October 23, 2003

Outdoor Corner

by Chris Feeney

I acctually was able to go fishing one evening and sat in the bow stand another night during this past seven days. Trust me I have lots to talk about as the bass were biting and the deer were moving (as well as the mosquitoes). The problem is, I apparently spent too much time on these pursuits and now I dont have enough time to write about them.

I did get a news flash as I was attempting to wrap up the paper early Wednesday morning that my neighbor wanted me to share with our readers.

Joe Rossi of Rossi Gun Shop, a former law enforcement officer, gave a sworn statement that he was an eyewitness to the rarest of turkeys. Rossi spotted the bird in the truck bed of his friend and customer, Mike, from St. Louis. Rossi stated Mike was in possession of a turkey that was dressed in an Italian tuxedo. I know what youre thinking, but Joe isnt a drinker and despite his profession as an owner of a gunshop, is not inclined to tell tall tales (unless its about the fish he caught or the deer that he just missed.) Im not sure if Joe got a picture of the suited up turkey bird for his wall of fame at the shop, but you might stop in. Im sure hed tell you all about it.

Okay, putting Rossis tale to words has me itching to tell a few stories about my week after all. Who needs sleep anyway?

I havent got my turkey (tuxedo or feathers) but thought I was going to get my first shot with the bow at one of our finer feathered friends. The group of nine was marching in rank and file along the field edge toward my stand before halting just out of range and heading to the roost trees all around me. And no I didnt lose any arrows in the trees.

Saturday afternoon I headed to the deer stand. got in too late (around 5:00 p.m.) as I crested the hill there stood a doe right next to my stand. Pushed several others out of the woods on my way in. Good news was that I busted up a group of nine hens and two rooster pheasants. Rumor has it there may be a few birds out there this year. But if you dont have any of the ringnecks on your ground you can still find plenty of the the illustrious gamebirds, as well as other wildlife for that matter, at the Pheasants Forever Banquet to be held at the Memphis VFW November 1st. Hope to see you all there.

I cant forget the fishing. The bass are biting. Im not a good shot, but Ive doubled a few times while bird hunting. But before Wednesday night I had never doubled with the fishing rod. Thats right I nabbed two decent sized bass at the same time on my Zara Spook top water lure.The first fish took the bait and as I was reeling him in, I let up the tension because I thought he had got off. But as I started to reel again, I felt the collission. I believe the second fish swooped in and tried to steal the others dinner. To bad I dont have one of those cell phones with the built in camera. Ill have to talk to Wickert about that.

The double was just one highlight in a great evening of casting. I boated more fish than I cared to count. I tried to do a little work with my fly rod but it was awful hard to put down the rod and real when the fish were in such a feeding frenzy for anything I threw that stayed on top of the water.

Geez, whats a guy to do? Bow hunt? Chase the turkeys or go fishing? Duck season is here this weekend to cloud the picture even further and bird hunting is only two weeks away. Guess I shouldnt have any problem coming up with material for this editorial spot for the next month or two. It will just be a matter of finding time to write, in between the fishing and hunting expiditions. (Please forgive any typos, as I said before, this was done after hours.)

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