eastin up on the pole. Feature) 1. McCarl (3) 2. Hull (2) 3. Mincer (5) 4. Hart (4) 5. Jamison (7) 6. Steward (15) 7. Sutton (14) 8. Schultz (11) 9. Whiting (12) 10. Harms (18) 11. Gilpin (10) 12. Sylvester (17) 13. Rogerson (6) 14. Davies (9) 15. Houseman (19) 16. Newberry (13) 17. Peitz (8) 18. Eastin (1) 19. Boles (16) Hull jumped out to the lead, and McCarl began to stalk him. Schultz spun in turn two on the 4th lap, bringing out the yellow hanky. Boles exited at this time. McCarl tried unsuccessful sliders in turn 4 the next couple laps as Hull raced away. The third one was a charm however, as he cleared Hull and pulled away. The caution came out at the halfway mark of the 25-lapper when Eastin spun in turns 1 & 2. A lap later he'd bust up his front end, and limp to the infield after contact with Newbs. Peitz would lose power on lap 15 and coast to a stop. Newbs would also retire to the infield. Hull tried to use the high line in turns 1 & 2 to gain ground on McCarl, but there were some menacing ruts up there. Houseman called it quits on lap 16. Jimmy Davies made contact with a tractor tire on the inside of turn three on lap 18, barrel rolling his piece, and bringing out the only red of the night. Steward had used attrition, among other things to catapult his way solidly into the top 10. The rest of the order stayed the same, with the exception of Rogerson bowing out after a solid run in the top 5, and Mincer slipping by Hart. It was McCarl's 3rd Sprint Invader feature win (in I believe the 3 races he's run with the series), as he extended his points lead and picked up $1,000. The main incentive for him to run the series is to be eligible for the sanctioning body's inclusion in the Brodix Tournament of Champions at Knoxville August 10th (and the $4,000 first prize money for the winner). The Sprint Invaders will be at Donnellson tonight, although McCarl will be at Husets. It was stated, however, that Eric Vanderploeg will be steering McCarl's 360 machine at Donnellson. Cruisers Heat #1 #35s Jody Small & Dan Raymond, Rutledge, MO, #43S Josh Soper & Michael St. Clair, Kahoka, MO, #87 Donnie Peters & Greg Peters, Quincy, IL Heat #2 #34H David Hudson & Sara Small, Memphis, MO, #23 , #42 Brian Overhulser & Sean Verdon, St. Francisville, MO FEATURE #23 Kevin & Dustin Hetrick #35s Jody Small & Dan Raymond, Rutledge, MO #87 Donnie Peters & Greg Peters, Quincy, IL #34H David Hudson & Sara Small, Memphis, MO #42 Brian Overhulser & Sean Verdon, St. Francisville, MO #05 Tanya Weitholder & Candy Uppinghouse #10 Todd Moon & Chad Venghaus #43S Josh Soper & Michael St. Clair, Kahoka, MO #1 Paul Skow & Steve Anderson #44H Gordon Hudson & Brad Hudson, Arbela, MO #9 Scott Weirather & Chris Frakes, Keokuk, IA #8UP Daniel Robbins & Paul Proush, Greentop, MO #7 Doug Hyle & Matt Myers, Coatsville #26 Derek Boyd & Marty Smith Hobby Stocks Heat #1 #00 Matt Tucker, #43S Jeff Soper, #60 Luke McLaughlin Heat #2 #11 Mark Holt, #36 Jason Overhulser, #11W Wyatt Green Heat #3 #2 Tony Becerra, #30C Abe Huls, #4/D Doug Small FEATURE #11 Mark Holt, Memphis, MO #4D Doug Small, Baring, MO #43s Jeff Soper, Kahoka, MO #22J Greg Johnson, Burlington, IA #2 Tony Becerra, Carthage, IL #11W Wyatt Green, Burnside, IL #36 Jason Overhulser, Alexandria, MO #60 Luke McLaughlin, Mediapolis, IA #52 Chris Wibble, Dallas City, IL #55 Jim Lynch, Farmington, IA #2T Beau Taylor, Canton, MO #47 Tim Pettibone, Moravia, IA #40 Rick Hudson #B52 Steve Anderson, Downing, MO #00 Matt Tucker, Lomax, IL #3D Rodger Dresden, Keokuk, IA #8 Brandon Symmonds, Keokuk, IA #20R Jay Robinson #30C Abe Huls, Carthage, IL #95 Jeremy Hamlin, Memphis, MO Miller Lite Modifieds FEATURE #45 Tony Fraise, Montrose, IA #B4 Jim Roach, Kahoka, MO #82M Ryan Meyer, Liberty, IL #M50 Rod Smith, Monmouth, IL #29 Dennis Elliot #11D Darin Thye, Burlington, IA #69 Tom Goble, Burlington, IA #97X Chris Eggers #35 Hank DeLonjay #3H Lonne Heap #21W Jerry Weisenberger, Quincy, IL #00 Tim Tucker, Lomax, IL #0 Kelly Smith, Kirksville, MO #157 Rick German, Hallsville, MO #27L Casey Lancaster, Glenwood, MO #7 David Holder #8 Gary Dryer, Fowler, IL #5 Tommy Gordray, Browning #79 Robby Warner, Quincy, IL #82W Dental Williams #23 Michael Irwin, Keokuk, IA #2R Jerry Reese, #157wLarry Winn, Hallsville, MO #10 Jim Gillenwater, Keokuk, IA DID NOT START A-MAIN #12 Bob Dale, Gorin, MO #8Z Bobby Cookson #2 David Snyder, Greentop, MO #05 David Weitholder #70 #21R #77B Bruce Summers #7

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