September 13, 2001

Letters to the Editor

A review of the 2001 season at Scotland County Raceway from the fair board's perspective.

Once the cars took the track, fans could not have seen any better racing anywhere.

Some complained about track conditions, from one who has prepared the track, you always get varying results from week to week. But as the year progressed the track preparation improved. It will never turn out to the satisfaction of everyone, so by and large Ron and his crew should be commended for a quality show for the fans.

As for the fair board, financially this was the poorest year since we rebuilt the track. I'm sure some will say profit isn't everything, but remember, the primary duty of the fair board is to provide facilities and a wholesome environment for the youth of the county to exhibit their animals and other skills.

This year the fair board members personally provided trucks, pick-ups, tractors, rotary mowers, riding mowers, trimmers, forklifts, welders, cutting torches, tools needed to work on grandstands and bathrooms, and no-one knows how many dollars worth of fuel and mower blades, as well as their spouses and in some cases their hired hands to provide the labor. We want to thank the few non-fair board race fans that also helped.

We don't believe the community or a promoter should consider it the responsibility of the fair board to subsidize any promoters personal gain, with their volunteer labor.

We want it made clear, we the fair board, have no personal desire to run a weekly race program.

We believe the promoter, whoever he is, must look at promoting weekly racing, as a business. He must answer these questions:

If I rent the facility, with the revenue my program generates, can I maintain this facility, mow the grass, fix toilets as needed, put in new light bulbs and fixtures as needed, nail a board on when and where it is needed, pay the competitors, pay rent to the fair board, and have a decent return for my effort?

If he cannot answer yes to all of these questions, it would seem that he should reconsider the wisdom of this venture.

Ron will be offered a contract for next year, involving the points laid out above.

It would be our suggestion, that all the race fans that have been demanding the fair board make sure that there are weekly races at Scotland County Speedway next year, contact Ron, and mark the dates on this race calendar when they will take care of mowing and trimming and all the other jobs that may need doing.

If you race fans see someone stepping on top of seat-backs when exiting the grandstands rather that going to the isle, it will make your grandstand maintenance job easier when you convince other fans to stop this bad habit.

As Chris Feeney said, Scotland County Raceway will never be Daytona International, but if everyone who wants weekly races is willing to give time and labor, not just criticism, we believe it can happen.

The following is a chart of expenses encountered by the fair board for the racetrack this season.

Monarch pump - $353.83

Metal Fence - $831.01

Repairs materials from Farm & Home - $164.23

Amplifier, microphone and cable - $900.00

March repairs - Rose True Value - $35.53

April repairs - $52.18

Light bulbs - $31.00

Cook shack cleaning $200.00

Pipe - $120.00

Wire, cables, etc for sound system - $510.20

Repairs from Memphis Lumber - $190.59

Tri-County Electric wire - $180.00

Repairs from Farm & Home $23.84

Repairs from Rose True Value - $22.86

Pipe for catch fence - $187.96

Repairs - Hopkins Lumber $32.99

Wire for catch fence - $547.37

Pipe for fence $450.00

Cable for catch fence - $522.39

Fuses, wiring, other lighting repairs - $353.07

Hoover Welding $49.36

New sound system for the pits area - $1,833.60

Total expenses as of August 15, 2001: $7,592.01

Rent for racetrack paid by promoter Ron Anderson for April through September: $7,000.00

Total Income: $7,000

Fair Board Racetrack Balance for 2001 season: -$592.01

Sincerely the Scotland County Fair Board - Phil Aylward, Jim Fuller, Jim Winn, Dana Hauk, Carl Trueblood, Bill McBee, Dorene Winn, Robert Monroe, Robert Arnold, David Jackson, Lori Arnold, Tammy Adams, Ryan Clark and Tammie Dale.

Letter to the Editor

Well it is September and we have made it through a reasonably successful 2001 racing season.

Starting in May with the "Spring Race Rumble", a new promoter, inexperienced in circle track racing and a staff of local folks, some with experience and some not. In addition to a wonderful group of race track sponsors and advertisers willing to make an investment in a new race program for the community.

We tried very hard, and as the year progressed we gained more experience and our race program grew and improved. By the end of July we had some of the most exciting racing in the tri-state area, with three wide racing every race night, and a four wide late model race at 100 MPH that is still being discussed in race shops, restaurants and Internet racing chat rooms.

Our attendance continued to improve all year, with the Championship race on the first of September being one of our best-attended races.

We tried some 360 Sprint car racing and had some very successful and exciting races, especially the one on the 5th of July during the fair, and some with a very low car and spectator count that I was not so excited about, but we tried. We let folks have a look at some Dwarf cars and dirt race trucks to see if there was an interest in getting some of them to race here, and will continue to try and bring new and different things to the racing venue.

We thank all of the race fans that attended our races and apologize for any inconvenience when we were late getting started for one reason or another or when the races ran a little late.

We are very happy to have been able to promote these races for you and appreciate all the support shown by the sponsors, fans, racers, fair board, and community in general and hope to provide you an even better race program next year.

When it comes time to shop, please show your appreciation to the businesses that sponsored race nights and purchased advertising at the Scotland County Raceway and shop with them. Don't forget to thank them for their support.

Thank you very much, Ron Anderson and the Staff of Scotland County Raceway.

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