June 7, 2001

Outdoor Corner

by Chris Feeney

I know this column is entitled Outdoor Corner, but I just can't help the weather folks. If it keeps it up, we'll rename it the Indoor Corner. Due to all the rain and cold weather I have not been on a fishing trip, a golf outing or any other outdoor adventure for several weeks now. It pains me to say this, but I just don't have anything outdoorsy to write about.

However, this time away from my true loves has provided me with a new pastime (Well okay, it's not new but I've spent more time on in the last few weeks than I have since I was a kid). I'm talking about computer games. Boy have they changed a bit since the old Atari Asteroids game. It is amazing what computers can do. We used to be happy with a little yellow circle running around munching dots and trying to avoid the four blue ghosts of the Pac-Man game. Now there are fully animated adventures that make a player feel right at home in the make believe world. The 3D effects and realistic video have turned the computer gaming world into an interactive movie. Some of the games I recently got involved with included 1602 A.D. a strategy based game that allows you to live the lives of adventurers in the 1600s who colonized the world. You build up colonies, fight off pirates and other colonies and strive to build the greatest empire.

I really was getting involved with this game when my computer developed a slight problem. My CD drive abruptly stopped working. The door would not stay closed, preventing the computer from reading the CD, and more importantly, preventing me from playing my game. I had a good idea what the problem was. You see my computer is at kid level, and Abi simply loves to push colored buttons and get a reaction. So my CD drive was an easy choice for her, as she could push the button and watch the door come open. Sometimes she got a bit rammy trying to push the door shut, so I assumed she must have broken the mechanism.

Well the other day when I took my computer apart to replace the faulty CD drive I made a discovery. When I removed the device from the computer, it made a funny noise as I moved it across the desk top. I picked it up and shook it and the thing rattled like crazy. That's when the half-dollar fell out the open door. Evidently Abi had decided the CD drive on my computer would make a good piggy bank. Well I reinstalled the CD drive it worked perfectly.

I guess the weather shouldn't have too much effect on the upcoming mud volleyball tournament at the Scotland County Fair. I think I have the family convinced that we should move forward from our little Memorial Day outing out at the farm and take our show on the road to the fair. I'm not sure the girls are real hip on the idea of getting dirty, but that'll change when they have to dive for that first ball. I hope everyone remembers to turn in their entry forms before June 17, so we can have a full field for one of the most entertaining events of the summer.

I did manage to break myself away from my computer long enough to go to the races Saturday night at Scotland County Raceway. The place was packed with cars with more than 100 drivers taking part in an exciting night of racing. What's scary was there may have been more cars on the track than people in the grandstands. Okay so maybe there were 250 to 300 people there to watch the races. More than half of those were from out of town, coming to Memphis to support their drivers and watch a full night of auto racing.

I don't understand this. Sure the weather was not the greatest, but come on folks, all I've heard the last three years is how bad this community wants racing. Well, we are not going to have it very long if you don't get out and support the track by attending the races.

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