March 27, 2003

What if?

by Chris Feeney

What if I was voiceless? A bad case of strep throat has kept me from talking much as our wonderful nation has gone to war, but I still have the power of the pen, and believe me I'm going to run out of ink before this tirade is complete. Boy am I mad, and at a lot of folks. You don't know how painful it was for me to watch Fox News or whatever 24-hour TV news coverage of the war in Iraq. No matter how painful my throat was I could not keep from shouting at the morons that kept popping up from time to time.

I must express my displeasure with the media. I am grateful for the coverage and the availability of information and must agree that the imbedded news reporters traveling with our soldiers have been very effective in allowing the people of the world to really know what's going on. Unfortunately some of the more high-profile people in the media have put a terrible spin on the entire story in the last couple of days (Sunday and Monday). It's remarkable how the media virtually as a whole has flipped nearly 180 degrees over this period after praising the war efforts to now questioning the tactics and publicly challenging our ultimate success. What war are these idiots watching? We have covered nearly 2/3's of Iraq over a period of five days. During this time we have been struck by tragedy with the loss of 20 soldiers. Every fatality is painful, distressing and obviously irreversible. Our thoughts and prayers go to their families and loved-ones. But, this is war, and with war comes casualties. On D-Day during World War II, 4,900 U.S. soldiers lost their lives. During Dessert Storm in 1991 approximately 300 soldiers were killed. Yes it is shocking to see these deaths and maybe the "ease" of the first few days caused a false sense of security.

It pains me to see the media jumping ship like a bunch of rats leaving a sinking boat. The only problem is that sound of rushing water was the U.S. military flushing the evil Iraqi regime down the toilet. It will be interesting to see how the bulk of these media floaters will try to get back on the boat.

I hope I didn't sound callous towards the service people that have made the ultimate sacrifice. I have nothing but respect and the highest regard for their dedication to preserving liberty and freedom in a part of the world that doesn't appreciate everything our great nation does for the world. That's why it hurts when I realize that it likely will get worse before it gets better. I fear the casualty numbers will rise in the next week or so. The biggest reason for this is that our nation is making every effort to avoid injury to the Iraqi civilians while trying to avoid damaging important pieces of infrastructure that the country will need to function once the war is over and we leave them to govern themselves free of the terror of Saddam Hussein.

If you can make peace with the casualty numbers then the media is hitting you over the head with reports that no mass parades of U.S. flags are being held by liberated Iraqi citizens? Once bitten, twice shy? These folks came out with open arms and welcomed our soldiers as liberators during Desert Storm in 1991. Then we left them hanging out to dry and Saddam came down on them with all of his villainous might punishing them. So can we really blame them for taking a wait-and-see approach right now? Let us get rid of the regime and then we will see the parades.

My final protests are for those in opposition of this war. I believe in the United States Constitution and while it pains me to see these "anti-war" protests I feel it is each citizens right to disagree. What boils my blood is the fact that these protests have gone beyond demonstrations and turned somewhat violent or at least unlawful. What this means, is that during a time of highest security concerns of terrorism our law enforcement officers are taken away from preserving our security and forced to babysit a bunch of idiots that seem to hate the USA more than they hate war. If you asked these mobs what they are protesting, I would expect maybe one out of 10 could give you a logical answer based on accurate information. But the majority seems misinformed or only appears interested in trashing their homeland. To them I suggest a short little trip to the Middle East. I suspect there is plenty of available housing in Baghdad.

If they aren't willing to put their money where their mouth is then give France, Germany, Russia or China a shot. These folks are also against the war. They have nearly as viable arguments as the bulk of the protesters. It seems like Russia and China have been shipping military hardware to Iraq. Russia even services what it sells, sending installers to Baghdad as late as Friday to help prepare the GPS jamming equipment to help thwart our smart bombs. France is already trying to wiggle back in and get their fingers on the oil contracts and Turkey, which refused our troops access to their borders now is trying to sneak in and steal a chunk of north Iraq.

All of this makes me very angry - as you can tell if you made it through this novel. Of course if you support the spineless "allies", the law breaking protestors, or the disaster prophet reporters, then you'll probably be mad at this media.

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