April 3, 2003

What if?

by Chris Feeney

What if there was a little good news coming out of the war? Over the past few days I've seen several issues originating from the enemy and the anti-American press that I have actually been happy to see.

While I'm sure the native press believed the image of thousands of tanks pouring out of the Iraqi capital would impose fear in our hearts, it couldn't be further from the truth. Every U.S. official you saw on television commenting on the alleged movement of large numbers of Iraqi forces out of the cities towards the U.S. troops could hardly hide their happiness. That is exactly what we want. Head to head the Iraqi army is simply no match for our armed forces. The only success they have had has been by hiding behind the civilian populations and acting out terrorist attacks that break every rule of armed action. (I know that sounds like an oxymoron as there aren't any officials or referees roaming around on the war court whistling the opposition for fouls). So of course our leaders are tickled pink when they hear the news that these idiots are coming out of hiding to take us on face to face. Personally I thought it was to good to be true, but we'll see I guess.

The greatest piece of news I saw was the announcement by the Palestinians and some of the other Arab entities/terrorists that have indicated they will be sending support to Baghdad. While I am obviously concerned about the safety of our troops, overall I think this is the best news I've heard out of the war. While I again suspect this is supposed to instill terror in our hearts, the idea of thousands of terrorists converging to take part in the war, has to be homeland security's Christmas present come early. If you had told the FBI or the CIA that they could hold a terrorism convention in the middle of the desert they would have just chalked it up to wishful thinking. But not only are these folks supposedly traveling in mass to this remote, non U.S. destination, it happens to be a city that is surrounded by our nation's finest armed forces poised to converge on the gathering and totally destroy this terrorist regime. Maybe when they are done we can have a national drug dealer convention in Iran or maybe have all of the world's murders get together in North Korea. If you're going to clean house why not take out all of the trash at once.

My final comments weren't directed by any specific piece of news but more by some general discussion I have heard regarding public opinion on the war. I wish I could pinpoint the author or the speaker that made these comments but I will at least pass along the general idea for your consumption. Of course nations like Syria, Iran, and Korea are totally opposed to the war. They finally realize that the U.S. will no longer tolerate their terrorist activities and will not allow atrocities towards civilians, neither ours nor theirs. China's human rights record has to have them worried and as far as France and Russia are concerned, it seems they are preoccupied about not having any third world parties to sell outdated, ineffective military hardware to. All these folks are mad at us because it is becoming painfully clear that the most powerful nation in the world is willing to flex its muscles to insure the safety and well being of not only the people of the United States but of the world as a whole. The way I look at it, if you treat your people right and don't generate any types of threat to the security of the citizens of the United States then you have nothing to worry about. If you fall on the other side of the line, I understand why you are opposed to the U.S. led war in Iraq - you're afraid you might be next.

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