January 23, 2003

What if?

by Chris Feeney

What if neither side blinks? As our nation is speeding U.S troops to the Middle East our country has developed another thorn in its side with North Korea being the second nation to challenge the United States apparent prohibition on weapons of mass destruction.

I can't help but wonder what these two countries are thinking? Do they think the U.S. is bluffing? It seems pretty simple to me - stop what you are doing or else, with the or else being something I can't imagine any national leaders would be willing to consider bringing upon their homeland and their people, simply so that they can have prohibited weapons. I learned a long time ago that getting in a scuffle with a sibling was not worth being grounded for a month. So why can't Saddam and Kim Jong II realize the punishment isn't nearly worth whatever they hope to achieve by breaking the rules?

Basically it's like the police officer telling the criminal to drop the gun. It's a real easy choice, get rid of the weapon and live. However if the criminal chooses to ignore the directive from the law officer, then he better be prepared to be shot. And that's the way I look at the Iraq and North Korea situations. We, the United States, are the new sheriff in town. All we are trying to do is protect the public, by preventing the construction of weapons of mass destruction, which could be used against the U.S. or any other nation. So right now President Bush needs to get out his best Clint Eastwood "Dirty Harry" impression for these two national leaders and simply ask these guys if they realize they are facing the most powerful nation in the world "So you gotta ask yourself a question - do I feel lucky? Well do ya punk?" Either that or use another one of the fictional San Francisco police officer's infamous lines "Go ahead, make my day."

Apparently appealing to their common sense hasn't worked and I doubt the president will take my Dirty Harry suggestions so we may have to come up with some other options. Maybe they should simply try reverse psychology, it often works on my kids. If I can't get Abigayle to eat her green beans, I just tell her "Please don't eat those beans because they're so good I'd like them." She scarfs them down as fast as she can with a mischievous little giggle, simply because she thinks I didn't really want her to eat them.

So maybe we should send North Korea some parts to help them build their nuclear weapons. Set a deadline for them to have these bombs and missiles completed and maybe even have the CIA give them some contacts in the terrorist world where they could sell the weapons components if they ever get cash strapped. Then maybe they would get a little scared and realize that really doing any of the above would basically be committing political if not actual suicide for their nation.

Whatever happens, if neither side does blink, then all of us going to work each day, setting at the supper table with our families and living our every day lives - we need to keep our soldiers in our thoughts and prayers and be truly grateful for their service. It's easy for folks like me to believe that we should go to war to protect our interests, but these men and women will ultimately be the ones that do the work to insure our security and preserve our way of life.

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